Hot! The “Hot Summers in the City” Dress

Fabric: PolySilks

Pattern: Issey Miyake Vogue1238

Year: 2011

Notions: Thread

Time to Complete:  9 Hours – 3 tracing & cutting pattern, 6 sewing

First worn: For Photos, but I think I will wear it to my friend’s wedding

Wear again? Yes, hot weather is finally here!

Total Price: $32.50 – Fabric was $30, Notions were $2.50

I managed to shop fabrics before I had to be out of town for 2 weeks. I started my “Mix It Up” project on Sunday, hoping to finish it in 1 day but I was beat from flying. This dress is perfect for the “Hot Summers in the City”. Somehow I managed to make even the easy patterns more complicated. I love the 2 fabrics I’d picked up for the project, it just took me forever to figure out the placement of the pieces so I could get the layout I wanted.

Fabric Before Cutting

Here is a picture of the main fabric before I cut it. In order to figure out the placement of the pattern pieces I traced the pattern pieces on the fold and created a full flat piece and also made full duplicates of all the pieces that called for 2 to be cut.

This was a fun pattern and pretty straight forward. Every piece had stay stitching which I discovered helps the fabric holds its shape and creates a soft drape of the garment. With all the curves it took awhile to pin and baste plus I serged all the edges to keep it tidy.

Close Up of the Mix of Fabrics

Close Up of the Mix of Fabrics

I thought I would highlight how my one fabric actually had two patterns, one with flowers and secondary the horizontal fading lines.

I cut the collar and arm bands from the horizontal stripes to highlight this fact. Then on the collar I added one of the fancy stitches that ties in my second geometrical fabric.

Overall, I’m pretty excited to have this added to my wardrobe. I want to add a jacket and a fierce pair of shoes to complete the ensemble.

Geometric Stitch - Collar Detail

Geometric Stitch - Collar Detail









The "Hot Summers in the City" Dress Fanned Front View

The "Hot Summers in the City" Dress Front View

The "Hot Summers in the City" Dress Back View

The "Hot Summers in the City" Dress Back Vieww




Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. I absolutely adore your dress, it’s fabulous!

    • Hi Karen, thank you very much. I went back to the same fabric store to buy for the next challenge and they loved the dress too, they didn’t think the 2 fabrics worked together, but after seeing it in person they loved it.

  2. Awesome job. The two prints go well together.

  3. It was clearly worth your time spent figuring out the placement of the prints. The dress is striking!

  4. This is fantastic! The shape of it! True Issey Miyake (my Mum and I have been fans for years)! The fabric and the work on the print placement! I can’t stop looking at it and just thinking you’ve done such a great job!

  5. I love the drape on this dress, I’m certainly going to put this pattern on my to-do list, love it! Great choice of fabrics too.

    • Hi Kazz, thank you so much. I’m really glad we had this challenge, it definitely pushed me to try something different. The best part when I wore it to work, my co-workers asked if I got at Anthropology.

  6. What a fantastic dress! I really like how the patterns play off each other and it looks great on you.

    • Thanks PepperReed. I search quite awhile to pick the fabrics, I wanted to work together but not in a to obvious way.

  7. Beautiful shape and choice of fabric. Well done!

  8. Krista this is so gorgeous. The care and effort you took to the placement of pattern pieces to get the best cut is truly inspiring. And you look fantastic in it. Wow!

  9. What stunning fabric – Ideal pattern for displaying it too. You’ll look so elegant at your friend’s wedding

  10. Gorgeous!!! I love the sheen and print of the fabric!

    • Thanks Nettie, polysilks was a new fabric for me, I’m glad the sheen showed in the photos, it’s why I picked the fabric.

  11. WOW! This looks great. Nice job of combining the patterns and prints. I like the drape of the outer piece.

  12. Cool! Those colors really pop and I love the large-scale design and the draping.

    • Thanks Lee, I loved the challenge this week, I would have never intentionally mixed fabrics like this. I can also see this pattern done in a mix of solids, but it won’t be this year, I’m barely keeping up with the weekly challenge.

  13. Hi Barbara, nice to hear from you, thank you. I was really happy with the drape, I think the key was staystitching each curve.

  14. You should totally be wearing this down the runway! (Before or after the wedding, of course). Great work, Krista…all of your careful construction paid off because the dress is stunning.

  15. This is an amazing piece, I love the way you combined the prints!

  16. Hi Loran, thank you very much. I love this dress, I really like the fabric a lot, definately expanding my typical fabrics. Before SewWeekly I mainly stayed with cottons.