Hot! The “Pinkadot Power” Frock

The "Pinkadot Power" Frock

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton poplin (dress), organic cotton batiste (lining)
Pattern: Same as the Birdless Garden Tour and Make My Lucky Day dresses
Year: Contemporary

Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Time to complete: 26 hours
First worn: For a full day of work and errands
Wear again? Yes
Total Price: $30

It is nice to be back after my weekly sewing intermission.

Real life — going on outside my sewing room — had experienced some serious neglect after thirteen weeks, so I spent some time with it (life, I mean) and started working on ways to sew more efficiently (er, less obsessively).

For this week’s Tickled Pink Challenge, I sewed a rerun dress to ease myself back into things. However, this time I lined it. As usual, I underestimated how long that would take and what it would involve, being my first, fully lined dress and all. I enjoyed the experience though. So many construction mysteries were solved. I kinda feel like I can do anything after lining a dress. That powerful feeling you get when you learn something new is what makes me get so intense about sewing.

It’s difficult to see in the photos, so here is a close up of the fabric. It’s covered in tiny pink, orange, and yellow square dots. Two shades of pink dots dominate the print, hence the made-up word in the title.

Closeup of the "Pinkadot Power" Frock

I took some time to refine the fit of this pattern a bit more by raising the armhole and taking in the princess seam near the front armhole (with a couple of bodice-only muslins). That area of a garment– where side bust (dart) meets armhole and front shoulder – is often tricky to fit, especially when you are proportionally petite (short distance between top and bottom of armhole) and have a D cup bust like moi. But, I think I nailed it this time. Which means, this custom-fitted hybrid dress pattern, now in its third iteration, is officially a TNT! I shall be celebrating that by making this dress again (perhaps with sleeves and/or a different skirt style) very soon.

The "Pinkadot Power" Frock

I finished the dress late Thursday night, put it on first thing Friday morning, and wore it all day. It felt comfortable and a bit more modest thanks to the anti-cleavage adjustment I made to the widen the bodice overlap.

The "Pinkadot Power" Frock

It also felt quite pretty to wear. The young lady who bagged up my groceries at the market thought so too. After I merely said “Thank you!” to her compliment, my husband leans over to her and says, “She made it” like he’d just let her in on a secret. Pretending I didn’t hear all this, I casually walked out the sliding doors while the market girl said something like “Really?! Wow!”.

The "Pinkadot Power" Frock

I know a dress is a winner when it gets compliments (and unsolicited publicity) less than eight hours after leaving the ironing board ;-). I even think that the color pink is growing on me. Outside of the cardigan I’m wearing above (which is a bit more coral than true pink), this dress is the only pink (well, partially pink anyway) garment in my wardrobe! If my spring/summer wardrobe palette works out, the pink power in my closet might go up a notch.

The "Pinkadot Power" Frock

I’m still catching up on all the goodness folks have made these past few weeks, so don’t be surprised to see me posting some belated comments of admiration and envy. I definitely missed you guys.

Thanks for looking.



Najah Carroll is a project manager by day and seamstress by night. Once it became clear that ready-to-wear was never gonna support her five feet of curves, she taught herself to sew and make pattern alterations. In January, she lost her mind by signing up for this 52-week garment sewing challenge.


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  1. Yes! You’re back! I meant to say hello on your fab post about sewing vs. life balance, but sewing got in the way haha. LOVE that your husband is making sure you’re getting the credit you’re due.

    • Ha! I’m glad you read my post and went back to sewing…how else would I be able to enjoy your splendor each week if you didn’t prioritize sewing over silly blog comments? ;-).

  2. Najah’s back!!! We missed you : ) And what a fabulous dress to boot. LOVE the pattern, may have to try it myself since I think we’re close in the size category. I thought of you as I was cleaning my sewing room, hoping you were able to do the same. That pic of you in the sweater is my favorite : ) Welcome back!

    • I missed, you too Loran. Sew sappy are we!

      I’d be awesome if you tried S2217. I’m dying to see it someone else…on you it’d be devine.

      Thanks for the love. I did tidy up the sewing room, by the way. I enjoyed the 2 hours it lasted ;-).

  3. Love the fabric. Looks so nice in that pattern. The adjustments are nicely done. Husband is sweet.

  4. Najah–so wonderful to see you again! And in this lovely garment as well… a double treat!

  5. Welcome back, gorgeous!! You look sooooo pretty here!! I love both of the ways you’ve styled it, too. Hubby gets a BIG thumbs up for being your sewing promoter!!

    • Hey, Nettie…you gave me a brown-cheek blush with your compliments. So glad you like the dress too. Mr. Carroll is great at telling the world about my talents when I’m too humble to.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration – super cute dress!

  7. I am so envious of your sewing skills. And your cuteness! You are adorable!

    • Hey, Shannon. Thank you.

      My sewing skills have grown exponentially in the 4+ months I’ve been doing this thing…but alas, I’m still a noob working my way through the garment sewing basics. smooth cap set-in sleeves, button holes, and zipper flys. Once I figure those out, I’ll consider myself graduated from an advanced beginner to an intermediate sewer.

  8. This dress is beautiful. and I am so happy that your hubby bragged on your making the dress to the sales clerk..Yea for him.. So happy of your out come. Happy sewing.

    • My husband is my biggest fan. He’s so convincing, sometimes I forget that he’s biased.

      Thanks for the enthusiastic support!

  9. The dress looks fantastic! Great job with the fit!

  10. Fantastic fit! I love the print and then pairing it with the coral cardigan. Love it!

    • Thank you, Adri. The cardiagan (as usual) was an afterthought…am very glad it turned out to be JUST the thing.

  11. Yay! Back and knocked it out! Love the print, love the pattern, you did an awesome job!! I love lined garments, they just feel more “complete” somehow.

    • Totally know what you mean about linings….I want to line everything now, but it’s just not practical given my turtle rate of sewing. So, I’ll line the special things.

  12. Naja! I’ve been so looking forward to your return! You’ve been missed, as you might have guessed from the above comments. Love your dress and the fact that you have really taken the time to get it to fit so perfectly. Also congrats on doing such a fine lining job. I just finished lining a dress, and I agree that it just makes it feel more finished. It even feels better to wear.

    • All the missing of me has given me fuzzy-wuzzies inside. Thanks for sharing your sentiments, too, Barbara. The dress is hanging at the front of my closet, facing out so I see it every time I open the doors…just knowing it fits and is comfortably and completely lined makes me smile. ;-)

  13. Great fabric, great fit. So cute. :)

    • Thanks, Erin! Just trying to keep up with the rest of you sewing magicians. I’ve always admire how well tailored your garments are.

  14. it’s wonderful, and i am glad your sewing week brought you relaxation and then back to the sewing table :-)

  15. This dress is fantastic. I am so inspired to make similar dresses!

  16. I love how you styled the dress, which is very pretty on you

    • Thanks, Charlotte. Styling something I just made is sometimes nerve wrecking for me (what if I don’t have anything to wear with it?!), but this dress acted like it was destined to join my wardrobe ;-).

  17. You look so pretty in that dress, so lady like. All you need is apair of white gloves, lol.

    • Ha! White gloves might be just what this dress wants. It does seems to beg for some classy, vintage accessories. But, I’m not brave enough to rock a fully-decked out vintage look in public. Who knows, though…if any place could convert me, it’d be The Sew Weekly ;-).

      Thanks, Aiesha!