Hot! The “Generations” Dress

The Facts
Fabric: about 2/3rds of a cotton double-sized duvet cover I got in a clothes swap a while back
Pattern: Style 2382
Year: 1978
Notions: about 1 metre of hem binding tape
Time to complete: 3.5 hours
First worn: to work on Monday 6 May
Wear again? yep
Total cost: About $0.30 for the hem binding
Bump: 21 weeks

This pattern, Style 2382, used to belong to my mother. (Yep, that’s her name, up the top of the pattern envelope there.) I think it was one of her go-to dress patterns when she was pregnant with my siblings. So it seemed a rather natural choice for this week’s ‘family’ theme. The continuity of that makes me happy – different generations wearing dresses from the same pattern, while pregnant with the following generation. (*soppy moment* *cough, sorry ’bout that, the soppiness came out of nowhere*) Here’s my mum, pregnant with my middle brother, wearing a dress from a similar pattern. (I’m the little girl in the middle of the photo, aged around 4. My grandmother is holding the oldest of my three brothers.)

The pattern came together nice and easily – front and back yokes (and yoke facings), and skirt pieces. And that’s it! No fastenings at all – you just pop it over your head, and away you go. (I did use some blue hemming tape on the hem though, just for that fun pop of colour on the inside. Those sorts of details make me smile.)

Wanna see what it looks like without the belt?

Yep, it’s a tent! (Much better with the belt, no?)

Plenty of room for the growing bump as well.



Kat stumbled upon The Sew Weekly at the end of 2010. Inspired by Mena's creations and dedication to sewing each week, Kat stitched along with all the weekly themes for 2011. Through The Sew Weekly and the girls who contribute to it, she deepened her passion for vintage styles and started amassing a large collection of vintage patterns. Now she needs an excuse to try using them all.


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  1. That belt makes it look really cute, what a great story as well, how lovely to use the exact same pattern x

  2. I truly love that one of our own Sew Weekly members is pregnant! Kat, I love that you record your baby bump on here, it really gives us all something to look forward to. Your dress is great for that growing belly of yours. The color is flattering as well. I love the soppiness!

  3. Kat I love it. It reminds me of stuff I loved in the 80’s that New Zealand designers made – quite austere. The belt is great. Coolest maternity dress ever. You continue to bloom! xx

  4. What a great inspiration and story! And a great garment. I love that you have your mother’s patterns to work with. I have my Grandmothers, and seeing her alterations as I sew always makes me happy.

  5. Lovely color on you! Looks like a very comfy dress for last part of the journey. It’s so nice that you still have your mom’s patterns to work with too.

  6. Kat,congradulations of the new baby.. The dress is lovely and looks fantastic on mommy to be.. And I must confess… I had a **soppy moment** too, when I read your article. How nice that you are getting to use your mom’s pattern from when she was pregnant.. This is so sweet.. you were adorable in the photo and so is your family.. Sending prayers your way.

  7. I love that you used the same pattern from when your mom was pregnant. So sweet! It probably made sewing the dress even more enjoyable. My mom taught me how to sew and that created a special connection between us. The dress looks great on you and you have the pregnancy glow about you. Lovely!

  8. I love that you used the same pattern – how sweet is that? I adore this dress and I love it paired with the belt :)

  9. I didn’t even think to use the same pattern as something my mom has used. That’s such a sweet touch. Great job!

  10. Hey Kat, great dress and love the stockings you paired with it. Smart dress design will take you through term. Looking great!