Hot! The “Ginger Caste-Away” Dress

Pattern: Simplicity 2408 – used for the 3rd time!
Year: 2012
Notions: Thread, 1/4″ Elastic and 1/2″ Single Fold Bias Tape
Time to Complete: 3 Hours
First worn: To Dinner
Wear again? Yes
Total Price: $10

I took my inspiration from the TV series “Gilligan’s Island“. I thought is was hilarious week after week that the character “Ginger” always managed to look shipwrecked fashionable.

Before SewWeekly I honestly never reused a pattern. My old routine was pick out a pattern, shop for fabric, sew item, move onto next project. Now I realize, when you find a pattern that fits your body, is comfortable and can look so different every time you use the pattern by either the choice of fabric you pick or as the new term I learned from my fellow SewWeekly Ladies, do a – Frankenstein Mix.

I found this fabric in the remnant pile at Sav-a-thon. The fabric is a very soft jersey that would drape nice and also be wrinkle free if packed for a trip. The style could do double duty, wear to dinner for one night and used for a swimsuit cover-up the next day when taking a break from the beach to catch lunch. I love the bright colors of the orange, fushia and brick umber palette mix but I think people realize from my posts I’m pushing myself to try new colors to wear. I original made the dress with the pockets but then cut them off because the weight made the front draping hang funny.

So here goes my best stranded on an island poses…



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. Love that your dress is multi-purpose and practical, very tropical too. Wish I could feel the sand on my feet, it’s raining non stop here in UK!

  2. Great job, Krista! How lovely to be able to model it on the beach too!

  3. Love the photos, location, and absolutely love the dress! Great color on you!

  4. This dress looks fantastic on you! It’s just the sort of thing I like for travel too. Comfortable, effortless, and perfect for a variety of situations. Love the stranded on the island shots too – how lucky to have been able to snap them while on holiday.

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I knew I was going on vacation so I did sew ahead with location themes in mind. Luckily we had themes like Vacation etc, that made it easy.

  6. Fab job Krista, what I’d do to be where you are right now. Great photos and your dress is perfect.

  7. Awesome dress! Love the colors of the fabric and the fit of the dress. Where’s that beach? Makes for good photos.

    • Hi Barbara, its in Mexico. I love the ocean. This patern is great, I’ve already used it for 3 challenges this year.

  8. That’s a fab dress, and I love that it looks so pretty but is also so practical and versatile. And a tangerine tango sun hat too! Isn’t fab how Sew weekly pushes us to try new things we’d never have tried otherwise? :) Love it!

    • Hi Tempest, your so right, I love the push. Did you see the new challenges posted on the Dashboard? I spent Saturday shopping for fabric.

      • Yep, the new challenges made me laugh….I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made something only for the perfect challenge to appear a few weeks later….this week I’ve been sitting on a beach embroidering a shirt for on-trend….only to see that Embellishment & Embroidery will be a separate challenge in a few weeks ;) doh! I love the new themes, no idea what I’ll make yet but half th fun is the research and finding of inspiration.

      • Oh, to funny. I ah the opposite happen to me this weekend. I finished zone shoulder blue dress for the 4th of July challenge and absolutely hate it. Can’t even bare to take a photo in it, I realize it’ just not my style. The funny part is my husband who was listening to me rant about it just calmly suggested to “just make something else” and you can fix that one later….so I did. I started another dress Sunday and am in loooove with it. I even got to use a new setting on my serger. Even though I’ve owned for it awhile, I’m still discovery new thinks that make me appreciate even more! Looking forward to seeing the embroidery and hope your having a fantastic vacation.

  9. Love your styling and photos. That print looks so summery and fresh – great job

  10. Hi Charlotte, thanks – my husband did the styling for the photos, he has a great eye for composition.

  11. So pretty.. The photo is beautiful too..

  12. Thanks Judy, I have my husband to thank for the great pictures.

  13. Krista, it looks fantastic! Super comfortable AND stylish – those colors are fierce and fabulous!

  14. Thanks Meg, anything with reds in it, our my favorite colors to wear. I’ve made this pattern 3 times so far and love each version.

  15. This fabric is wonderful – I love the colors and the print. The dress looks really good on you and the “stranded on an island” poses look very convincing. ;)