Hot! The “bogof” dress

The Facts

Fabric: blue wool crepe aptly named Jubilee from, £10 per metre, I used about 1.5m

Pattern: Colette Truffle, minus flounce
Year: Contemporary
Notions: 22” dress zip
Time to complete: 5 – 6 hours
First worn: for the sewweekly East Anglian Fabric Trail meetut
Wear again? I did, to work, last week

Total price: About £20 I reckon

This is the third time I have made the Colette Truffle. It’s a great pattern. But I got lazy. The first two I fully lined and this one I just lined the bodice. Guess which version I am not keen on? Laziness does not pay.

I made this dress after seeing Mena’s link to this chart. Her Majesty loves blue (and hates beige it seems, good for her, I’m not a lover of beige either). The Jubilee colours of red, white and blue are everywhere in England this week and for the meet I went full on red, white and blue with accessories. However, it was a boiling hot day so the jacket got left in the car. I took the first photo at home with Mia before I got too hot (an American friend might recognise the dress Mia picked out to wear that day – tee hee!) and later on I just loved this shop window in Cambridge. Thanks to Diane for taking this photo!

The title of this dress is not a political comment on the Royal family but rather Buy One Get One Free. While we are showing outfits inspired by something a member of the Royal family has worn, I thought you might like to see a pic of Mia in the costume she wore to our village celebrations. It is a copy of the Queen’s coronation outfit from 60 years ago. My friend’s mummy knitted the crown, isn’t it amazing? The dress is obviously Belle’s Disney gown and I made the cloak from a bit of maroon fleece and a curtain trimming. Mia had drawn the dots on  with a marker (no animals harmed!) to look like Ermine. Finally we made the star, sceptre and orb very cunningly with silver foil and my hot glue gun. Total cost for Mia’s Royal outfit: £0. Bargain.

I leave you with my favourite fact about the Coronation in 1952: “The Ministry of Food granted 82 applications for people to roast oxen, if they could prove that by tradition, an ox had been roasted at previous Coronations – a welcome concession in a country where the meat ration was two shillings a week.”



Charlotte Tilley

Charlotte Tilley sewed a dress in 1988 on her mother's machine. Then nothing for over 20 years. She came out of hibernation to sew along with sewweekly for the last year. She has learnt alot, but has a long long way to go.....


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  1. Oh that’s great – I’m afraid I didn’t finish mine this week, all because of the Jubilee celebrations. It was going to be called ‘Purple Reign’! I’ll probably be able to fit it in to the holiday theme instead … Anyway, Mia looks great too – no doubt she’ll remember the Jubilee well.

  2. Hi My Buddy.. You look fantastic.. Perfect dress for the celebration. And sweet Mia looks adorable..[in both dresses]..
    I have got to make the truffle dress.. All of yours are beautiful and look soooo good on you. Perfect fit!!
    Happy sewing..

  3. Charlotte, you look wonderful celebrating and Mia’s fleece robe – is a stroke of genius. She looks chuffed! Missing seeing your sewing – hope life’s not too busy xx

    • Thanks Trish, am busy and also not very inspired because I have put on a bit of weight…… I have been following all your lovely makes with interest though…. the next one I have lined up is for the holiday week x

  4. I love the color, and it’s nice to have a simple dress you can wear in different ways. I’m making a Truffle for an upcoming challenge. Hope mine turns out as well as yours have. I’m envious of your meetup– sounds like such a fun adventure!

    • Thanks Lee, it’s unusual for me to make a plain coloured dress, hope you enjoy makinf the Truffle as much as I have, it is one easy but fulfilling pattern x

  5. Love it! Perfect for a jubilee luncheon!

  6. What a fashionable I looking pair you are. Love the color blue Charlotte and Bellle is a great Queen!

  7. That blue suits you so well. I hadn’t thought about the nation wearing red, white and blue until I saw everyone at the Thames regatta and watched my backlog of EastEnders….I love it! I hope this trend will continue through the Olympics. I haven’t taken down my Union Flag yet, I suspect my American neighbours will start moaning soon.

    I love that crocheted (?) red, white and blue flower you’ve worn on your dress too….and yes, that knitted crown is AMAZING. You both look stunning.

    Here’s a factoid in exchange for your Coronation one… in the USA they don’t say BOGOFs (probably think it too rude), they have BOGOs….mind you, this could also be due to them rarely giving anything away free, it’s usually buy one get one 50% off at best.

    • You can’t move for red, white and blue here – all the shops and our village looks like an explosion in a bunting factory – I have a feeling this will continue until the Olympics! Glad to hear you are flying the flag… I did wonder about the BOGOF. Another small but interesting difference! Thank you!…. It is crocheted, well spotted, I made a few of them for last year’s sewweekly meet in London. Diane had even kept hers and had it on her bag when we met last week so I was very chuffed indeed. Hope you are feeling better now, btw x

  8. beautiful dress and wish It live seen on the meet up !

  9. Great dress! Your daughter’s outfit is just adorable!

  10. Great outfit, and I love Mia’s outfit. That crown is phenomenal!

  11. Great dress. You look great in blue. I’ll remember that you preferred the truffle fully lined when I finally get around to making it for myself.

    • Thanks Stephanie, it is definitely worth doing a full lining, I had to wear a slip under this. A lining would have been so much easier…. hope you enjoy making the patternn, I’ll look forward to seeing what you make

  12. Both of you are adorable! Nice work on the patriotic outfits. The crown is really something else! I bet Mia really loves it.