Hot! The “Mademoiselle” Dress


The Facts

Fabric: Tweed from Hanoi (gifted!), ultra soft acetate lining
Pattern: I used my bodice block but you can try Very Easy Vogue 8147
Year: Timeless!
Notions: Invisible zip
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: April 2012
Wear again? Definitely yes, especially to work!
Total price: USD 2 (only paid for invisible zip and lining)


A friend returned from Hanoi with these lovely tweed that screams Chanel! It has been sitting my stash for about a year and The Pink Challenge came just in time. It was a choice between a classic Chanel or another pink number from Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 collection. I wanted the focus to be on the fabric so I choose to make a classic shift dress derived from my bodice block.


I made use of the selvage for the hem and lined the dress with concealed lining. A Chanel dress is never complete without some trimmings, which I have yet to be able to find in the local stores. I will definitely sew on additional trimmings along the armhole and hem to complete the Chanel look!

More of the dress story on my blog :)



Educator; Musician; Leisure Seamstress I have always wanted to turn bundles of cloths to wearable pieces since young. It was finally a dream come true in February 2010 when I began my lessons at Kadomay. No turning back ever since! I love colours, cheongsams, lace, dresses, anything aesthetically pleasing. I don’t believe in ready paper patterns. I draft my own patterns. I love to feel, see, smell and touch cloths. I love the sound produced when you cut a piece of fabric (with a pair of sharp scissors of course). My dress-making motto Minimalist, sophisticated, elegant, to be worn at any time of day (Coco Chanel)


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  1. Oh, I LOVE this fabric! A simple dress makes it stand out wonderfully.

    • Thank you Erin! Yes, the fabric is to die for!!! I often tell my friend that I won lottery and bought myself a Chanel dress. Haha.

  2. Gorgeous fabric! It turned into a lovely dress!

  3. Very nice! I adore tweed.

    • Thank you GoodbyeNavi! I love how tweed makes everything looks polished and Chanel-esque but it’s just a tad warm and sometimes very humid to be wearing tweed in Singapore.

  4. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the fabric is perfect. I am very jealous!

    • Thank you Taracat! And don’t be! I’m sure you will be able to find some lovely tweed too. Or if you are planning a holiday, you can consider visiting Hanoi (Vietnam) and the fabric market (Cho Hom). It’s heaven! They are all start from around USD 2/metre and most of the fabrics are 55″ wide. That was where my friend got the fabric.

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL fabric! Great job on the whole thing. Very chic.

    • Thank you SullyLiz3! I would love to abide by what Coco Chanel said about the LBD, “minimalist, sophisticated, elegant, to be worn at any time of day”! It applies to every single piece of my handmade wardrobe too.

  6. Love that tweed, such a pretty colour and you’ve made it into something really beautiful in its simplicity.

    • Thank you Tempestdevyne! Shift dresses are one of the easies to wear. I’m planning to make more with other printed fabrics.