Hot! The “Heidi’s All Mixed Up” Dress

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

BurdaStyle Heidi Pattern
The Facts
Cotton floral and polka dot calico prints
BurdaStyle Heidi (modified bodice) with dirndl skirt


Bias tape, interfacing, invisible zipper

Time to complete: 
6 hours

First worn: 
At photoshoot

Wear again? 
Perhaps to a place where fruity cocktails are served
Total Price: 

For this week’s Mix it Up challenge, I combined polka dot and floral calico prints to sew up a variation of BurdaStyle’s Heidi dress. My Heidi’s got princess seams instead of darts and a gathered vs. seamed, straight skirt.

Calico Print Swatches

Heidi is ready for some fun!

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

But, where is she going?

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

Maybe she’s headed to a Long Island Iced Tea party?

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

Or maybe she’s off to play hostess at an outdoor karaoke jam with bake sale afterwards.

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

Heidi’s too cute to decide. Where do YOU think Heidi’s going?

The "Heidi's All Mixed Up" Dress

Thanks for looking.



Najah Carroll is a project manager by day and seamstress by night. Once it became clear that ready-to-wear was never gonna support her five feet of curves, she taught herself to sew and make pattern alterations. In January, she lost her mind by signing up for this 52-week garment sewing challenge.


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  1. I think she’s going ANYWHERE, because she rules!

    • Really? Anywhere? Cause I had the feeling Heidi might be too sappy-sweet for most settings. Like, if I wore it to the office (a business casual, laregely techie environment), folks would be weirded out by all of the fun I’d be oozing. I definitely wouldn’t wear it to work with that striped blazer…a flash mob might break out!

      Glad you dig it, Vicki.

  2. I love the two calico prints you chose! They are so fresh and happy. And the dress is adorable! You really made me like the pattern with your mods – the princess seams are really flattering. Great job!

    • Thanks, Adri.

      This challenge was great inspiration for combining some of the tempting cotton prints I see on the walls of my local fabric store. I’m always curious to see how calico/quilting cottons turn out as garments – they’re so affordable and plentiful, but best made up in garments that don’t require much drape. Though the floral print was surprising light weight, almost a batiste weight — came in handy when gathering the skirt.

      The original pattern had pleats at the bust (my post said darts, but I meant pleats). A single pleat right in the middle of the curviest part of my body wasn’t the best idea… princess seams were the better choice for me. I too think the pattern sews up better this way!

  3. Great prints! So fun and vivid, and delicious colours! The fit is beautiful too.

    • Thank you. Delicious is a good word to describe the colors…you’re so right. Every time I look at the dress, I want to eat dessert!

  4. Naaaaaajaaaaaah!!!! I want this dress!!!! It looks like something adorable ModCloth would sell. I might have to steal your idea and ‘Make Najah’s Look’ so I can look all cute and summery! ;)

    • So glad you like it…and with such enthusiasm!

      I spend a lot of time scolling ModCloth’s pages, so there’s a strong likelihood they influenced the making of this Heidi variation. I posted swatches and links to the fabric in the hopes someone else would be drawn to them like I was. If you use the prints, I MUST be the first to know! Thanks for the love.

  5. I love this! I often make clothes with quilting cottons…they are washable!
    If you worked in theatre this would be great at work!

    • Thanks, Virginia. (Your name is also my residency…heheh). Yeah, I’ve used a handful of quilting cottons in my garments this year. They’re hard to resist. But if whatever I’m making can handle the medium weight, and lack of drape, then a quilting cotton is fair game.

  6. So cute!! I love it!

  7. Are those pockets??? And I agree, this definitely looks like a ModCloth dress. Very perky dress. Love it!

  8. This is A-fricken-DORABLE! I really love it, and it kind of makes me second guess my thoughts on using quilting cotton!

