Hot! The ‘Luck Mix’ top

I was a little unsure about this theme. While I quite like patchwork and quilting, the idea of walking around wearing a doona does not appeal (although in this weather…). I decided to be game and had a good sort through my patterns and fabrics before deciding it was all hopeless and it would just simply not happen.

I happened to spot a simple little top in an old Burda magazine and had another rummage through my fabrics and came up with two pieces of fabric. Piece one was leftovers from my ‘MadethatLook’ dress and Piece two was a small L-shaped piece of fabric that I had picked up for a dollar at the op shop without realising that there wasn’t as much there as I would have hoped.

The pieces were of a similar fabric weight and feel and it took a while to convince myself that they would work together. The pattern went together very well. I left off the lower back darts and left out the zip completely. This meant that the neck hole was just big enough to get over my head but when I added the neck facings I found that I was likely to rip my ears off at some point when removing the top.

This was fixed by a quick slice straight down the centre of the back. I used a cute chequered bias tape to cover this and used it on the sleeves too.  I dug through my stash looking for a black button but found instead a white button with a metal edge which looked perfect. I then spent a lifetime sewing the loop for the button. Ok it probably didn’t help that I was surfing the net at the time, but that fiddly little job seemed to take forever.

French seams and a rolled hem seem to be my speciality at present. It is a fairly subtle print combination but the more I try it on, the more I feel it looks right. It was lucky to have some leftover fabric. It was lucky to have bought the scrap. And it was lucky to find a simple pattern in which they both worked well. If I knew how to spell serendipidity, I’d use that word but I’m not sure so I’ll just call it my Lucky Mix.

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: georgette (?) two pieces – leftovers and a scrap
⁃ Pattern: Burda WOF 2/99 pattern 116
⁃ Year: 1999
⁃ Notions: leftover bias tape and thread, 1 button
⁃ Time to complete: 4 hours plus the lifetime of handsewing
⁃ First worn: for the photo
⁃ Wear again? yes! when the weather is warm
⁃ Total price: $1



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. I know what you mean re: thread loops. One of the first things I ever sewed needed a thread loop on the back like yours, and I must have unripped that things 5 times! It still isn’t perfect, but I just got sick of doing it.

    I had that same issue of Burda and just gave it away. Boo!

    • I can’t give away my Burdas – they just have too many good things that eventually are just what I am wanting.
      This is about the best loop I have ever done though.

  2. That looks like a winner Jen! I think you will wear it lots in the warmer weather

  3. Dualing black and white prints…cool mix up! I think the yoke breaks at just the right spot on your chest…. makes for a great way to feature the two prints. Nice.

    • The original pattern was all just one plain colour but I thought it would work well for this challenge. Thank you :-)

  4. Hi Jennifer, way to go girl and to boot USB your boundaries. I think you look fab and I love the little extra detail on the back opening.

  5. Awesome print combo! For some reason I want to see it paired with medium to large diagonal black and white stripes on a skirt. Hmmmm….I wonder if that would be too much.

    • I saw Kazz’s skirt after reading this and thought that you might be onto something. I’ll keep it in mind :-D

  6. Black and white prints? love it! my favourite blend of prints in general. Winning combo Jen.

    • Cheers Kazz – I’m keeping an eye out for fabric like you used in your skirt as I think I could do something with it going on SullyLiz3’s suggestion.

  7. Great easy wear top Jen. It’s not uncommon that I discover I’ve bought a tiny scrap when I get home from the op shop too. Hate how some of them bundle them up in tape so you can’t really check it out. Great idea on the back split with button. I’m so hopeless at handwork.. I’d have made a self fabric rouleaux loop just to avoid it. haha.

    • I’ve had so many great pieces of fabric from the op shops that I’ll forgive them the little pieces on occasions. Do you know, I never even thought to do a rouleaux loop? daft!

  8. Lucky indeed! Isn’t it fun when what you have on hand pushes you to try something you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of? Cool mix of black and white prints and I love the little button.

    • I rarely go out and buy fabric and pattern at the same time. I just collect each independently and hope that I’ll find a match. Some work and some don’t but I do like it when you find out you have greater creativity than you thought.