Hot! The “Professor Booty” Jumpsuit

Pattern: McCall’s 6362 view A

Year: Current

Fabric: cotton blend dress from the thrift store  $4.99

Notions: zipper from stash

Total Price: $5.50

Wear again?: No-but I will use this pattern again

If my mom saw me wearing this she would be so happy. She never really got my style though over the years she has learned to accept it. I was not the lady she wanted me to be. She wanted feminine and polished and I have always been rough around the edges. I’m not a fan of the fabric but I picked it because it reminded me of a blouse my mom gave me. I think she was tired of me showing up to job interviews looking like I was going to a party. I would wear the blouse with a skirt in a greenish brown color and curl my hair real nice the way she liked it.

I don’t have a photograph to share with you. I’ve only got one and it’s falling apart and my parents are private people so they wouldn’t want me to share one anyway. In the photograph I have my brothers and I are sitting in front of our house with my parents. My mom is wearing brown poly pants and a mustard colored top. Her hair long, thick, and jet black. She looked happy.

I’d love to share some of her story with you but I know she wouldn’t feel comfortable with that so all I will say is that she is from Mexico. She and I have been through a lot over the years. We have landed in a good place-mostly because of an openness to forgive and to move on. I love her more than words can say.

While we were getting ready to photograph this my husband whistled at me and said, “I like those shorts-they hug you in all the right places.”

I turned to him and asked, “Really?” And he said, “No.”

It’s a pretty straightforward piece. Don’t know if I’ll ever wear it again. I went to the fabric store and came home with some really great fabrics and then realized that the projects I had in mind had nothing to do with the challenge. I tried to make a connection somehow but couldn’t so I went to the thrift store and found this-

When I walked up to the cashier I couldn’t believe I was actually going to throw down some money for it. I laid it out on the floor and felt sick. My husband told me to just whip something quick up and get it over with. And so I did. This one’s for you mom! Enjoy the picture cause I’m donating the jumper to The Salvation Army.

As always the photo shoot had to be done in a hurry. I’m on the stage at a friend’s house who does home concerts. They have a screen that pulls down over the window so that they can show movies as well. It was rainy and cold so outdoors was not an option. We took about 10 pictures then I changed quickly and we were out the door to The Avengers movie. I’m not a comic book or movie fan but it was fun.

“Professor Booty” is the title of a Beastie Boys song. I chose it because of the above comments from my hubby and because of the sad news of the passing of Adam Yauch.

Happy Mother’s Day mommas!




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. I thought this was adorable on you when I saw the pics, I’m sad you don’t like it but I do get it : ) Some challenges you just do to get done and move on. Everything you do looks fabulous, I wish I were closer to your size so I could wear your creations!

    • Thanks Loran! I’m hoping this week’s will be more fun. So far so good. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made for this week.

  2. From the pic I think the fit is actually quite nice. Sorry to hear you’re not fond of it, but as Loran said sometimes you just get it done and move on.
    I also saw The Avengers this weekend (apparently a lot of people did, lol) and LOVED IT OF COURSE. I was also a fan of all the lead-up movies too. Did you know Samuel L Jackson has a 9-picture deal as his character Nick Fury? I’m stoked to see what’s next!

    • I have only seen one of the Iron Man movies so that was pretty much my lead in. There was quite a bit of action in this and when I left my ears were shot. The dialogue was great-it was actually pretty funny. I think the best part was going with my friend Monica. She enjoys things on such a different level-its contagious. I think I’d be up to seeing the rest of them if I went with her!

  3. I love this jumper! Your shoes are just the right amount of fierce to set this ensemble off.

    • I felt a bit leggy in this-especially with those shoes. I will definitely make another but will most likely wear sandals. I’m glad you liked the jumper-

  4. I think it looks quite nice on you. Not a fan of the print but it goes great with your shoes.

    • The print is not good but honestly I think if I’d had more time and patience I could have made it work. Would I have worn the finished product? I still don’t think so but I think I would have felt more satisfied.

  5. I may be weird but I like it. Good for you being true to your own style though!

    • Not weird at all! It is pretty I just don’t feel like myself in it. At some point we know ourselves so well and, in my case, have had to fight so hard to give it a voice that going against it is like physical pain. Does that make sense?

      Thanks for the encouragement Charlotte-

  6. When I walked up to the cashier I couldn’t believe I was actually going to throw down some money for it. I laid it out on the floor and felt sick… LOL! ah Gina I laughed so hard. I think you styled it really well and seriously it doesn’t look that bad in the photo, you have a rockin set of pins on you and those shoes are yum. I wonder if your mum likes it? Perfectly titled outfit, RIP Adam Yauch.

  7. You know if I had some of your great jewelry I could have rocked it better. I’m working on it. I’m glad you could see the humor in it. Now that it’s over I can laugh too! Whew! On to next week-

  8. I like it! It looks like something you would wear to a sunny beach. Maybe you should hang on to it, perhaps there’s a vacation for you in the near future.

    • Thanks Barbara-my next trip will be to Memphis. I’ll need to start working on all my Elvis inspired clothing ;) I’ll make another in a different fabric for the beach the “Booty” one is already gone.

  9. I pointedly avoided dealing with family issues via this challenge. So I really admire how you DID deal, even if the “Booty” suit is not a keeper. Onward!

  10. Hi Gina, hilarious to me, I’ve had those same conversations with my mom over the years. But the good news you can make this dress in suede black fabric to go with those great heels.