Hot! The Maybe Not Mash Up


Fabric: light navy cotton from stash, BurdaStyle dress seen here

Pattern: Top: Butterick 4685, BurdaStyle dress

Year: 2011

Notions: elastic, thread

Time to complete: 5 hours altogether

First worn: yesterday for pictures

Wear again: Top: Yes definitely!  Skirt: Meh.

Total Price: $0

Friends, in doing this challenge, I learned something very important about myself: I do not like to put patterned garments together.  I like having one bold color piece and one patterned piece in an outfit, but two patterned pieces makes me feel like an impostor. I am a huge fan of the amazing ladies that can pull it off, but I don’t have the confidence to make it work in public.

So this face pretty much says it all when I attempted to combine these two pieces into an outfit.

I decided to work with separates since I knew that if it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, I could still wear these pieces independently of each other. Besides, I desperately need more separates in my wardrobe, and these are definitely cake pieces.

The top was a total breeze to put together!  I added lace a la View A of this top but then I hated and ripped it out with my hands.  So no lace, no bows – just letting the oblong dots shine. I love the lightweight cotton – it’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming humid weather that will hit Chicago in the next few weeks.  We’re getting a taste of it today, and I am currently wearing this shirt and it’s easy and breezy in here. I may need to make more of these to wear around the apartment – all the windows make it a little greenhouse-y in here.

Now onto the skirt…

The skirt was part of the BurdaStyle dress I made as part of the BurdaStyle Sewing Book.  I never got over my loathing of that dress and it was taking up valuable space in my closet.  So I chopped off the skirt, made a waistband facing and stitched it all up.  The only problem is – I still don’t know if I like it.  I might not like it right now because it’s flannel so I’ll check again in the winter – if I still hate it then, it’s going into the clothes swap pile.

Overall, I’m glad I participated in this challenge because it made me realize my aversion to multi patterned outfits and it forced me to make this amazing blouse!  Now I need to confront why so many of my Me Made garments are blue, but that’s a thought for another day…

Have a great day all!


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. Love the blouse.. so cute..

  2. I totally agree about the mixing of two prints. It can look great, but I do not feel comfortable in it. You did end up with two nice piece, though.

  3. I totally think they work together! I would wear the heck out of both of those. Maybe if you add a wide black belt it will help break them up a little? You might like them more slightly separated. They totally rock as-is though.

  4. Oh for goodness sake what a face Meg. Meh. I think the blouse is great and Liz suggestion of a wide belt sounds like a cool way to mix the two.

  5. Love the face! I’m with you about mixing patterns. I totally admire it, but do not/can not participate. I like both of those garments. I’m especially loving the shirt. Glad you posted this.

  6. That blouse is gorgeous,I want one! The skirt may grow on you. Personally I think they look fine together but if you’re not comfortable wearing them together then it will show.

  7. Well you had a go! Love the top and the oblong dots – would totally wear that on a humid Sydney day x

  8. I love the blouse. I have to admit I wouldn’t wear the skirt and the blouse together either…I am not much of a print mixing person either although I have the feeling it’s easier to pull off mixing prints if one combines them in one garment. At least, no one can suspect you of having ACCIDENTALLY combined prints that one would usually not combine but it is totally clear that this was done on purpose. ;)