Hot! The ‘Magenta’ Pendrell top

The Facts

Fabric Deep pink slippery shiney synthetic knit from stash
Pattern Sewaholic Pendrell top
Year 2011?
Notions Thread
Time to complete  3 hours?
First worn This weekend
Wear again?  Definitely
Total price  Not including the pattern, all free from stash.


 I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey…

I will keep this brief because I am suffering. Entirely self inflicted I’m afraid, but well worth the pain. I have just returned from a fabulous, messy and totally decadent weekend away. The in-laws finally offered to have our children over night so Mr T and I decided to make the most of our first child-free time in nearly two years by booking a night in a hotel. But not just any hotel. This hotel.


However some of you may recognise it better here.

As a treat to my husband we checked into the hotel where his favourite film, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, was filmed. It is only fitting then that I named this top the ‘Magenta’ Pendrell, after one of the characters. And it is actually Magenta coloured, or near enough.
The fabric is some kind of synthetic, not very stretchy but very drapey and sort of shiney knit, and was the only pink stuff in my stash that I was ready to use. This is not my first Pendrell – that was a black satin disaster made back in the dark days of last year when the images in my head of what I wanted to create bore very little relation to what occurred. Learning from all my mistakes with that version and with the help of the Sewalong on the Sewaholics site this construction was fairly trouble free. Oh, I did realise while cutting that I only had enough fabric for one sleeve. They are supposed to be made from a doubled over circular shape, with the fold where the hem would be, if you see what I mean. I could have missed off the sleeves but I really wanted to make version A because I love the pleat detail and I think it is the most flattering style for a chunky armed pear like myself. Anyway I got around it by cutting the sleeve piece in half and hemming it. Actually I had to completely ignore grainlines, etc to fit all the other pieces out of the fabric.  I also forgot to leave any for the bias binding, but I think I just about got away with a very narrow hem (? – I’m sure there is some technical name for this?? but in my current state I can’t think).

Anyway, I am pleased with how it turned out. It is very soft and drapey, but skims the curves rather than clinging. I wore it for a walk round the gardens and along the river. The hotel is on the river in Windsor, and it is so beautiful there that the rain didn’t matter. In the summer you can hire a boat and the hotel will make you up a luxury picnic hamper to take out with you. After our walk we had a swim in the pool then retired to the bar for cocktails – I had no idea there was a Rocky Horror cocktail but if anyone wants the recipe it is here. I probably shouldn’t have mixed it with Mojitos, or Espresso Martinis, or several pints of Kronenbourg, but you have to make the most of those brief moments of freedom, don’t you.




Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. Very lovely blouse and I love the details at the sleeves!

  2. Love that colour and fit on you. I was waiting for you to say the inflicted pain was from doing too many pelvic thrusts, after the jumps to the left, and the steps to the right….because surely you did the Time Warp at some point during the weekend? I know I would.

    • Cheers Tempest! Rest assured there was much Time-Warping, as well as banister sliding, much to the annoyance of the concierge.

  3. That’s a great color on you! Very pretty. It sounds like a fun getaway!

    • Thanks Jennifer! It was great to get away. Planning another one soon if only to get some good back drops for my photos.

  4. Love the color, and the story, and your backdrop and everything about this post. Great top! :)

  5. Fantastic blouse! And what a hilarious connection to your vacation spot! Love it.

    • Cheers Liz! I’m scanning the upcoming challenges to see if I can justify another break in order to get some topical pictures. Not sure if that’s how it’s meant to work though…

  6. Love your blouse, its dressy and casual all at the same time.

    • Thanks Aiesha, definitely have a couple more of these in the pipeline. As you said, it can be dressy or casual so it’s really versatile.

  7. I LOVE IT! I love your Pendrell almost as much as I love your vacation destination – too too fun!! That color is positively fabulous ;)

  8. Thanks Meg! It was a fabulous vacation, highly recommended, and I must admit I do love this colour too. And Pendrell is an absolute dream to sew.