Hot! The Procrastinator’s Picnic Outfit


The Facts:

Fabric:  Gingham cotton (bought new! call the press),  vintage printed cotton from inherited stash. Cheap interfacing for the waistband (I save the good stuff for more worthy recipients).

Notions: – 2x hook and bars, 6mm elastic. All from stash.

Top Pattern: Simplicity 9827 Year: 1972

Shorts Pattern: (adapted from pants) Butterick 3694 Year: 1986

Time to complete: 8hours

First worn: For photos

Wear again?: The top yes.. the shorts… hmmm. They’re a bit crazy, but a good toile. I’ll make them again in another fabric.

Cost: Top – $8, shorts $0



Procrastination leads to strange outfits my friends. I was originally supposed to use this gingham for the childhood challenge.. with this photo as my inspiration.

oops.. missed that one.

Then I thought I could still use it for the family challenge using these photos of me and mum in our school uniforms (we went to the same school and even had the same 4th grade teacher. cute huh – and see mum… your uniforms were wayyyyyy shorter than you made mine.) ..

oops missed it again. So basically my only hope of making it for this week was to match it to another print, and I really felt like making something ‘not a skirt’… and so these shorts were born. Actually.. in the interest of full disclosure.. they started out as cropped pants. YIKES! what the heck was I thinking.. not so much cute picnic attire as Casey the Clown joins the circus. Which of course is exactly what I look like in the top photo anyway. Ouch! ( x 4.. that’s how many times it bit me) Tomorrow… those ants will pay!

The shorts fit so well I can’t quite believe it. I traced off the size 18 for the crotch and inner leg (yes my bum is that big) and the size 16 for the outer leg (yes my thighs are that big) No other adjustments!.. can you freakin believe that?! And I’ve been putting off pants for so long. – 80’s pants patterns seem to be made for girls with curvy backsides) There is no zipper..the opening is through the left pocket with just hooks and bars. I love that it’s so nice and clean finished that way. Only slight problem is that the difference between my waist and hip means I have to be very careful not to tear the bottom of the pocket opening as I put them on. I did put some reinforcement stitching there.. but even so I may make the pocket opening a bit deeper next time.)

The blouse is a typical peasant blouse with elastic around the neck and arms. (the pattern has a front split and drawcord… but I couldn’t be bothered with it at the time)
I asked my husband whether he’d be seen with me in public in this outfit. He said, ‘Sure….. so long as you’re walking in front or behind me.’ lol.


Casey Sew

Casey Sew joined the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle in 2011 and completed 38 challenges. Casey learned to sew first from her mother, and then during an Advanced Diploma of Fashion course she completed 10 years ago. Her sewing supplies are generally thrifted or vintage passed on by family.


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  1. Casey..
    this whole outfit is tooooo adorable. Tell your hubby to walk beside you coz everyone is going to Love it!!!
    I really like it and it looks adorable on you.. I like it with the shorts too..
    great idea.. Happy sewing.

  2. What a youthful combo! Awfully cute….and such a great homage to the gingham of your family photos. The peasant blouse is especially sweet. I’ve got some pink gingham I might make a peasant blouse out of –great inspiration!

    Nice work on the shorts too… taking advantage of a multi-size pattern to fit your curves is the best trick! I love to do that when I’m lucky enough to work with a multi size pattern with the right sizing range.

    • Thanks Najah.. what’s more perfect than gingham for a peasant blouse! Pink will be super cute.

  3. Go on – you’d wear those shorts maybe with a plain top. They look great. And you know that gingham is the only thing to wear for a picnic.
    Maybe I need to peruse my 80s patterns for some pants.

    • perfect for a picnic indeed.. although someone may mistake me for a tablecloth and set a drink down on me. lol. I’m all about the 80’s pants patterns now! check them out. Not as scary as they sound!

  4. I love the whole thing! If you pair the shorts with a white and blue print you might like them better? I think they look awesome with the pink gingham too though. Awesome job!

  5. How awesome is that print together! I don’t understand why your husband wouldn’t be seen with you in this ensemble. I’m glad the shorts turned out so well. I like them way better than cropped pants!

    • hahahh… oh if you’d seen them as pants. too hilarious for words. Thanks Maddie

  6. Just adorable! I love the fit of both the blouse and the shorts and I actually think they go together very well. Be brave, wear them out and see what happens!

  7. Hi Casey. Great fit on the shorts, they look very comfortable to wear.

  8. I agree with Barbara – wear them out together. Also, I had by-passed the idea of peasant blouses because I thought they might look too ‘little girl’, but yours doesn’t. Great job all up.

  9. Adorable! Such a summery, fun-filled look!

  10. Those shorts! I’m in love with them! Can you imagine an entire dress made of that? What a find!

    • well….not to make you jealous.. but, if I get my act together for 40’s week you may see this print again… In another colourway (nan in law was like that!).. and there’s enough for a dress this time.

  11. Love the whole combo! And you look fantastic in shorts!

    • Oh thank you so much for saying so. You may have noticed that nothing I make is ever above the knee! lol.

  12. Killer job on the shorts Casey. Summery, picnic-perfect outfit.

  13. I love your outfit and your derriere certainly doesn’t look big in them at all!. I was looking for a shorts pattern for my holidays and I am now inspired to use one of my 80’s patterns to make them. Thanks for the idea.

  14. I love the crazy shorts! Great luck with the fitting and good call changing from capris to shorts. Both pieces are totally wearable paired with plainer stuff, if you’re not feeling the picnicky boldness, which I can understand.

  15. Love those shorts, the cut is beautiful. And I totally approve of you buying that NEW material for your top, it’s well worth it, sometimes you need a little pick-me-up splurge. Shame on the husband not wanting to walk beside a beautiful lady in confident prints, shame! ;)