Hot! The “Bright Birthday” Ensemble

The Facts:

Fabric: Hot pink polka dot chiffon $2, Turquoise cotton blend $3
Pattern: Simplicity 2215 for blouse, and Simplicity 3435 for Pants
Year: Modern for blouse, and late 1950’s for Pants
Notions: Zipper, $1.39, Buttons .99
Time to complete: 7 Hours
First Worn: June 21, For my birthday
Wear again? Questionable on the pants, already have with the blouse

Total Price: Around $8

I love setting a trend, or taking a trend further and better, rather than looking like I just walked out of Anthropologie or Forever 21. For my inspiration I took a look at the high end runways, the teen shop websites, and my WWD articles and site. Which was hard to concentrate on because this gorgeous ad of Chris Evans for Gucci kept popping up and distracting me. I wanted to take a little bit from each trend, and make my outfit wearable with other separates. I chose the sheer chiffon to be a blouse, which I am seeing a lot of right now, but I wanted mine to be BRIGHT! I wanted my whole outfit bright. That’s who I am. I love color. It’s happy. For the pants I chose a vintage pattern so I could make them high in the waist, seeing a lot of that right now too. Which I love the high waist trend. What better than to show a women’s natural waist and curve to give that femininity? So I guess you could say I went modern retro?

Now let’s talk about where I went wrong…the blouse I don’t mind wearing again. I do need to fix the button placement. But I could wear it with a lot of what’s already in my closet. I made the shoulders wider and can wear a cute solid top under. The pants are another story. I really should have listened to my gut about shortening them in the hip area. It just looks really bad. The material folds over and gets all bunchy. Not flattering at all. I also had some issues in the calf area. It’s really wide then really tight. Oh, and let’s not forget about the zipper. I despise putting in zippers, especially on vintage patterns. It’s something I am still learning. In general the pants are just unflattering everywhere but the waist. I’ve learned my lesson when I use the pants pattern again. I do want some flattering high waist pants, so this pattern will be attempted again.

I wanted some Peach Nesbitts soda as a birthday treat instead of cake. We went to Rocket Fizz to do our photos. Pretty awesome place. M.E. fell asleep on the way there, and we couldn’t very well leave her in the car and we couldn’t wake her up. She was out! Robert had to hold our precious 2 year old the whole time while taking photos. A very interesting experience for the both of us. However I do recommend Nesbitts Peach soda.



Bethany is a forever student in Fashion Design. She took a hiatus from her studies due to the fear of using a sewing machine and a long term illness. It wasn't until her daughter was born, she felt inspired to create again and dive headfirst into sewing by machine.


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  1. I love this outfit – the colors are great. The pants look quite ok to me but I see what you mean…I guess they have quite a few extra folds in the hip area. Any chance you can still alter them? The color is so pretty and goes so well with the polka dot blouse.

  2. That colour combination is really fun :)

  3. This is amazing! I really love the colors together. Looks like you are wearing a little bralette underneath? I would try to bring down the waist and see of you can rework the darts. They are such lovely pants and it would be great to get some more wear out of them.

    Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun. When we visited Maui my youngest was only 9mos old. He would fall asleep in the car a lot and we would take turns carrying him around while we did our thing. My favorite was just holding him while I read in a coffee shop.

    • Thank you Gina! My birthday went well. I’m at an age now where I don’t really want to remember when my birthday is coming up though. I knew it would hit me sometime. I am wearing a bralette, I saw that trend a lot as well. I hope to be able to fix these pants, I want to be able to wear them.

  4. Wonderful colors!! This outfit is trendy, retro, and timeless at the same time and MUST be a wearable part of your closet. If you can’t find a way to alter the pants, I’d say make them again in the same or similar fabric after you alter the pattern. You owe it to fashion.

  5. Hi BethNy, what a trendsetter you are, love the bright colors and concepts. Those pants are going to look hot once adjusted. Once you have your adjustments that pattern would be great in any color. Happy birthday, mines next week so I used the next weeks challenge to make my birthday dress.

  6. I love the colours, the location, the inspiration. The thing is, those pants look to me to be true to the era (look at old pattern illustrations or magazine photos, and the fit seems to be tight everywhere except the front, like here I vote for reworking them too, since the colour combo is cool; if you can’t alter them, maybe they could be hacked open and turned into a high-waisted skirt?

  7. Oh WOW! Bethany, talk about colour awesomeness, Love your photos and yep I agree with Gina maybe pull the waist down a bit. But seriously they look how they’re meant to look and you pull this look off effortlessly just like the white play suit, god damn you could wear a paper bag and look hot. The polka-dot blouse is my fav. You go-girl.

    • Hahaha, Thank you Kazz. I want these pants to work. I want to wear them, so I really have no other option than to pull the waist down. I LOVE my blouse. Bright and polka dotted, best combo ever. Wait until next week’s challenge. Your jaw will drop at my bravery.

  8. Very flattering blouse and pants! Until you mentioned your problems with the pants, I had no idea they were not to your liking because the photos are awesome. It’s probably better that your little one was asleep in the candy shop. She probably would have been rather busy if she was awake!

  9. For the past weeks I have been inspired by you. I thought the pants look amazing until I read your comments and realized your “tiny” problems….well as they say live and learn! I am sure on your next attempt your pants are going to be perfect!

  10. Such a cute outfit! I love those colors together. Great job!