Hot! 10 Things I’ve Learned: Loran

This week’s 10 Things comes from Loran. Her point “8” is particular relevant to me — I met her first at the Alameda Point Antique Fair when I overheard her speaking about the blog she was starting. I went up to her, said “hi” and told her about the Sew Weekly. That was so uncharacteristic of me, since I’m pretty shy about approaching people. I’m glad I did! If you’re interested on contributing your own “10 Things,” just drop me a line with your list.

  1. Don’t judge the unfinished project. They can turn out either surprisingly well…or not. But finishing means you’ve seen the process all the way through and that alone is worth it, which leads to….
  2. It’s not about the destination but the journey. Some of the most valuable lessons come from making mistakes or dealing with things like holes, missing pattern pieces or just changing our minds.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a good lipstick or eye make-up. My design teacher once told me he’d rather see the black hole of Calcutta around my eyes that nothing and guess what? For photo shoots he’s right!
  4. Don’t be afraid to try something new or revisit something that gave you fits in the past. “Challenge” is not a bad thing.
  5. If one project doesn’t work out so well just move on. There’s always the next week : )
  6. The power of the nice comments is amazing! I would have stopped doing the challenges because of the whole photography thing but several people told me to keep going. I did and now I can put myself in the middle of the general public and not care (so much…)
  7. This “small” global network of women has changed my outlook on something I’ve loved to do all my life. I’ve never felt more supported or more in awe of a group of people who just “put it out there” every week! Seeing how people interpret each challnge gives me something to look forward to five days a week. How cool is that?
  8. If you don’t take a chance and say “Hi” you’ll never know what could have happened.
  9. I haven’t really looked at myself physically this closely in YEARS. This has brought on a WHOLE new level of mental self awareness that has sparked other life changes (More details to come!). The way I see myself and the way other people see me are two COMPLETELY different animals. Your view is much kinder. I learning, albeit slowly, to lighten up a little.
  10. I have to agree with Tempest here, no matter HOW much I tell myself I’m going to keep it easy this week, or cut myself some slack, am NOT going to make a mini-wardrobe, it rarely works that way…but it always works out. If not, there’s always Etsy : )


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  1. The one thing I have learned from my years knowing Loran is #11 Done is good.

  2. These are great Loran… in particular, the wonderful support through comments! You guys are great!

    I find that I am still a little critical of my photographs, but mostly it’s like “Why are my hands doing that?”! xoxo

  3. #6 is my favorite. Totally agree :)

  4. Very insightful, Loren. I especially like #9. I find myself really caring about my health, and my appearance as a result of being part of the Sew Weekly.

  5. #9, so true, so often I find myself my worst critic. I really need to lighten up and stop being so harsh on myself, life is short. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  6. I concur. Except for #10– I haven’t yet been guilty of overdoing it! The photos have definitely been the hardest part for me, pushing me to see myself more accurately, with a little less judgement, and also to invest in lipstick and hot rollers!