Hot! The “5 Seconds To Summery” Outfit Pt 1

The Facts

Fabric: Top: yellow peasant top from Target sale but still $12.58 coming in a few weeks, see below Skirt: yellow & blue floral cotton off-cut $3.99.
Patterns: Top embroidery: self drafted from Googled images coming in a few weeks, see below Skirt: New Look 6106 (adapted).
Year: Contemporary.
Notions: DMC embroidery threads from stash and a few new in JoAnn’s sale $2.97
Time to complete: Still going with the embroidery as holiday project, see below but the skirt took 4 hours before I left.
First worn: Skirt throughout holiday, top not yet…coming in a few weeks, see below :)
Wear again? Absolutely, this skirt has already become a staple.

Total Cost: $3.99 for skirt.

The challenge: “On Trend: Summer 2012 Fashion Trends”.

I’m not here again this week. I’m probably paddling in the sea near San Diego as we speak. But I wrote this post over 2 weeks ago and hopefully I’ve been able to take and pop in some photos of this week’s creations from a holiday setting. Normal service will be resumed next week, promise.

Anyway, summer 2012 trends….

You’ve probably guessed this about me if you’ve been reading my posts over the last 25 weeks (can you believe we’re half way through the year now?!) but I am an avid follower of fashion. That’s not me saying I’m fashionable, because that’s a whole other subjective ballgame, but I LOOOOOOOVE fashion magazines and watching catwalk shows from designers all around the world. I can think of not much more enjoyable than sitting down with a copy of Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue and checking out the latest trends, zoning in on looks I like and then (the fun bit) trying to work out what I like about them and how I can translate a little bit of their style into my life. LOVE IT!

Which is why this week was torture for me. How can you narrow down all the lovely trends at the moment? Fruit & food (ok, I sort of satisfied my itch to make something to fit this 2 weeks ago with a tv character/Moschino Cheap & Chic number but I still want to do a Dolce & Gabbana inspired chili pepper outfit before the year is out), asymmetric hems (I really want to do a low-high skirt hem soon too), under the sea, florals, floral suits and jeans, paisley, 1920’s and Art Deco (saving this one up for nearer the release of the Great Gatsby). Aaaaargh I want to do it all!

But I had to limit myself to something I could either make quickly before the start of my holidays (how will I cope without touching a sewing machine for over 2 weeks?) or something I could hand sew along the way.

I had a plan to fit with 2012 summer trends: yellows / maxi skirt / floral print / slight ethnicy vibe / peasant top……and folky embroidery!

It all seemed so perfect. I quickly made the skirt, which I have to say was an absolute pleasure to make, so rewarding to make something so straightforward (just graded it up 2 sizes past its maximum to fit me) after a few weeks of complicated, hair-pulling-out sewing. I bought a yellow peasant top in the Target sale to embroider (no, that yellow vest isn’t it, read on dear reader), googled some designs, drooled over tops and dresses on Aida Coronado’s website, made some sketches and bought some DMC embroidery threads in the Jo-Ann sale. I was all set.

I embroidered in Vegas, Death Valley, LA, in the car, on the beach (as you’ll have seen on my instagram and absobloominglutely tumblr). I actually found the ‘journey’ rather zen-like and was enjoying ‘slow sewing’ so much I didn’t want to have to rush to get to my ‘destination’.

And then Mena, sensing my chilled out vibes (or a disturbance in the force) put out the next batch of challenges up until August that included not only a whole ‘yellow’ challenge but an embellishment/embroidery week too. Hence why I’m wearing a simple bought-not-self-made (the horror! ;)) vest in these photos…..I’m going to continue embroidering to my heart’s delight to my new deadline in a few week’s time for the Embellishment/Embroidery challenge.

And why the white fake fur coat? Because if I can’t wear every summer trend, I thought I’d start one…..fur jackets in the summer are the new black you know…..are you buying this? No? Oh well, your loss ;)

And why’s this outfit called “5 Seconds to Summery”? Because if I ever want to feel Summery, or be reminded of Summer (especially those blissful Summers as a teenager before life and all it’s trials and tribulations kicked in) there’s 5 seconds at the start of a certain record that never ever fail to transport me there on a cloud of peace and happiness. Play me 5 seconds of Johnny Marr’s jangly rickenbacker guitar at the start of This Charming Man and I’m back in summer 1984….and it’s a song I’ve been listening to over and over again whilst embroidering on the beach in 2012, making new summery memories :)

Home next week and the return to sewing with a sewing machine, woo hoo!



Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Turquoise wedges? High collar fur jacket? Has Kazz been Devyne-ly morphed? *adjusts tv set* Oh, hi Tempest! The Target yellow top looks great on you, by the way, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that embroidery too.