    • Glad I could help you reconsider them. I’m surprised you resisted them this long…don’t the prints and colors just call out to you!? I know the hand and drape of quilting cottons can be kind of meh, but when don’t really care about drape…they are perfectly decent option for garmentry. Thanks for the compliments, Tina!.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I always thought this pattern was a bit ‘meh’, but you have shown how much potential it has.

    • I know what you mean about this pattern. Scrolling through the photos on BurdaStyle of folks’ Heidi variations was kinda uninspiring. My favorite versions are the one’s people modified significantly. Sewn up as-is, those front pleats are simply distracting on most figures. But, the NECKLINE and slightly extended shoulder is a great element: the prize feature of the pattern.

      Thanks for your comments.

  10. Well I think I could wear Heidi to work, I love that dress! This looks like it cam eoff the rack of Anthropolgy.

    • I could probably where my Heidi to work, too. It would just draw some attention…people would be looking around, wondering where the potluck lunch was being served ;-). And, I’m hugely flattered that this dress reminds you of Anthropologie’s stuff….I snoop shop their store and site all the time!

  11. cute, the blue is so your color for summer!

  12. Heidi’s jumping on a plane and flying to Australia, we can then spend the day drinking Long Island Tea’s and talk non stop about fabrics and sewing. Love this Najah. I once read a big ol discussion on quilting cottons and the use of them in dressmaking. Meh! I thought; personally anything goes with me, if I like the pattern I’ll use it. I think the light blue with the splash of light blue flowers through-out the skirt makes a perfect balance. Great job!

    • Ha!!! I live 5 minutes fom Dulles aiport. I could get a flight from Dulles to Melbourne for $1,798.00…It’d be worth SO worth it to hang out with Kazz!

      Thanks for the love and for sharing your IF YOU LOVE THE FABRIC, THEN SEW IT philosophy.

  13. Love this! The blue fabric really compliments the brown floral. I often use quilting fabrics for my sundresses. They’re cute and inexpensive. Love the shoes too~

    • Thanks for noticing my shoes, Clarissa. An irresitable pair bought for $25 in the junior’s department. I know a lot of use quilting cottons for garments…makes me wonder sometimes how much of it is really made into quilts. I bet it’s like 70/30 with 30% of the fabric being sewn into garments.

  14. The blue of the bodice beautifully picks up the blue of the flowers. It connects just right.

  15. IT IS PERFECT!! The blue of the bodice is a perfect match for the blue flowers!! This look is a WIN. The jacket and shoes finish off the look excellently! And, as always, I love your hair!

    • Thanks so much, Nettie! Very glad you dig it and my fro-taming hairdo….the east coast humidity hair revolt has begun ;-)

  16. Very nice combination of patterns and prints. You look like you are quite happy with it. Enjoy wearing it.

  17. I agree, Heidi can go wherever she wants! No techie could resist her. I love how you can change up the construction so it works for you.

    • You’re right, Lee. Nobody puts Heidi in a corner!. Well, maybe a corner cubicle (with a 4th story view of the Metro like mine). Heheh…

      I’ve decided to brave Heidi at the office one day soon. I’ll probably tone it down a bit (so I look like I’m showing up to work vs. a party) with a solid, blue cardigan and neutral shoes.

      Here’s a trick about my construction modification: I didn’t draft princess seams from the original Heidi bodice -definitely do-able, but a time-stretching learning curve for me. I simply used a princess seamed bodice I’d already perfected and traced Heidi’s neckline and shoudlers onto it. So my construciton change up was criminally simple.

  18. I think Heidi can go anywhere Heidi wants to go : ) Very cute!! I’m a big fan of polka dots and stripes together but I dont wear them that way often. You ROCKED this look!

    • I love dots and stripes too (obviously)! And, like you I rarely rock them together…this challenge was my chance. I’m so glad you like it, Loran. Thank you.

  19. Mega impressed at you changing the darts to princess seams and getting such a wonderful fit….you’ve totally got your shape now and how to fit it perfectly. It’s so fab! And love those shoes matching the top print.