Hot! God Save The Queen

Kazzthespazz | Diamond Jubilee1

The Facts
 Fabric | Poly poplin
Pattern | McCall’s 4928
 Year |Contemporary
 Notions |Buttons and zip
 Time to complete | the jacket was spread out over the week and the pants on Sunday the 3rd
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? Sure
Total price | $5 a metre for the poly poplin $7.99 for the red lining and thrifted buttons and zip

First off, I want to apologise for my absence in the commenting arena last week. I had one of the most hectic weeks I’ve had thus far. Work, kiddies and interstate visitors. My house needed to be cleaned from all the multi layerings of thread that had somehow made it’s way into every nook and cranny possible. I was s t r e s s e d and after our visitors left on Sunday I had to get straight into finishing the jacket and sewing the trousers. Sure I could of relaxed and sat and read my book in my spotless, thread-free house but my inner Capricorn said “It’s the Diamond Jubilee you can’t sit this one out” As you can see I went the androgynous route, I couldn’t find the time to scroll through loads of Royal Family picks to find a dress of some sort so I decided to get my ‘Prince Charles’ on.
ANIMATION_KAZZTHESPAZZThe jacket was cut from my McCall’s go-to pattern and is fully lined in red. I’m slightly disappointed with the pulling around the buttons but given my time constraints and possibly the choice of cheap fabric I’m not going to be too harsh on myself, besides if I move the buttons in a tad this may fix the issue. The pants I had self drafted from a pair of my hubby’s trousers that fit me well. There are no pockets just the zip and the waistband. As a whole, I am happy with the outcome so happy in fact that I put this little jubilee dance together for you, dancing to God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols snarling at the week I just endured— Johnny Rotten style. Sorry about the non-existent backgrounds and photoshop layouts of late, hubby (Mr Cameraman) has been playing competition golf so this, my lovelies, is my next option.

Kazzthespazz | diamond jubilee

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your fabulous Jubilee creations. Happy Diamond Jubilee. Yay!!!




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  1. I bow to your greatness : ) What else is there to say? Awesome outfit, fabulous photos, I just have no other words.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Kazz. I’ve been waiting to see this creation since squinting at the teeny tiny featured pic on the Sew Weekly posts pending list. It did not disappoint. Though the day I see Prince Charles wearing something as cutting edge as this is the day I give birth to aardvarks! I think it’s got more of a modern-day George IV to it, serious dandy (that or Malcolm McClaren or even an Adam Ant’s Prince Charming…..ridicule is nothing to be scared of!!) You are the tops! I wish I could fit into any of Mr. D’s trousers so I could use them as patterns…

    P.S. how did you do that gif or is it a top secret? It rocks and makes me smile so much….I’m not sure I’m going to get any work done today from just watching it repeatedly.

    • Tempest you crack me up!!

    • Ha ha Tempest I’m imagining you squinting and giving birth to aardvarks. I love that you can see the dandy side of this suit. Malcolm McClaren, Adam Ant? spot on. I’ve recently pulled out my copy of Duck Rock and have been buffalo girling and double dutching all over the joint. A perfect union of music and fashion methinks. Thank you me lovely. I have just put this post on my blog with some links to apps and tutorials regarding animated Gif’s etc I expect to see you animated in the coming weeks :)

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Perfect for my Friday, the post was a blast to read. I bet the red lining is a nice detail when you take the jacket off.

  4. Wow. What a cool outfit. I agree with Tempest – I have never seen Charles wear anything this great. And that gif is seriously amazing. I keep watching you dance around instead of preparing dinner.

  5. An amazing outfit: the stripes on the pants and the jacket align. Holy smokes!

  6. You are totally awesome and a total punk!

  7. You are so fab and cool it isn’t true. Love love love everything about it. Long live Kazz!

  8. God save the Queen?! You are the queen.

  9. Love it! I agree with Vicki, you are the queen!! We all bow down to your tailoring skills. The whole thing is perfection!

  10. Long live Kazz! I eagerly await your post every week – and they never disappoint! I love this outfit, piccies, groovy dance – not only are you a sewing master, but an amazing graphic artist as well ….. There appears to be no end to your talents. Thanks for being you xxx

  11. Kazz-what a perfect way to end my week.

  12. This post is… awesometastical!!!
    My goodness, you totally brought me out of my totally bummed out mood. Your background is fantastic and the suit is an inspiration. I might have to follow suit. (heheh, yeah.) Thank you, Kazz!

  13. This. Is. Awesome! Love it!

  14. Queen Kazz – you rock! I love a pinstripe suit – well done for putting in such a huge effort to get it done. I can feel a suit challenge coming on – definately a two-weeker!!

  15. Wonderfully different as always.

  16. Too fabulous! Love the outfit. Love the pictures. Love it all!

  17. MWAH, too gorgeous! xoxo

  18. Very cool! Your suit came together really well and would be fit for any royal prince, or in your case, princess! Love the animated gif and hope you will share how you did that with us sometime.

  19. Kazz, you are so inspirational to me! I love your take on The Diamond Jubilee.

  20. Love your little dance routine Kazz! And fab suit! Only you would decide that a suit was the easiest thing to make at the 11th hour.

  21. WOW! What a awesome Jubilee jacket & trousers! ! And love the presentation–true royalty always steal the stage. Great job.

  22. Really, stressful week = time to make a suit?! You are just ridiculously talented. Love the result, the plaid tie and bowler, the dance moves.

  23. Fly! You are so F-L-Y!