Hot! The “Drop it Like it’s Haute” Dress


One of my favorite trends that seems to be hitting the runways once again is the drop waisted dress. I’m sure the new Gatsby movie has something to do with the recent resurgence.  Though even without cinematic provocation, the drop waist seems to make a brief comeback every couple years and I’m always excited when it does.

I’ll admit, that it’s not the most flattering style in the whole world.  No bust, no waist, focal point on hips kind of works against the female figure.  Regardless, there is something so freeing about the style.  I can only imagine what it was like for women back in the day when they first chopped their hair and threw corsets aside.  It’s no wonder that lifestyles, music, and dancing got a whole lot more free at the same time.  If I knew more than just two moves (learned from watching It’s a Wonderful Life) I would have busted out The Charleston for the camera.

(I was trying to do a Clara Bow thing with my hair, but it’s just getting too long to even fake a bob.  Oh well.)


The Facts

  • Fabric:  Very thin aqua cotton.
  • Pattern:  McCall’s 4825
  • Year: The pattern is ca. 2000, but the style is oh, so 20s.
  • Notions:  Zipper, thread, fabric for lining.
  • Time to complete:  5 hours
  • First worn:  For photos.
  • Wear again?  The ruffles are a little young for me, but I love the color.
  • Total price: $0 – everything was from my stash.



Liz makes her home in continuously gray, but lovely, Portland, Oregon. The cloud cover and raindrops only contribute to her dressmaking habit. Liz believes that all dresses should have pockets and all pockets should hold kittens.


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  1. Your hair is delightful Liz and these are such beautiful photos. For a dress that in theory shouldn’t be that flattering it looks mighty haute on you ;) Beautiful colour fabric too!

  2. This is sublime. I love the colour and the style – so dreamy!

  3. Oh, I love the color. What a beautiful color.

  4. I just love this look!! Great to see dropped waists back in style and you look very stylish!

  5. This so adorable. It’s very femine and delicate looking, but comfortable and carefree. Just right for dancing, like you say. I like the ruffles on the bottom very much and they don’t make you look too young ;)

  6. Love the hair! As another fan of the drop waist, I don’t agree that they aren’t flattering. If they are cut just right they minimize your hips, bring your bust in to proportion and make your whole figure look slim and willowy. But you are already so slim and willowy you don’t need any help ;-) Your dress is adorable on you.

  7. You look darling in this drop-waist dress, you have the right figure to pull it off and the colour is gorgeous on you. You remind me of one of the models in the Vogue Patterns book. You look great the ruffles look rather subdue so of course you can wear ruffles at your age, whatever that may be :)

  8. The ruffles look ideal – sweet colour.

  9. Liz, you look beautiful and I love your dress!

  10. I love the color and weight of the fabric. Perfect for summer days like today in the Northwest!

  11. Love the color and style!

  12. Kazz is right. You have just the figure for drop waisted styles…the dress looks great on you, especially in that lovely shade of light blue.

  13. Just perfect! Everything about this dress looks perfect on you. I’ve never been one for the dropped waist (my hips are too big.. I’d have to make a triangle dress!).. but oh I love me a ruffle. Who says there’s an age limit.