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The Facts
Fabric | Silky chiffon, cotton lawn for the bodice and placket. Not lined. I’m wearing a slip.
Pattern | Victory Patterns-Anouk
Year | Contemporary 
Notions | Buttons, handmade piping
Time to complete | The placket took 2 hours because of the layering and the rest took another 2hrs.
First worn | for my epic road trip to Vegas
Wear again? sure
Total price | approx $25

Ladies you are not going to believe what has happened! My car broke down on route to Vegas. Yup! and for my Vegas road trip only, I made this lovely floaty number -The Anouk by Victory Patterns to travel in, stylish and comfortable; I had plans to meet you all in my corseted showgirl ensemble laced with ostrich feathers, hand beading, the whole kit and caboodle on the night but by the time I arrived I was told you had all left to get back to the Sew Weekly HQ to concentrate on the next challenge. I was so bummed. The road trip, just to get to Vegas went something like this… | Las Vegas

I managed to hitch a ride to the nearest diner but as you can see, there was not a soul in site, for 2 hours I sat about in 40 degree heat, the fabric choice— I so wisely made the dress from, kept me cool during the hottest part of the day. I admired the dress in the reflection of the cracked window as I walked about to find the coolest spot to rest. I wondered if the dress would look nice at a shorter length, I guess this can certainly be an option if I ever got bored with it. I started humming the chorus to Viva Las Vegas to take my mind off my current situation when I heard a buzzing from the distance… | Las Vegas

I had to look twice, it was Raoul Duke & Dr. Gonzo from THAT movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ I knew I was in for the ride of my life. Raoul was all wild-eyed, he spoke very quickly and moved fast he spun his head around almost jumping me, (yum) and commented on the placket of my Anouk dress zoning in on the detail, he blurted “nice work on the Anouk placket those colours are a trip man”. I told him how I was unsure about my colour choices and that the placket reminded me of my brothers scout uniform from when he was a wee lad. He just nodded and drifted off in his confused state. I asked them if they were thinking of stopping by the Joshua Tree National Park. Raoul said “with a dress like that, hell yeah!” | Las Vegas

Raoul snapped this photo of me with the Joshua Tree, one to show the kids don’t you think?  at this stage I remember being really pleased with the construction of the dress the Victory Pattern and the instructions were a dream to work with; next time I’ll work with different fabrics and colours these I know, are a required taste. I blend in nicely with the scenery though. | Las Vegas

Time whisked by and before I knew it I was standing on a cliff face with Gram Parsons and Keith Richards. Everything turned sepia for some reason and I found myself admiring the drape on my kimono sleeve rather fondly. | Las Vegas

I stumbled into Vegas a day late looking all dazed and confused totally clashing with the scenery I should be in some sort of fifties vintage number pulled from retro section of Vogue Patterns with my hair in pincurls hiding behind cateye glasses, my lips smeared in red. What a mess I got myself into. My holiday to Vegas was a trip, it’s a damn shame I didn’t get to show you the Showgirl dress ;0) | Vegas

Ooh Las Vegas?-Gram Parsons.



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  1. I wish there really was a Sew Weekly HQ and we’d all assemble when called, like The Avengers….
    Anyway, seriously awesome job on this dress. It totally fits with your inspirations, and your photoshopping is spectacular! ;)

  2. Love the story and the dress. Fab-u-lous!

  3. You’re a riot. Love the shot in the convertible.

  4. What a fun post! Love the dress as well!

  5. You just cracked me up! Really love the dress! =)

  6. Love the yellow piping.

  7. THe dress is adorable.. and sooooo enjoyed the trip…fun,fun

  8. love this version of that dress

  9. I love the photo-chopping magic! The dress is lovely!

  10. Love the details on that dress. I really need to learn how to use Photoshop. Thanks for the great story!

  11. Hey Kazz, what a hoot. Looks rather comfortable, Lady Luck was with you tonight.

  12. I bet your Christmas cards are a riot. You just kill me, every time.

  13. Fun, fun, fun! Really enjoyed yout post and the magical trip to Vegas, not to mention your beautiful traveling outfit. That too was so perfect for your adventure.

  14. For a second there I actually THOUGHT you might have been out here…but alas, it was your fabulous photoshop skills : ) At least I comforted myself in that you weren’t on my side of the pond and I missed out meeting you. Beautiful dress and I loved the “trip” you took us on!

  15. Fantastic! What a great post! Love the dress, but what I really want is your skills with photoshop!

  16. That first pic looks like you took it a couple of miles away from me where the desert starts! Why on earth didn’t you pop in for a cup of tea?! Would you believe I’m off to Vegas on Saturday an Sunday….I soooooo want to find a petrol station like that one you visited for future photoshoots. I love the mismatching of buttons on your placket, which is so fab in it’s preciseness of cut and layering, and the peephole is so cute. Choosing that yellow for the piping round the neck and armholes is inspired…..I love your use of colours. That curving round/down of the top brown bodice piece is lovely too……can you tell I’m in love with this dress, I might have to check out Victory Patterns.