Hot! The Emmylou | Pink Challenge

The Facts
Fabric | Cotton
Pattern | Self Drafted
Year | contemporary
Notions | Beads
Time to complete | 2hours
First worn | For these photos
Wear again? Sure
Total price | $6 | Pink Challenge

I thought this ankara print would be perfect for this challenge. I thrifted this fabric sometime ago and she’s been sitting in my stash just busting to be made into something special. I’m not too sure I’ve made a ‘special’ kind of dress, it’s rather basic really, a throw-over-your-head and get out the door kind of dress and I’m okay with that too. | Pink Challenge

I’m back on the bush catwalk strutting this little pink number for my ladies. The border you see along the neckline and the arms were removed from the fabrics edge and re-sewn to frame the print on the dress, the bottom of the dress was the end of the fabric which I gathered and serged to the dress at what I consider a lovely flattering length. I placed elastic just above my waist which of course gives the dress some definition. I know you know how this was put together so feel free to skip the text. | Pink Challenge

Two carriers on either side of my waist were installed to carry the beaded belt. The beads are that heavy though it drags the belt down away from the elastic so maybe another carrier in the centre may sort this out. Without the beads the dress looks a tad ordinary. She’s a comfortable dress, something I can throw on without too much fuss. This is my no fuss dress we all have them. | Pink Challenge

…..and that’s all I have to say about this one. I can’t wait to see everyone’s pink ensembles. Here’s last years Pink challenge. Happy Sewing! I’m off to get my hair cut, it’s getting out of hand the long side bits got caught in my mouth the other day and I almost choked like a cat on a furball Arrr.

On naming this one, I’ve been listening to a lot of those swedish girls- First Aid Kit and love the song Emmylou. I’ll name this one The Emmylou for this week. See you all next week.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. I really admire your style which I can never pull off. Very unique and keep up the good work :)

  2. That fabric is very lively! Love the print at the hem.

  3. Another fab outfit from Kazz! I love your border print and you are SO rocking that pink/black combo : ) Thanks to you I’m looking at platform shoes and sandals in a whole new way, those turquoise/aqua ones are simply to die for.

    • Thanks Loran, Oh I love these too, I worry about scuffing them or getting them dirty though. They have layers of suede protection spray squirted all over them.

  4. Oh I love the fabric and what you did with the border print! Gorgeous Kazz!

  5. Those First Aid Kit girls are so cute! I love how the cuteness of your pink is tempered here with the black. I’m a huge fan of the unfussy dress and ankara prints, so yeah, this is pretty perfect in my opinion. Of course you take it up a notch with your enormous beads and border print placement. Cheers!

    • Oh I haven’t stopped listening Lee. Hooked. I think with this fabric being rather busy an unfussy dress was in order. I still go back and stare at your ankara dress I just loved it! Thanks Lee

  6. Love it! The print is gorgeous and the shoes are a match made in heaven for this dress!

  7. HI Kazz, I`m digging the beads girl, nice touch. Summer is almost here so I am all for unfussy throw over the head dresses!

  8. Kazz! I love the whole shebang! We were totally channeling each other on shoes this week.Fabulous!

  9. Wow! I love this. You can’t beat a good, simple, throw it on dress, can you? And it still looks fabulous.

  10. I love the pink and black together too…just right for you!

  11. Nothing wrong with a “basic” dress! Basic doesn’t have to mean boring, and this print is so awesome there’s no way it’s boring!! Great job as usual.

  12. I LOVE this fabric! I think a simple dress was the way to go – it lets the fabric take center stage. And the beaded belt was a great addition :)

  13. This makes me wanna frolic and yell “Yippeeeeee!!!!” at the top of my lungs. What a fun dress! You go, girl!

  14. A Kazz version of the LBD! I love it, especially the reuse of the border print.

    BTW, I made a skirt a long time ago that had two dangling heavy beads in front just like that….until one days someone yelled to me, “Hey! Nice testicles!”, which kind of put me off it…..8)