Hot! The Land Girls Overalls


Fabric: Denim curtain from an antique store, $10

Pattern: EvaDress Pattern 4536, $20

Year: 1940s

Notions: seven buttons, thread

Time to complete: 8 hours altogether

First worn: today for pictures

Wear again: Definitely!

Total Price: $30

Friends, when the lovely Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones asked me to be part of That’s Sew Cinematic, I was crazy excited.  I was in the middle of watching Land Girls on Netflix and I KNEW that I needed to make overalls.  I started assembling the pieces and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I stumbled into an antique store that I found this fabulous denim curtain.  I had originally been looking for a canvas material, but was completely unable to come up with anything similar.  When I saw this huge denim curtain was only $10, I knew that I could definitely adapt my ideas for the right price :)

Before I actually began cutting out this pattern last weekend, I freaked out. This would be the first 1940s pattern I had ever worked on, and while the EvaDress directions were very clear and good, I was worried that I was going to mess it up.  So, in order to calm my nerves a bit, I had some wine and then got to cutting. I am seriously lucky that everything turned out without weird holes.  I was also worried that sewing through denim was going to kill my sewing machine – it doesn’t do well with thick fabrics. Thankfully, it’s still running well and I didn’t break a single denim needle!  I consider that quite the accomplishment since I usually break a needle on most projects.

I spent a good portion of the eight hours of this project on fitting these overalls to my figure.  I cut out the largest size because I was panicking that there would be enough to make adjustments in the seams.  I also added four inches to the length of the pants (a good thing since the hem is only 3/4″ – I feel rather like a giant).  I ended up taking out 1 1/2″ out of the sides, but I was still glad for the safety net I had added while cutting.  Once I got to sewing, and then to the fitting, I was exceptionally pleased that I had chosen this project.  Trying to tackle the fit was a bit tricky, since I had to fit both my bottom and top and I wanted a more fitted look overall.  These overalls were also a serious trust exercise in my relationship as I had to rely on my boyfriend quite a bit to mark up the back of the overalls for the overlap.

Pardon the little white threads in the buttonholes -I had just finished these 10 minutes before and was too excited to remember to cut those out.  I used large white buttons from my stash for both the back buttons and front strap buttons. I was able to spread the back buttons out due to their size and this makes me feel more secure about the low vent that’s being closed.  I’m also a large fan of the back belt – it didn’t line up exactly with the third button due to their new positioning, but I think it works well enough.  I used navy thread for all seam and top stitching as I didn’t want these to stand out – I was going for simplicity with this garment and I wanted the overall shape to stand out most.

I am so glad I got over my initial fears of working with denim and 1940s patterns.  I love these overalls as they are comfortable, easy to lounge in, and have very spacious pockets :) Perfect for a day out about town!


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. So amazing! You look terrific, Meg, and have inspired me to make a pair for myself!

  2. You look ready to gather the eggs in the hen house! Very cute! I’m impressed with you sewing skills this week.

  3. Very cool Megan, they look terrific on I’m inspired to give denim a try. I love your overalls.

  4. Lovely, the aged fabric is perfect as are the buttons down the back!

  5. Meg, this is great pattern and you look so adorable x

  6. Well I think your boyfriend has proved that he can be trusted when marking up patterns from the back. You look smashing and a perfect fit too well done Meg.

  7. I saw your thumbnail and thought you’d made a collette parfait. The neckline looks identical! I love your overalls! The giant buttons are the shiz and I love those little tucks at the waist.

  8. I love your fitted 40s overalls! What a cute pattern. I wish I could drink and cut successfully.

  9. I’m just getting into Land Girls myself, and I love your overalls. They are just so adorable! I have a similar pattern and now I think I must tackle it.

  10. Cute overalls! Love the buttons on the back. And thanks for leading me to EvaDress Pattern. I didn’t know this one yet – found another opportunity to spend my money. Yay.

  11. Love these overalls and love the Land Girls. You look so happy in them and I love anyone who works with curtains :) Fab stuff!

  12. How cute! LOVE the buttons : ) I’ve never heard of Land Girls but there seems to be so much enthusiasm for it I’ll see if we can’t Netflix it, thanks!

  13. I totally love these! You look so cute in them too!