Hot! The “I’m Home!” Dress

I had an unusually difficult time deciding what I was going to sew for this week’s challenge.

This dress was originally going to be for Vegas week, for a Rockabilly look.  However, the button selection at JoAnn Fabrics disappointed, once again, and I did not get it done.  In fact, I did not even manage to get all of the pieces cut out.

I would say that my favorite television show at the moment is Dancing with the Stars.  And as fun as it would be to make up a sparkly gown suitable in which to dance the fox-trot, I break out in hives at the thought of gluing anything to fabric, and with the time I had left, there was no way I was going to be sewing beads all over anything.  Besides, I have no suitable event to attend at the moment, and I would not have the motivation needed to complete such a task.

I love Burn Notice, but there is absolutely no way that I am going to dress like Fiona.

Mad Men would be too obvious a choice.

And, well, I got stuck.

So once again, I am stepping back in time – BIG surprise, I know . . .

I adore everything about I Love Lucy.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I made my own Lucy costume for Halloween, complete with my very own Ricky Ricardo.

Those plastic flamingos need a little liquid refreshment!

This dress is certainly not a faithful reproduction of any specific Lucy Ricardo dress, but it is polka-dotted and it has a 1950s flair, so I am going to pretend that it counts.  I thought that a contrasting necklace, hair bow, and an attempt at that famous hairstyle would help the illusion.

And I have to say that this dress received a whole lot of compliments today, so I am going to say it was a great big success!

⁃ Fabric:  Linen/Rayon blend from JoAnn Fabrics

⁃ Pattern:  Simplicity 3849

⁃ Year:  1950s

⁃ Notions:  Buttons; Hook & Eye; Seam Binding; plastic belt buckle (covered with bias self-fabric)

⁃ Time to complete:  The idea for the dress started a few weeks ago, but most of the sewing was done this past week.

⁃ First worn:  June 14, 2012

⁃ Wear again?  Yes, sir!

⁃ Total price:   ~ ??  This fabric is so old, I really have no idea.


Laura Mae

Laura Mae adores sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. She hopes to inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.


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  1. What a GREAT line of red buttons! I love that assymetrical front!

  2. I love love love this! I ador asymmetrical dresses and kimono sleeves. I just stalked etsy and found this pattern , the only one available, in my size no less. My husbie is going to kill me when he finds out I bought another pattern. I cannot wait to get this and I already have the perfect fabric picked out.

  3. Love and want this dress!

  4. Man, I just love the button detail. A really beautiful dress, no wonder you got so many compliments. I love it!

  5. So cute!! Very “Lucy” and very well done.

  6. That is an awesome dress! I love everything about it. The fabric, the cut, the buttons, the fit… You rock.

  7. That asymmetrical line of red buttons really makes the dress. Very cute!

  8. Wow! I love the way the buttons go down at a diagonal. The dress is stunning and you look beautiful in it. It was fun seeing you in your Lucy look alike outfit with the little apron, doggie, and red curly wig. Funny and pretty all at the same time.

  9. Wow Laura Mae, your creations are always stunning, but this has to be my favourite thing you’ve made yet……that diagonal front and buttons is simply divine. LOVE IT! So beautiful. And I love the red hem binding….lovely touch.

  10. What a darling dress!

  11. A great big success indeed! I too love the asymetrical button line and the contrasting thread (?) that you used on the buttonholes brings out the polka dot colours in the fabric.

  12. Oooh…lovely! I particularly like the red hem tape. It’s such a fun touch when the skirt blows in the wind. I’m adding that pattern to my wish list. :-)

  13. THOSE BUTTONS!! It’s too fabulous for words!!!

  14. Love the line of buttons! Was it easy to sew with a Linen/Rayon blend? I don’t think I’ve come across that blend yet!

    • The Linen/Rayon blend is wonderful to work with. It has an excellent drape and does not wrinkle quite as easily as 100% Linen! I would highly recommend it.

  15. I love that you are stuck in the past like me. This is one amazing dress! Love fabric (actually its quite a simliar print to the fabric of my “Walk the Line” dress from last year) and the line of buttons – swoon! Amazing as always!