    • This is praise indeed. I’ve got a few pairs of wedges though don’t wear them half enough fearing I’ll break my neck….but for the sake of fashion I might break them out a bit more ;) Thanks Rachel!

  2. Yeah, that happened to me this week too: I made something blue and white, then remembered that NEXT week is red/white/blue challenge. Oops. Cool embroidery too!

    Johnny Marr = best guitar player in the history of the world (although I’m sure Kazz might want to weigh in on this one!) For me, there’s nothing more poignant than those first acoustic strums on “Please, please, please, let me get what I want.”

    • I’m telling myself stuff like this is meant to stretch our creativity further. I have this theory that Mena is actually our Sewing Sensai, challenging us to sew faster, longer, wider, pushing us to create things we could only dream of in January, hemming the impossible hem…..shall I shut up now? But I haven’t got to my wax on, wax off sewing parody bit yet…

  3. Nice skirt and very uniquely matched with summery white fur jacket for those cool San Diego breezes. That’s where I am right now, vacationing as well. Hi Tempest! Be sure to see “Brave”in 3D and wander down University Ave., great thrift shops abound!

    • Thanks Barbara, annoyingly we didn’t get off the beach much (this is what happens when you have a 9 and 14 yr old as you well know), so San Diego is definitely on my books for a repeat visit and I shall put my foot down about visiting thrift shops!

      Is the 3D worth it on Brave? I’ve been 2D’ing movies (except How To Train Your Dragon and Tron Legacy) in the past year because of cost….mind you, Brave is Pixar isn’t it, so I imagine if any movie is worth 3D this year….

  4. I blame you for the full hour on Aida Coronado’s website. And the fact that I just pulled out an embroidery hoop. Yup, all your fault…

  5. Hi Tempest, glad your having a fantastic vacation. Love the more to come rant, I went out a shopped fabrics as soon as the list went up. Wait till you see my birthday out next week. July 2 not quite a 4 th baby but was told growing up the fireworks were for me.

    • Ooops did it sound like a rant? It was only a faux rant….I’m actually pleased I have slightly longer, my little peacock is looking rather lonely at the moment, he needs surrounding with a jungle of embroidered flowers. I seriously can’t wait to see your birthday outfit, absolutely loving the variety of clothes you’ve been making and the technical stuff you’ve been tackling. Happy Birthday in advance!

  6. Gosh I love your awesomeness! I also super love your necklace and wedges! Fur coats in the Summer? Why not? Beautiful skirt my friend! You just rock.

    • Thanks Bethany….I love my Matryoshka necklace and I don’t think you can quite see in the top pic on my right arm (left of photo) I have an adorable bracelet with 8 dangling red Matryoshkas too….I do a burlesque act where I become a Russian doll (and subsequently smaller versions) so I have an abundance of them around the house that people have kindly given me.

  7. Love your fur coat – want!

    • Would you believe I got it in a sale for £15 at an Edinburgh Woollen Mill in Shropshire about this time of year around 2002? It was so ridiculous and impractical I had to have it. I actually packed to wear in a photo in Death Valley on our hols, but neshed out of this when the 118 degrees really were only fit for shorts and t-shirt…I’m such a wimp.

  8. I just got a couple of vintage faux fur coats from a friend. I should pick up your trend and see if it catches on here. I’ll be sure to give you full credit. I;m not feeling good about this embellishment challenge. It’s just not where I’m at and I have very little sewing time. Plus I’ve been upcycling a lot to use my sewing budget for what I need for my sewing class. Your skirt looks lovely by the way.

  9. Oh my god Tempest I am in awe of your embroidery skills I cant wait to see the finished garment. You are clever. Your skirt is gorgeous, teamed with those killer wedges and fur coat? you are working it girlfriend and to have The Smiths playing as your Summer soundtrack? perfection!

    • Oh I forgot to mention my addiction to magazines too. I was an avid The Face collector there really hasn’t been anything like it since they closed their doors. Have you heard of Zinio? cheaper, download to your desktop, phone, ipad. They have a decent range to choose from too.

      • Ooh thanks for the Zinio recommendation, nope, hadn’t heard of that but will check it out straight away. Perhaps looking at pretty pics will get my ‘wannamakeitnow’ mojo back.

    • Thank you so much :) I’m having real trouble this week with the embroidery though, I’m not really feeling it and am having more fun baking and bowling with the kids….perhaps I need Gina to remind me this is supposed to be fun :) We’ll see.

  10. Summer furs!? Stop playing!! You are too much, girl…can’t take you anywhere. Great skirt…guess I’ll have to wait patiently for a full look at your embroidered beauty…its amazing already.