Hot! 10 Things I’ve Learned: Tempest Devyne

Over at Fanbloomingtastic, SW contributor Tempest’s blog, she listed the ten things that she has learned whilst doing The Sew Weekly Challenges. I loved reading her post and thought that it would make a great regular series from the voices of the SW contributors. If you’re interested on contributing your own “10 Things,” just drop me a line with your list.

  1. It IS possible to make a garment in a week (in the past I’ve taken months, and tons of intermediate procrastination, before I finished anything. The weekly deadline is good for me, it makes me do stuff…..and I’m learning so much about different sewing techniques and how to fit to my body shape). Talking of which….
  2. My body is at least 3 different ‘official’ dress sizes (I’m currently an 18/20 at neckline, armholes and bust depending on the type of neckline, 22 at waist and 24/26 at hips depending on fullness of the skirt…..hence I found reading Stephanie’s post on 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World on sizing fascinating and helpful).
  3. I actually do have a waist (I’ve been hiding it for years, I thought being a size 18/20/22/24, depending on where I buy my clothes, the most flattering thing would be to hide my shape not go for fitted styles).
  4. My thinnest point might be below my boobs, but empire line dresses are not as flattering on me as ones that have a waist (empire line actually make me look pregnant)
  5. I like myself more than I thought I did :)
  6. I love the whole ritual of the Sew Weekly challenges (I listen to music on Pandora that fits the decade/theme. I try to watch some sort of tv marathon on Netflix/PBO/PBS etc incl. catching up on 2 seasons of Downton Abbey and 4 seasons of Mad Men. I’m actually caring for my skin better in prep for photos. I’m putting on nail polish/varnish to match the colours I’m sewing each week, and looking at the bright colours makes me happy. I’m treating myself to accessories for the first time in years. And…
  7. I can still get excited about buying a new lipstick
  8. Sewing in a zip gives me a immense sense of well-being
  9. My biggest hurdle (procrastination starter) each week is cutting the fabric pieces
  10. No matter what I tell myself about ‘have an easier week this week’…..I will always bite off more than I can chew when I think up a suitable project/garment/outfit/embellishment


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  1. I thought this was a great post, too!!

  2. YAY! I totally loved Tempest’s post. I was inspired to write my own, but I’m still working on it.

  3. Hoorray for #5! :)

    • Haha yes, hooray indeed. This whole thing is a real journey. I used to have great difficulty looking at me in the mirror in baggy, ill fitting clothes…’s pretty amazing to find out that if I make things that fit me, I actually look better, and it makes me happy. Not rocket science but it’s still been a surprise.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, Tempest! :)

  5. Great post! I am so with you on #9!

    • It’s weird isn’t it. When I get to sewing, I’m fine. Before that I’ll do anything to not cut into the fabric….researching for future week outfits, reading other people’s blog posts, cleaning the toilet ;)

  6. It is comforting to know that I am not alone being a serial procrastinator and it is inspiring to know that this can be overcome! Thank you for an inspiring post x

  7. Tempest is so awesome! I feel like I can relate to most of these lessons. It’s good to know we all aren’t alone.

  8. Love this post, Tempest! So true! I’m three different sizes, and also look totally pregnant when I try the empire waist look. And, what’s up with the fear of fabric cutting?! Maybe it’s too precious when it’s all in one piece? I have the same hesitation before cutting.

  9. Tempest you are amazing. I love that you are doing so much self care and feeling so good about yourself. I think as wives and or mothers, we are so used to putting ourselves last. It is so nice that you have an outlet for your wild creativity, I bet your family have noticed the new you. Look out, it’s only May!!

  10. Very inspiring Tempest. Number 5? damn right girl!

  11. I love all of them! Looking at your pictures every week and reading your posts-I never would have thought that you were not 100% comfortable with yourself. Your personality really shines and it’s clear you put yourself out there everyday-an all or nothing kind of girl. My kind of girl-we can live out loud together!

  12. I get excited about #7 also!!

  13. I totally enjoyed your post. Thankyou for sharing.. Sew weekly had really helped me in sew many different ways..and Oh soooooo fun..Happy sewing.

  14. thank you for sharing this great post with us!

  15. Tempest Devyne, it’s wonderful to read how sewing, especially sewing weekly, has changed your perspective. Mena, I’d love to read your 10 Things after so many years of sewing weekly! Also, Mena, If you’re free on Wednesday, I wanted to let you know that a group of sewing enthusiasts/bloggers are gathering in the city on Wednesday to meet Karen of Didyoumakethat. I hope you can make it! Details: