Hot! The “Twice Tickled Pink” Dress

Voile and Vintage = Love

The third time really is the charm!  I’ve tried three vintage patterns and I’ve sewn a garment with Anna Maria Horner voile three times.  This pattern with these prints is, by far, my favorite outcome.

Fabric⁃ voile designed by the fabulous Anna Maria Horner
Pattern⁃ Simplicity 7341
Year⁃ 1976
Notions⁃ invisible zip
Time to complete⁃ done in so many bits and pieces, I really don’t know
First worn⁃  today!  This was planned all along to be my Mother’s Day dress
Wear again?  Do I get to?!  Oh yipee!  Yes, please!
Total price: $25 or so


I first became aware of this pattern when I saw Tilly’s amazing Nani Iro double Gauze version.  Besides the amazing fabric choice, I thought the pattern itself was just as cute as cute could be.  I was disheartened at the time because I hadn’t yet made any attempt at sewing from a vintage pattern and I also had no hope of every locating this obviously awesome pattern in my size.

Then, out of the blue, it happened.  One just popped up as I was browsing on Etsy.  I wasn’t searching for this pattern, but recognized it immediately.  I still hadn’t sewn any vintage patterns, so I wasn’t sure about sizing, but I knew I had to have it.  Miracle of miracles, this dress is STRAIGHT from the pattern with no alterations WHATSOEVER.  That is absolutely amazing to me.

I would call the pattern difficulty advanced beginner.  It’s definitely something I feel a beginner could attempt, but there are a couple of head-scratching parts and you do need to be careful about transferring markings.

As far as my fabric choice… I have loved AMH voiles ever since I bought a circle scarf kit two winters ago, so it was a natural choice after seeing Tilly’s double gauze version.  I’m no stranger to mixing prints, since I started my sewing journey by sewing for my little girls and mixing prints on their dresses is the most fun.  It’s even easier when picking prints from the same fabric collection, so I take no special credit.

After a yummy brunch at my favorite restaurant, we walked around the corner into an open air shopping center for a photo op.

Can't Mommy just be a model for a minute?

So, it was my husband with the camera, me trying desperately to look alluring and two little girls running around wild. In between shots, we kept having to redirect them.  “Go look at the pretty dresses in that window!”  “Go sit on the bench together, please.” My four-year-old, who has noticed that I get pictures of myself a lot can’t stand not to get in on the action.

I had no idea she was jumping out to pose with me.  Here I am doing my best modeling, trying to ignore the uncomfortableness of posing in public and then, I go back and look at the pictures only to find that my sweet one who made me a mother has sabotaged my shots and made me look just as silly as I feel.

Appropriate for Mother’s Day, no?







I had to learn to make thread loops to keep the top of the back together where the collar meets.  Sorry you can’t see in the pictures, but there are two very sweet pearlized cantaloupe colored buttons there.  I’m kind-of glad the hook and eye plan didn’t work because I got to learn a new skill.

I also got to wear some special jewelry.  I ordered the necklace from Flirt Treasures.  It’s a vintage brooch repurposed to be a necklace. My ring came from Blush Envy and I rarely put it on because I’m dealing with kids and carseats and diaper changes all day.

This dress really made my day and it really got hubby’s attention too.  He was extremely complimentary.  That’s a win for me all around!

Nail color: Essie Muchi Muchi



Sara is a dance teacher by degree and at heart, but has currently set that aside while her husband completes his radiology residency and she raise their two little girls. Her interest in sewing began when she had her first little girl four years ago and she began sewing for herself just last year. Sewing is her creative outlet and is also becoming an academic endeavor as she attempt to educate herself further in this new pursuit.


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  1. I just love it when you find a pattern that needs no alterations they quickly become a go-to pattern. You look great in this colour especially with your hair colour. Gorgeous job.

    • I’m already thinking of ways I could change it up to make different dresses from the same pattern. Thanks!

  2. Super cute! Love the prints, love the colours, love the way you have mixed them, love the pattern, love it all! Especially on you!

  3. Very cute! These fabrics looks so good together.

  4. What a gorgeous mix of fabrics and color palette. Your little girl is so adorable, she makes the picture!

  5. I certainly feel you regarding posing in public. I have a hard time posing in my back yard. She makes the picture fun. Love the dress too.

  6. I too have been having a go at thread loops this week. Did it take you ages too? Lovely dress – the colours you’ve chosen look just right.

  7. I love your pinks together!! You look so pretty! And I like your poses with the little one peeking out behind you ;o)

  8. What a cute dress! I L-O-V-E the fabric… I guess I’m going to have to find a local supplier for Anna Maria Horner voile! Thanks for sharing the details of your project!

  9. So, I’m looking through AMH’s work… and I spot some very familiar fabric. I have some of her designs as fat quarters. Didn’t know it was her! :D Awesome!

  10. Love the colours too and they suit you so well. That ring is gorgeous too!

  11. Oh, you are a stunner!! And I love the little stinker in the background, she is a doll. Beautiful work! …Cassie

  12. That is a fantastic dress! I love your choice of color, prints and fabric. Nothing is better than finding a pattern that you don’t need to alter, right? Your daughter really makes the shot. You are both adorable.

  13. What a win! I love the yoke and the back view and basically everything about this dress. Your photoshoots sound exactly like mine. I was surprised this week by my daughter’s foot high up in the frame (she was climbing on something, I guess).

  14. I loved this dress when I saw Tilly’s. Can’t believe you stumbled across the same pattern. Lucky you. Yours is my favorite. Looks so perfect on you.

  15. The difference between the prints is so subtely beautiful, I hardly noticed the belt/sash was contrast. You are lovely in this dress.

  16. This is a beautiful dress,. I love it.. And I think your “extra’ in the photo, is adorable.. She just made the photo more beautiful…Happy sewing.

  17. Such a lovely dress and that print is so fun!! Love your little extra sneaking into the photo as well – adorable!