Hot! The “Here Comes the Sun” Skirt

The Facts:

Fabric:  2.5 yards unknown vintage yellow cotton, $11 from ebay; scrap of white cotton batiste from stash
Butterick 5285, $1
9″ zipper, $1; hook-and-eye and vintage eyelet trim, from stash
Time to complete:  
~7 hours
First worn:  
May 2012
Wear again?
Total cost: 

Normally, I have such a hard time naming my posts.  This week however, the title came before the garment.  I listen to Pandora frequently while sewing and, while I’m not a huge Beatles fan, the soundtrack from the Vegas show, LOVE, plays rather frequently.  My favorite among these songs? (And, admittedly, one of my current favorite songs in general.)  Here Comes the Sun.  This song makes me smile every time and inspired me to make a skirt which would, hopefully, do the same.

So, the plan was a sunny yellow skirt.  But, yellow is not my color.  Making a skirt would keep the color away from my face, which would help but, still afraid it would clash with my terribly pale skin, I decided a white border was in order.  Luckily, I’ve had this Butterick pattern stashed for some time and view C was perfect.

Also perfect was this ebay score.  A nice, soft vintage cotton batiste in sunshine yellow.  It turned out to be a bit too thin for my taste but, there was plenty of it so, I added a lining (which gave me a chance to use some of the vintage eyelet trim I recently inherited – it may have amused me to continue the yellow/white combo on the inside). This skirt is a great example of why I love natural fabrics.  Even double-layered, this cotton is so breathable it can handle vacation heat!  Speaking of vacation, I’m going to cut this short so I can get back to it!

Oh, and does this skirt make me smile just like the song?  Absolutely! I grinned and swished all day :-)

Have a great week everyone! x



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. Love this skirt! It’s very cute.

  2. Very pretty! The pictures are great too. I really like the details on this skirt-I may have to pick up a pattern like this some time.

  3. Love it! Very sunny and sweet.

  4. Hi Jennifer, love the color combination of your outfit. Looks great on, enjoy your vacation!

    • Thank you, Krista! I’m quite the sucker for navy and yellow together. I’m so pleased to have finally added a me-made yellow piece to my wardrobe. And, thanks – we had a great time on vacation!

  5. Yellow is one of my fav color and this skirt is beautiful

  6. Lovely, that is one of my favorite songs too. I may have to copy your skirt one day.

  7. What a wonderful skirt – simple but fun to wear. And yellow fabric always makes me smile too.

  8. Adorable skirt! I’m a big fan of yellow and I love that song too. You look fantastic in your skirt. The white band around the bottom is very pretty.

    • Thank you, Barbara! It was, in part, all of your fantastic yellow items that had me so determined to make one of my own :-). Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. That is lovely! Way to colour block! So summery!

  10. Great job Jennifer! Love the pleats, and yellow-white color combo.

    Question: Using this pattern, do you think it’d be difficult to lengthen the hemline to make a maxi skirt?

    I would love to make a skirt using this pattern, however I would like to to be a floor-length/maxi skirt.

    • Thank you!!

      I’ve never lengthened a skirt pattern before but, I expect it is best to do with a-lines. Of course, if you wanted to do it with this one, I don’t think it would be difficult at all. The side seams are straight forward and the gathers or pleats do not go to the hem. Just know that it will take a *lot* of fabric and will be a rather full skirt. If you give it a go, I do hope you’ll share the result :-)

  11. Such a cute skirt!

  12. I have this pattern and been dying to sew up one of the skirt variations, but don’t have the 60″ wide fabric it calls for. I’m curious, was your eBay yardage 60″ wide? Or did you make the pattern work with a smaller width fabric? The yellow and white combo is very sweet. I love it and want one for myself ;-).

    • Thanks so much, Najah! This pattern would look fantastic on you! Luckily, this yellow fabric was 60″ but, it took some time to find. (I ordered it from this seller. It seems all of her fabric comes from estate sales.) The wide fabric is only needed for the front and actually, now that I’ve made it and have seen the way the pleats fall, I think it could disguise a center front seam if you wanted to use 45″ fabric, provided the color wasn’t too pale. My white fabric was only 45″ so, I cut it on the crossgrain.

  13. The color looks great on you! I don’t think you should worry about wearing yellow at all. I like it with the navy and white too– cute.

    • Aww, thanks, Lee! I’m so pleased to finally have a yellow garment in my wardrobe and am especially pleased to hear it doesn’t clash with my skin tone :-)

  14. You look stunning Jennifer, yellow is a difficult colour to pull off, you are working it sister :)

  15. its verey nice yellow sun skirt , you look great like song (Here Comes the Sun ).

  16. I love yellow, it does indeed make me feel happy, as does the song. I love Good Day Sunshine by the Beatles too. You look fab, so happy and that floppy hat is ace too.

    • How can one be happy in yellow :-). I don’t think I’ve heard of Good Day Sunshine but, I’m definitely going to look it up! Thanks!!

  17. It’s stunning with the white border on the bottom! I love you in yellow, and this skirt combined with the hat and navy top is a fabulous ensemble :)