Hot! Here Comes Your Man

Pattern: Burda Young Fashion 7606

Fabric: 2yds stretch denim $12

Notions: 1 zipper $2.50, denim thread $3.50, jeans button from stash

Time to complete: 5hrs?

Total Price: about $20

First Worn: Sunday May 27th

Wear Again? Absolutely

So I didn’t go too literal with Vegas. I, of course, being the Elvis (paraphernalia) junkie that I am had to go with Elvis. I’m just not a huge fan of the rhinestoned bell bottomed Elvis so I went more with “Jailhouse Rock” Elvis.


I also took it easy and only made a pair of jeans. I know making a pair of jeans is a pretty big deal but I didn’t push myself as much as I usually do so I feel like a slacked off a little. It was nice to have some extra time with my husband though. OK-on to the jeans.

I have every style of jean one can imagine. High waisted skinny, high waisted wide leg, wide leg trouser, skinny, straight leg, boot cut, ankle. What I do not have is a pair of relaxed fit jeans like a boyfriend jean. This pattern seemed to fit the style I was looking for. This is not the best pattern. It skimps a lot on the details that make a piece look sharp. The first thing I noticed was that they do not give you any allowance for sewing in the zipper. I had to bring in the front seam by 1/4 in or so so there was enough of an overlap to cover the zipper and seam. They’re loose fitting so it was fine but if these were close fitting that could have been a problem. The design is also pretty simple. No pockets. I added front and back pockets as well as a yoke. If I use this pattern to make a dressier pant I’ll probably add a welted pocket in back instead. I ditched the waistband too. It’s a rectangle and would not have been very flattering. I went with a contoured waistband instead from one of my other patterns. I hemmed them just below the ankle.

I would hardly call what I did to this t-shirt a refashion. It’s one of my son’s old T’s. I cut the neckband off and the sleeves then I created a racerback detail by gathering it up with a large vintage safety pin. It’s one of my favorite ways to wear a shapeless T. The dice fit the theme nicely right?

I honestly thought these jeans would be a snore but now I think I’ll wear them all the time. Maybe they’ll pop up in future posts. As usual we only had about 10 minutes to walk to a nearby bridge and take these pictures. The title comes from a Pixies song. I originally wanted to call it “Monkey Gone to Heaven” which is also a Pixies song but I didn’t want you all to think I was talking about Elvis. All right ladies-on to the next challenge!




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Those look amazing!! Fantastic job!

  2. Awesome jeans! and the shirt is super cute too.

  3. Next year, I’ll try making myself some jeans. You’ve definitely inspired me.

  4. Seriously great jeans!

  5. Wow, great jeans. I think I’ll tackle a pair in the Fall.

  6. You are the queen of making jeans! I’m always amazed at you skill with the style and fit of your pants. The look amazing! Thanks for sharing that t-shirt refashion. I’ll have to try that.

  7. For a snore, these are fantastic! I do find it annoying that they give just a square for the yoke “shaping”. But, good to know your mods. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

    • I forgot to explain how I created the yoke. I really should make some notes as I go along-there’s always so much I forget to add in the post. I guess I don’t want to go on and on. This week was a little better. I wrote a bit about some of the problems and how I fixed them but then realized later that there were still a couple things I forgot to mention. Oh well!

  8. Awesome! You are the pants queen. Boyfriend jeans are my favorite. I can feel kind of slobby in mine, but yours look chic. Thanks for sharing your mods. Great racerback too.

    • Here’s my confession to you and anyone else who may stumble upon this comment. I did not wash the denim before I used it. I finally put them through they shrunk quite a bit. they’re not boyfriend jeans anymore now they are a lot more rock ‘n’ roll now. Kinda like Bob Dylan used to wear. I like them but now I’ll have to make myself another pair! Thank God it was a stretch denim-

  9. I need to make some “normal” jeans, after seeing some of yours I REALLY need to do this soon! Love your outfit and the t-shirt refashion is really cute. I’m showing your post to my daughter, she just helped at one of the “Swap not Shop” events out here and can always use inspiration like this : )

  10. A swap not shop event sounds cool. if your daughter has any ideas to share send them my way. I’m always looking for new ways to wear things. This denim has plenty of stretch so they’re super comfy. I hope you share pictures with us when you make yours.

  11. I love these!! They look so professional!! Sorry that the pattern stunk, but your add-ons look fantastic. And I love your shoes!

    Rhinestone Elvis makes sad :(
    He was awesome during his Jailhouse Rock, sing-all-the-dialogue-in-my-movies-because-I’m-smoking-hot-enough-to-get-away-with-it phase of life ;o)

  12. You definately have a talent for making trousers Gina, and you look great wearing them too – such a rock chick. Love you little stat tat – so cute

  13. Gina, you’re my new sewing hero; these are awesome. I think I have to stop with the dresses already and try to make jeans now.

  14. These are killer jeans Gina, you are a magician when it comes to pants.

  15. These are amazing Gina. I am simply gobsmacked that you can make jeans at all in 5 hours (let alone 5 days)especially with a difficult pattern. And I really like what you’ve done with the t-shirt too….I’m beginning to go through my whole drawer of baggy t-shirts and decide which to convert and which to thrift, so this adds another idea to my arsenal. Thank you!

    • I must have written that wrong. It always takes me a while to cut place and cut pieces because I have to lay out my fabric on the living room floor and I have a bad back. The sewing part doesn’t take long once you’ve made a couple pairs.