Hot! The “Shake it Like Anne” Romper

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

This project is named for hip-shaking sexbomb, Anne-Margret, who rocked both Elvis and the world, in Viva Las Vegas! When her gorgeous legs weren’t on display she rocked opaque tights for two entire dance sequences!! That’s MOXY!!

The Facts
Fabric | Stretch Rayon Blend Suiting :: $2.39 a yard. It’s awesome. It looks like brushed denim. I’m glad I bought so much!
Patterns | A combo of two vintage (Vogue 1128 & Butterick 3530) patterns from the swap that has contributed most to my sewing, the Sew Weekly NYC meet-up.
Year | Both patterns are from the 1960s, I believe.
Notions | Thread and a zip from a huge stash that my grandmother gave me.
Time to complete | It’s hard to say….I cut this and another project out one evening. Then started, and finished project one (a DISASTER of EPIC proportions) before I started the bodice of this one and got interrupted by the Insectpalooza being held in my apartment. I nearly called the whole thing off.
First worn | For silly apartment photos. This thing is way body conscious. I wasn’t up for outdoor photos.
Wear again? | Yes, but on a really hot day when I won’t care how revealing it feels.
Total price | About $5 bucks, I guess.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

*sigh* This challenge was not without its….challenges. I am not a gambler. I am non competitive by nature (and nurture) and I have no stomach for losing money. But, we were supposed to be inspired by VEGAS, BABY!! So, I rolled the metaphorical dice, and cut out two risky projects.

I started and finished this dress before I realized what a bad choice it was. My body needs back waist darts on a garment and more hip room than this one afforded. And the upper back of sheath type fits are always terrible on me, this one was no exception. This thing looks so bad on, I won’t even put a photo of myself in it on the internet . In fact, I didn’t even take a photo. The fabric was dead cheap, but I feel like I lost a ton at the Blackjack table of sewing.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

On to project two.

I’ve already had (MUCH!!) success with Butterick 3530. So I knew the shorts were a go. I added a bit more wiggle room this time by cutting slightly larger than the pattern piece. This is try two for Vogue 1128. I added extra width to the bodice last time and it was comically massive. Dolly Parton could have filled it out, lol. This time, I folded out the middle a bit. The darts aligned perfectly with my body, but the bodice was now a bit narrow and didn’t want to match up with the width of the shorts. I compensated by adding strips of fabric to the center back where I had relocated the zipper. I wish I had moved the shorts zip to the side instead, there is some puckering on the lower part of it as it sits now. I could do with a bit of sway back adjusting, too. But, in an effort to avoid any crotch shortness issues, I thought I should err on the side of too much lengthwise ease. If I make this again, which I am considering, I would lengthen the bodice and lower the waistline of the shorts, too.

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the result. My husband certainly liked it. :o) I’m glad I rolled the dice on bad project choices. And pattern mash-up experiments. And tricky fit. And loss of morale. I didn’t let the house win when bugs tried to take over my sewing room. The dealer spun the roulette wheel and my number came up! Cheers (with water, sorry Oona) to that!

The "Shake it Like Anne" Romper

PS- Sometimes, the house still sneaks in a jab. Check out this zipper job.

Ass Backward Zipper

Can’t see the problem?? Take a closer look.

Ass Backward Zipper





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  1. I’m glad you hung in there. This romper is cuuuute!

  2. Adorable! And you have a fabulous body, so show it off! The zipper may suck, but I bet your DH enjoys helping you take it off ;-)

    • Thanks! I’m pretty ok with my body, but I’ve never shown it off (outdoors) quite like this, lol. I’m up for the challenge!

      And hubby was certainly distracted helping me get the zip up ;D

  3. The romper is fabulous and I love your shoes!

  4. Oh man, I’ve done that with zippers before. It’s one of those things that you just look at and say “seriously?”. I’m glad you hung in there, zipper issue and all. I’m with everyone else, its adorable!

    • Thanks, Loran!! Do you know, I think I actually said “seriously?!?!?” when I noticed it, lol. What really sucks is that this was a second try at the zipper. Probably should have been paying a teeny better more attention.

  5. I love the Anne-Margret inspiration! She’s awesome, and so is your romper! I’ve done that with a zipper before too. I wouldn’t blame you if you just left it that way. The envelope of the dress looks awesome, do you think you’ll try it again with alterations?

