Hot! The Date With The Night Dress


The Facts
Fabric | Sateen
Pattern | Vogue 1679
Year |1967
Notions | zip and thrifted belt
Time to complete | A Friday night sewathon
First worn | for these photos
Wear again? Sure will I love it.
Total price | $12.95 a metre


Yep! I’m a big fan of Sex and the City even the crappy movies, LOVED it all. I watched every episode front to back,  loved the writing, loved each of the girls characters, loved the relationships they all endured, but most of all, I absolutely loved the fashion and with Patricia Field waving her magic fashion wand over the wardrobe department how could you not. I chose this dress ^ it’s an Alexander McQueen. I know it’s a little advantageous of me to even go there but in all seriousness I took the silhouette and kind of ran with it. I contemplated adding those tucks but refrained in the end, there was every chance of the fabric looking like it was tucked into my knickers.

I’m not too sure if you like a cowl neck, I love them; especially in winter the bigger and more dramatic the better. I can imagine the cowl on Carrie’s dress possibly being all one piece? but then again it could be a million little pieces like a puzzle, who know’s, it’s a McQueen d a r l i n g! | Tribal Print Dress with hood

For my pattern choice, I gathered that a simple 60’s silhouette would suffice. I really like the cut of this pattern, particularly how the front bodice joins to the bottom half of the dress. It’s very simple in construction. I omitted the welt pockets because I had plans of inserting side pockets, I think they would of given more of a modern feel to the dress opposed to the 60’s feel the pattern possesses, unfortunately I ran out of fabric and I didn’t want to sacrifice any of the fabric from the cowl, the bigger the better right!? | Tribal Print Dress with hood

This fabric is the business, it reminded me of this Vivienne Westwood print. I spied it with my little beady eye in Spotlight and pounced, I’m a pouncer are you pouncer? or do you walk up slowly, stroke the fabric, flip the price tag, give an agreeable nod, raise your eyebrows, smile and walk off calmly with the bolt under you arm?  I know your type, you’re cunning like a fox if I the pouncer were to leave my bolt for one second you the agreeable nodder would slide on through unnoticed leaving the pouncer bewildered, sobbing all over the tacky velours. I have my other beady eye on you lot, yes I do.

Have you ever hidden fabric in the store before? I have, because I’ve missed out several times. It’s just easier to hide the roll than for them to hold it for you, things get lost in that place. | Tribal Print Dress with hood

So, after I had sewn the dress I was ready to install the cowl. The cowl was cut in a cone kinda shape so it fit snug around the neckline and the rest falls haphazardly around my shoulders. I would of liked to of cut the cowl from the front and back piece continuing the neckline upwards without a join, but I was working with a small piece of fabric with stretch so this seemed to be the best option. There is a zip centre back for easy access and bias binding runs around the armscye. I wore my leather biker jacket in between photos because it was so cold giving my best Fonzarelli thumbs up impression as an approval to the dress Ayyyyyyye! | Tribal Print Dress with hood

I love looking at the locations a fashion photographer chooses for he’s/her editorials, you know, for idea’s and what not. This month’s Peppermint Magazine have a great fashion spread titled Big City Life the photos and locations are amazing, they had a certain hue layered over them that made the photos just pop, I wanted to emulate that. We had some issues with the suns positioning and being only a novice with the Nikon D90 I played with the backlighting and the photos turned out like this. I placed them into photoshop put a blue layer over the top, turned the opacity down and set the blending mode to difference or exclusion— depending on what worked best. I think they turned out rather fab. The photos were snapped in Melbourne city in a laneway I wanted tall buildings around me and with the help of my rather dapper husband we found what we were looking for. If I could manage photo’s like this every week I’d be one happy camper but it doesn’t always work out that way does it? it’s rather time consuming, especially when you have the lawn mowing, grocery shopping and vacuuming to get done in the two days you have off. | Tribal Print Dress with hood

Back to the dress; I liked the finished dress, just didn’t love it. It needed something else. The hood is an optional bonus but something was missing. I went thrifting and sifted through the $1 belts and found this little beauty, I cut the excess off and made a neat insertion along the neck seam of the dress for the belt to travel through. Now it’s finished  *dusts hands* a rockin piece of hardware for the dress I might go and see if they have a slither of this fabric left in Spotlight for the pockets. Damn! I should of hidden the roll.

Date with the night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here’s my Denise Huxtable from last years TV challenge



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  1. Kazz! OMG! We are seriously like across the world Soul Sistah’s from other Mistah’s! I am in love with the fact you had Carrie on your mind too! I love this dress, so much. Cowls are the best. They have a sexy appeal to them, like, “what you got hiding under there” you know? BTW, you have amazing legs! You are AMAZEBALLS!

  2. The extra effort with the photos was/is worth it. I say damm the grocery shopping, this look amazing.

  3. This has to be one of my favorites this week, great hardware added to the neck. Love the fabric color palette and just the overall fabric design. Look out Steve (& Patricia), here comes Kazz!

  4. The belt does give it that added extra something … Colours are great and I love the hood!

  5. So cute! The belt detail at the neck is fantastic. Beautiful job!

  6. Love the colors, the print, the simple shape, and of course the cowl! Bet she looks great with the motorcycle jacket.

  7. This is definitely my favorite thing that you’ve made. It. Is. Awesome.

  8. I love this! I never noticed that dress on Carrie but, you’re version is fantastic! This may just be my favorite of your garments so far. The fabric, cowl, and strap are all just awesome.

  9. Great job all round, and the photos look amazing! xoxo

  10. Sigh…fabulous as usual : ) And I’ve seen that Carrie dress (at least I think it was) and the cowel was all part of the dress. Frankly, though, I like yours better.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely ladies xxoo

  12. This dress is fab! That cowl is gorgeous and the belt adds just the right touch. I also love the show, movies, all of it. Every now and again I watch the whole series beginning to end. This of course takes quite awhile. :D Kudos on the pics!

  13. Love this dress! I want one. Your styling and photoshoot were so cleverly done. I’m a big fan, as are so many of us. Hot stuff!!!!

  14. Totally agree with everyone. You have fab legs, your version looks better than Carrie’s, love the simple dress shape not detracting from the beauty of the fabric….unfortunately I get the feeling I am but a fabric meerkat crying over tacky velour (although I do quite like tacky velour) whilst you are a stealth jaguar pouncing on the hidden trophies in the fabric shop.

    • Ooh forgot to say, isn’t it fab how Sew Weekly gets us to enjoy scoping out locations for shoots? I’m constantly on the look out for pretty walls (or pretty ugly walls) or interesting structures….I’m seeing world through new eyes and it’s fantastic :)

  15. She shoots, she scores! another win. Love the whole thing, the inspiration, the belt styling, the cowl, the photos. Love that you hide fabric, I do that with books at the library ;0)

  16. Hi Love! Yes I agree! One of your best. Love the print. Love the cowl. Love the photos