Hot! The “Cotton Candy” Outfit

Patterns: Pants-Vogue 1204, Mesh top-Vintage McCall’s 8443 (again), Tank top-self drafted

Fabric: One pink bed skirt $2.50, striped pillow case $.50, 1 1/4yds sports mesh $5, 1/2yd remnant white cotton jersey form stash

Notions: Pants-one button and one 7in zipper $2.60, button down-6 button from stash

Total Cost: About $11

Time to Make: about 8 hrs.

First Worn: Sunday morning

Wear Again?: yes

This week I was excited to get started on my sewing project but had no idea was I was going to make. I didn’t have much cash and most of the fabrics were sheer so if I was going to make something it was going to have to be a top with a lining. That didn’t sound very exciting to me. I bought the bed skirt and pillowcase for a photo shoot I did last year. I spent most of the week deciding what I was going to make then changing my mind. I’d like to say I’m not really into pink but I’ve got a pair of hot pink pants and a floor length skirt in more of a shocking pink. I think it was this color pink that I found so uninspiring. By Friday I knew I had to pick something and stick with it.

Each pant leg is two layers because you could see through the fabric. Instead of taking the bed skirt apart or placing the pattern pieces around existing seams I treated the seams as design elements and added top stitching in yellow, orange, and white thread to play them up. The yellow button has orange along the edge and I also used a yellow zipper.

The pillowcase was added to make it more fun and interesting for me. You can see that I used it for the belt loops and side front pieces. I also used it for the back pockets and yoke back. The sleeveless T and button down were added for fun. I had an excess of creative energy so I just kept going into the wee hours of the night.

I’m embarrassed to admit to you all that I have been watching GCB. I don’t normally watch shows like this but I have to watch something while I’m dusting and pinning and cutting fabric right? Maybe its because I’m from Texas and the show reminds me of home. Anyway, I bring this up because in one of the episodes the character Amanda wears a sweater that’s cut like this in the back. I really liked it so here’s my version in sports mesh. I’m really loving sports mesh at the moment.

I used the same pattern as I did for my ” Beauty for Ashes” dress. I used the back piece of the blouse for the back and the front and lengthened the sleeves. The collar band and front bands were self drafted.

I don’t mind the color so much in the end and I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit. It reminds me of a fun day at the circus and eating lots of cotton candy.







Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. These are awesome!!!

  2. That outfit looks fun to wear.

  3. I want to be like you when I grow up. A giant ball of creative energy so bursting with ideas that a pillowcase becomes a work of art. Fabulous details, Gina!. The striped pockets and yoke are the funnest booty accessories I’ve ever seen! Love that mesh shirt, too….like it was meant for a game of space age rugby. Awesome!

  4. I think the stripey fabric makes the outfit. It gives it that bit more interest and stops it being overly pink!

  5. You are way too cool for this cowgirl! Those pants look so fabulous and the fit!!! Nice!

  6. You are brave to add stripes on the back, and they look beautiful on you. Cute!

  7. I really like these! They look super cool, and it’s good to know that double-layered sheets work ok for pants. (I’m pretty strapped for fabric cash at the moment, too!)

    It looks really, really cool with the stripes on the back. Well done. :)

  8. Fantastic Gina, you always make the perfect pair of pants, those ones you made out of the drisabone coat OMG!!! these look store bought and to think no one in the world would have these, I love that about sewing your own wardrobe, we can all look unique and wear perfectly fitted clothes. Love the accents and love the surprise element on the back of your shirt. This outfit looks great from every angle LOVE IT! I’ve heard good things about GCB, I’m hooked on Lena Dunham,s Girls and I’m not much of a TV watching person.

  9. This isn’t a pink I would normally choose, but as those trousers, with those ‘design features’ it’s seriously cool. I do like all the coloured jeans/trousers in the shops at the moment, but no-one else has one’s like you do :) They’re so summery, they make me think of Neapolitan ice-cream. LOVE the back of that mesh top too.

  10. Awesome Gina! I’m totally envious of your ability to make great pants. I can’t believe you made these out of sheets and doubling the fabric? I never would of thought that would work. You are one of my fav sewing beauties. You should be in design or modeling or something! So much talent!

  11. The pants fit you perfectly! I don’t have the courage to reattempt the pants yet. And I’m loving the pink!

  12. These are fantastic! What a perfect fit and I seriously love the pockets! So fun and creative. I really like the fly-away back of the shirt too.

  13. you are so so clever, I just love what you have done with a sheet, looks so cool

  14. You somehow managed to make pink pants fit in with your tough girl style!! I love that you used mesh for the top, too. That and the open back give it so much style!

  15. Hi Gina, Cool pants,the pocketsreally stand out. I also dig the mesh top.

  16. You’re a sewing genius! I’m in awe of the great fitting pants you knock out with cool details that work so well even when it seems they shouldn’t. The back of that top looks great too– so simple, clean, and unexpected. I don’t know that show, but I love watching trash while I work. Whatever you’re doing is definitely working for you!