Hot! The “Don’t Fence Me In” Jacket

Simplicity 2478



Fabric: Printed Cotton

Pattern: Simplicity 2478 View F

Year: 2010

Notions: Thread from Stash

Time to Complete:  4 Hours

First worn: For Photos

Wear again? Yes – Times Sq. Skyscraper Dress

Total Price: $6


Aunt Phyllis's Wedding 1981

Family, you just can’t escape them ;) I took my inspiration from this family photo. My Aunt was getting married and this was our family shot. My Mom in her Dashiki Dress and Dad in his Navy Suit. That’s me in the purple jumpsuit. I’m not into the jumpsuits these days, so I thought I go with a “Bold Graphic Navy Print”.

There was barely 1 3/4 yards of fabric but it worked perfect for this pattern. Printed Dark Navy on one side, the other side is white and gives a nice finish illusion to the jacket. The pleats all around the edging took some time but I love the soft feminine feel it gives around the face. I used my rolled hem foot again, that sucker is really coming in handy. This jacket will be a staple for Spring, already wore it again to work, paired with the “Times Square Skyscraper” Dress made for the “City” Challenge. I’m starting to learn about combining pieces I’ve sewn to expand my wardrobe.

Me and My Youngest Brother - Matthew



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. You look gorgeous, the print features some of my favourite colours, the pattern is beautiful and simple. And you “City” dress I am simply in love with!
    Rolled hem foot is next on my high-shank ebay hit list!

    • Thanks Stef, yes go for the rolled hem foot, you will have a deep appreciation for it and what a beautiful finish it adds to a garment. I have a ruffller foot I can’t wait to try.

  2. Cute little jacket! Pieces like that really add a little something special to an outfit. You are adorable in your purple jumpsuit too.

  3. Thanks Barbara. The great thing about the jacket pattern is its got several variations I can’t wait to try in the future. That purple jumpsuit was a hoot and I had lavender spectator shoes to match.

  4. You look really beautiful, both in the family picture (love those clothes!) and in your little jacket. Lovely!

    • Thanks Colleen, I worn the jacket a few time already, pairing it each time with a differently. It’s proven to be quite versatile.

  5. Love it! I think your mom’s dashiki is now in my closet. I used to wear it around town when I was in college (early 2000s) but now I don’t quite have the balls for that, so I wear it around the house and when I’m sick and need something comfy.

  6. I can totally see the family resemblance to your mom in that photo : ) I love your jacket and the picture of you with your brother…you are STUNNING in that! The fact that you paired that up with your City dress is fabulous, you need to post a pic of that outfit! Don’t you just love the way that things are starting to go together, like our own personal collections : )

    • Hi Loran, I do have pictures and I wanted to post them, I hastily left Friday and their sitting on my work desktop. I will add them to my gallery on Monday.

  7. Krista, you are just so beautiful! Not to mention so creative.

    • Hi Bethany, thank you for the compliment. I’m pretty lucky my husband loves photography like I love sewing. Before sew weekly you could barely get me in front of his camera.

  8. Krista you look great in these photos, I think blue is your colour, great jacket. And, I would totally wear your mums Dashiki hehe. Great job

  9. Love the jacket and loved your family photo.. How pretty you were in your puple jumpsuit. Happy sewing.

  10. Oh cute! That colour is smashing on you!