Hot! The “Blue Tide” Dress

The Facts:

Fabric:  2 yards of cotton knit, ~$10, Hobby Lobby
Pattern:  Vogue 8380, $4
Year:  Contemporary
Notions:  ~2 yards grosgrain ribbon, ~$1, Hancock; fusible interfacing from stash
Time to complete:  ~6 hours (though only an hour this week)
First worn:  May 5, for errands, photos and a Cinco de Mayo dinner (complete with margarita, of course!)
Wear again?  Absolutely, it’s too comfortable not to!
Total cost:  ~$15

Remember when I shared that many of my childhood photos showed me wearing blue?  Well, as I perused the limited family photos I had (most of the old albums are at least 18 hours away), I saw that I’m far from the first woman in my family to take a fancy to the calm, classic color.  From my mother to my great-grandmother, there was a sea of blue.  In fact, nearly all of the of the photos I had of my late great-grandmother showed her in navy dresses.  Since it just so happened that I had a navy UFO sitting in my closet, I thought this challenge was the opportune time to finish it.

Age 3, with my grandmother and great-grandmother

I started this project over two years ago when, the day before leaving the country on holiday, I decided I wanted a navy dress to wear.  Vogue patterns were on sale so, they’re the only ones I browsed.  I thought this pattern looked vacation-friendly with it’s comfortable, breezy silhouette and quickly ran home to whip it up.  At about 10pm that night, however, it became clear the project wasn’t going to work. It was too big and the zipper went in horribly so, I threw it in the closet and called it a loss.

Of course, the problem was that I had chosen a pattern for a woven but, opted to use a knit (in my defense, matte jersey was listed as acceptable and I didn’t know one knit from another).  I hadn’t accounted for the fabric stretch when I cut it out.  These days, I’m much better at working out size and I knew how to salvage this dress.  I ripped the zip out, cut off two inches from the sides, sewed the french seams back up and used my serger and a zigzag stitch to create my first knit hem.

It feels great having another unfinished project off my shoulders and into my closet.  And, let me tell you, this is the most comfortable dress I’ve made to date.  I wear knit dresses quite frequently around the house so, this surely won’t be last one in my queue.  Even better, I was complimented on it while out shopping.  That’s always icing on the cake, isn’t it?

So, there you have it – I’m continuing the blue tradition in a very comfortable and modern way!


Have a great week everyone! x



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. This looks fabulous on you, good job!! And kudos for making something work that you had shelved : )

  2. Looks great, especially with those shoes. :)

  3. That looks lovely. I hope to be able to try and sew something in a knit in the near future.

  4. very pretty and wearable – great save

  5. So cute! The perfect summer dress for any occasion. I can appreciate your feeling of accomplishment in remaking something that didn’t turn out the first time. Great job.

  6. Great dress! And good way to carry on the family tradition. Love the shoes too!

  7. Very stylish and very comfortable is such a winning combination! I love this style on you!

  8. Hi Jennifer, love the dress, looks gorgeous and with those marigold flower pumps, what a great combo of colors.