Hot! The “Liberty” Tie


The Facts
Fabric: 3/4 yard Liberty Tana lawn from B&J Fabrics
Pattern: free pattern from The Purl Bee, shortened 5 1/2 inches in the middle piece
Year: 2009/2011
Notions: interfacing
Time to complete: about 4 hours or so
First worn: 4/29
Total cost: about $30

Presenting step one in my attempt to introduce some menswear elements into my wardrobe.  Of course, there’s nothing masculine about this small-scale pink floral Liberty print, even though I think it would look fantastic on any man.  I’ve always liked a pink dress shirt, and a pink tie takes it to the next level.  I know it’s an accessory not a garment, but I’ve been working on a long overdue dress for my daughter this week and wanted to stay in the game here at the SW.  I chose what I thought would be a quick project for myself.  Naturally I underestimated the fiddliness and the hand sewing, which is to say, this little strip of fabric took me a while.  I’m quite proud of the proper looking result.  The Purl pattern and instructions are great.  I’m hoping to eke out a hat, or at least some hat parts, from the leftover Liberty bits.

In my effort to make sure that the tie looked like it was for me, not my dad, I may have shortened it a bit too much.  I do owe thanks to my dad, who let me fool around endlessly with his ties when I was a kid.  He still wears a tie every day, and miraculously I still know how to tie one.  Dad wouldn’t approve of this rumpled, dandy outfit– especially on a woman– though.  Oh well, can’t please everyone.  I wore it Sunday to a totally inappropriate casual event, my daughter’s soccer game, and no one looked even remotely askance.  I love Brooklyn; you can wear ANYTHING here.  Since my style is pretty buttoned up anyways, I felt comfortable, even powerful, like I was wearing a cool uniform or armor or something.  Yeah, I’m liking the tie.



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. It’s really sweet and so well made!

  2. I like that- cool armor. :)

  3. Ha yes, I’ve seen those patterns for ties described as ‘easy gift’!

    • It’s definitely not hard, just more time-consuming than I had in mind. If you stress over fiddly stuff, then no, it’s not easy or fun.

  4. I have a similar love affair with ties. Beautiful job!

  5. I’d love to see a hat in this fabric! These little pieces are a smart alternative for me, because I’m always hesitant to spend enough money to make a whole Liberty dress.

    • No kidding. I hope some day I’ll be confident enough to splurge for a dress. Maybe by the end of the year. But I won’t pick a voluminous design!

  6. Fantastic work! It looks very sharp. I love the print.

  7. A fresh perspective on the theme! Never would I relate pink and tie/menswear together!

  8. Fab tie. I used to wear tons of ties in the 80s….I think seeing yours I might have to bring that back into my wardrobe.

    • Oh, you should! You looked fab yourself in your tuxedo shirt and dangling bow tie. I’d love to copy that look.

  9. Ties are not as easy as they look! I once made a silk tie for a young man to match my daughter’s prom outfit. It’s an interesting process. I had to research the internet for just the right tutorial. Your’s looks so cute! Great job!

  10. Yay! I love Liberty prints, especially these tiny florals. Have a few in the stash. A tie – what a brilliant way to stay in the game – I think I am going to do the same next week – due to a lack of family photos! Cute Lee! And your neighbourhood sounds very cool and relaxed. I saw a mum at school pick up this week in Pyjama pants!! Another mum had her cat in her bag!! I took photos I was so shocked. Guess you can’t wear anything in my neighbourhood!! Maybe I need to get over myself!

    • Lucky you, with a Liberty stash. I see pajama pants in public often and I’m always shocked. I think you’re right, though, the key is to get over ourselves and wear whatever we want since we can get away with it!

  11. Your tie is adorable! I’ve added two to my wardrobe this year and love them. Keep in mind that modern men wear their ties WAY too long, they shouldn’t cover the belt buckle (and many think they hide their paunch but hah! not so…) You can always tie it so the back isn’t as long. Isn’t it amazing how skills we learned as a kid seem to stay with us? Good job keeping up with the challenge, a FINE example of “make it work” indeed : )

  12. Thank you, ladies!

  13. Lee, it’s fantastic :) I love the way you rock this tie with a pink shirt – totally fabulous ensemble!