    • Thanks, Liz!! I loved Bye-Bye Birdie growing up and I’ve always thought Anne-Margret was so beautiful!
      I am totally leaving that zipper as is!! And I do have plans to make the dress. I think adding more width to the outer edges will make for a good fit next time.

  6. Hi Nettie, oh I’m in that zipper club too. I think you look great in the photos, that’s an awesome hat. Also, I’m in loooove with those shoes!

    • I’m in good backward zip company, lol! The hat is my husbands, it’s from H&M. I can never find one that fits me right, apparently I need to look in the men’s department. I love these shoes, too. They are perfect for heel wearing lightweights as they are high but the platform makes them comfy.

  7. Backwards zipper aside, this is really great. I LOVE that last pic with the fedora. You have a gorgeous body and are lucky you can wear something like this so well. If I tried this, I would look…well, maybe like…I don’t know, but it would be B A D.

    • Thanks, Erin! I always think I look weird in hats, but I like this one on me. I thank you for your compliment! I think there is a way that a romper/playsuit can work on anyone with the right fit. This is really just a top and a bottom stitched together, after all.

  8. You look AMAZING in this! I love it. I never thought I could pull off a romper like this, but I love them. And I’m gonna have to get in on that next SW meet-up in NYC!

    • Thanks, doll!! I never would have given romper wearing a try if not for The Sew Weekly! That meet-up was so much fun! I had no idea that I would end up with such pattern treasures or that I would use them with such nice results!

  9. I love the romper! I’m so jealous of everyone’s great romper creations. I really need to find one that I like for my shape or do what you did and make my own mashup.

    • Thank you!! I think a mashup is worth a try. I had damn good luck for a first try, it has me thinking of what else I can squish together.

  10. You’ve inspired me to sew up that jumper I have cut out. It looks so cute on you! Love the celebratory photo of you on the chair with the drink! So Vegas!

  11. Love this Romper and *love* it with that hat!

  12. First off all…you’ve got way more fries with your shake than Anne Margaret….that romper is sexy cute on you! Thanks for the You Tube link….I’d completely forgotten about that movie.

    By the way, the photo of that broken zipper looks like it could be a horror movie poster. Nightmare on Zipper Street or something ;-).

    • Thank you! I am LMAO @ your first comment! I was/am a huge fan of musicals and I’ve always had a soft spot for Elvis’ movies and the songs from them.

      The zipper is in BACKWARDS, Najah! A MUCH bigger nightmare than a broken one!

  13. Wow. This project is a reminder that when sewing works right, you end up with a one-of-a-kind piece that is perfectly tailored to your body. Your results here are so inspiring! I love the tailoring and fabric decisions you made. I hope it is as comfortable to wear as it is beautiful. Also, cute shoes! :-)

  14. I can see why your husband loves it-it shows off your sexy body! I think that may be why I like it too! I don’t think it’s revealing at all. Cheers to the zipper! I had a similar experience with buttonholes this week though I forgot to mention it in my post.

    • Thanks for the compliment, G!! That zipper!! ARRGGH I was so pissed when I noticed, but I truly think it’s funny now.

  15. HOT HOT HOT! You look great in anything Nettie not too many of us can pull this off you do it so effortlessly. Shame about the zip. That huge stash that your grandma gave you? what a wonderful piece of family history.

    • Thanks, Kazz!! I love that she gave me something that I can use and always remember her when I wear the garment. She has given me so many little treats lately.

  16. I love Ann-Margret’s dancing in Viva Las Vegas, it’s so bonkers and I totally see you doing that in this romper, blimey woman, your legs! They go all the way up….you have a fabulous pair of pins and the world deserves to see them in this romper (and I’m so loving that I’m not the only one that sews zips, hooks and eyes and sleeves in the wrong places and wrong ways….you restore my faith in the ‘pah, whatever, ain’t going to stop me wearing you’ nature of sewists).

    • I’m laughing at your comment about my legs!! I was nicknamed chicken legs for YEARS for having long, stick-like legs. I was so happy when they filled out ;o)

      I love that as a community we don’t let zippers and snaps and hooks being ass backwards stop us from showing off our goods!