Hot! Spellbound

The Facts
Fabric | Woven upholstery fabric, thrifted scarf and thrifted throw.
Pattern | self drafted
Year | Right here right now.
Notions | buttons for the skirt and  top
Time to complete | 3 Project Runways and 1 Bob Marley Documentary.
First worn | For these photos on Mothers Day
Wear again? For sure.
Total price | Skirt $5 black and white top $4 Kaftan wrap $5


Kazzthespazz | Mixing prints

I have never thought about prints and mixing prints more than I have in the past year or so thanks to Sew Weekly. Sew Weekly has really pulled me out of my proverbial black wearing box and got me thinking more about using colour and prints. I find it frustratingly challenging to make mixed prints work but at the same time really enjoy the process of coming up with a match. It’s like playing an odd game of Snap. This week I wanted to show you my process of working with prints in a spazzafied way, in other words, how I got dressed for this post. My influence being my public Pinterest mood board.
Kazzthespazz | Mixing prints

I started with the skirt, firstly placing hemming/bias tape around the waist line to stop it from fraying then proceeded to pleat the fabric in large chunks sewing it flat to hold it in place; this then wraps around me and fastens with a couple of buttons, kinda like a kilt. You can’t see too well but behind the enormous pom poms my daughter made for me I took the time to fray at least an inch of the fabric to add a bit of voila to the skirt. The hem has been frayed too. I sewed a line of stitching to stop it from unraveling. It looks Nordic. Check! The black and white top is a scarf with pom pom tassels on each edge, this was placed on the bias, one edge folded over—which makes the cowl neck, this was then sew to a black piece of georgette folded in the same manner and joined at the shoulders with loops and buttons pulling it together. The sides are sewn up so there is no chance of any side boob action. A simple top I know, but what I like about this is how it makes your eye travel down forcing you to view the whole outfit; like an arrow directing traffic. I’m down with that! all the way to the shoes.
Kazzthespazz | Mixing prints

I really do! it’s vastly becoming one of my favourite things to do. I know it’s all trial and error at the moment so hopefully when I grow-up I would of mastered the technique but for now lets just enjoy what my eye has considered acceptable print matching you see, I was happy with the nordic inspired skirt and the bias geometric top, admittedly a little too easy on the sewing front but who says it has to be anything more? Anyway, my crafty daughter and I went on our routine Saturday morning Op Shop jaunt and I stumbled across this ethnic looking throw for $5. F I V E  D O L L A R S  ? crazy business.
Kazzthespazz | Mixing prints

I cut a slit down the middle to where the circle detail on the back begun—this makes the neckline, and just sat in front of the telly with my family watching Project Runway and a brilliant Bob Marley doco, fraying away all of the edges to my hearts content. We’re all still leaving the house for work and school with bits of thread glued to us. Whoops! The neckline I frayed inward about 1 inch and the ends around 4 inches tying them off into bunches. I had the patience of a saint this night, this doesn’t happen too often, I did find it very therapeutic though..

Kazzthespazz | Mixing prints

My headdress I made for this post and wear it around the house doing my sewing and housework in. I was wearing this whole outfit when there was a knock at the front door, a little man trying to give his best speech on why we should swap electrical companies I towered over him looking like a Nordic Shaman haha! he didn’t know where to look the poor thing. I think I intimidated him. The look on his face was priceless.

I’m going with Siouxsie and The Banshees- Spellbound for this weeks title. Oh how I love Sioux Sioux.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Another stunner Kazz! Love that you wear the headdress around the house for housework time, sheer brilliance. ;-)

  2. I had seen the Spiritwalker headdress on your blog, but I love knowing it’s not sitting on a shelf! That poor electricity salesman! haha!

    I also love pairing and mixing prints, and your posts have really helped open my mind to the possibilities and potential of mixing big prints.

  3. This has to be the best outfit I’ve ever seen! Just LOVE the textures in this; the raveling/fringe and pompoms are fantastic. The bold graphics of the patterns really contrast and still play nicely together ~~Great Job! And I need to go find a cool afghan, like yesterday…

    • WOW! thank you that’s a wonderful compliment *blush* I consider myself lucky finding that throw and having a vision for it couldn’t of come at a better time. Love it when things like that happen.

  4. I am just agog…when I find the ability to speak again and access my vocabulary I may have to leave another comment but for now just WOW!!!!!…..

  5. Fab-u-lous! This ensemble is fantastic. I love that someone came to the door while you were wearing it. I bet you’re still on his mind. The prints all mix together really well. Especially love the headdress. I think I might also need one to wear while cleaning house. It would make the whole cleaning thing way more fun. Kudos Kazz!

  6. The wrap is amazing! Lucky find!

  7. Kazz, you are the print queen. Really inspirational x

  8. Although there are a lot of patterns it all looks great together – and the red shoes together with it…gorgeous!

    • Phew! thank you Carin as I said I find it hard to make a decision on what I consider a perfect match so to read everyone’s positive comments has given me extra confidence to continue on this print- matching path.

  9. And here I’ve been thinking I should sew myself an apron for doing housework, ha! clearly what I really need is a fancy headdress! Thank you for yet another inspirational post!

    • Ha Ha I waved to my neighbours yesterday whilst hanging out the washing wearing my headdress, they smiled and wave back, it certainly gives them something to talk about. :P

  10. Let me bow in the presence of greatness. Seriously, honestly speechless at the astounding awesomeness of this complete creation. Nuff said.

  11. I love what you did with the scarf. I’m definitely going to try that this summer. I could just picture you standing there with that salesman. So funny! Your cool headdress reminds me of The Cult’s Electric album cover. I really love the bright pops of color in your outfit. I agree with Adri-your style and posts have really inspired me to be more me. Thank you for being you so I could be more me!

    • You’re welcome Gina, you have certainly spread your fashion sewing wings since your first post, it’s been a visual feast seeing everyone shrug off their inhibitions and just put it out there. I’m so proud to be a part of this community and the never ending support everyone shows.

      The Cults Electric-album was one of my all-time favourite albums as a kid I was certainly channelling Ian Astbury via the Dreamtime album via She Sells Sanctuary via… :)

  12. A winner again, and had been waiting all week to see your Mix and Match! I’ve been toying with doing the same thing with your overcoat, so thanks for the inspiration! I’ve got two checked blankets that would be perfect, but was trying to work out a kimono style coat for them! Did you tie the sides together? xoxo

    • Phew! I’m glad it was worth your wait :) I didn’t sew the sides but there is certainly nothing stopping you, it’s just easier to throw on. I’ve made a couple of these for winter as you can imagine they’re super easy. Good luck with your checked blankets a perfect outfit to keep you and your growing bubba nice and warm over the coming months. xxoo

  13. Aztec High priestess was what cam to mind when I saw your amazing headpiece. I adore the skirt and the throw.

  14. Of course we KNEW you would have no problem with this theme!!! You are the Sew Weekly daring pattern mixing QUEEN!! And you never disappoint. You look awesome!! And I would pay money to have been there when that man knocked on the door! You’ve given him a story to tell all of his life. He should feel so lucky ;o)

  15. My favorite pieces for everyday wear are the skirt and poncho top. I love the red balls that hang from the side and match your shoes. I would wear that! The rest of the pieces are awesome and look fantastic on you. Great photos this time.

  16. Masterful! Inspiring to see what you’re doing for your cold season. I love these high drama/low tech (as far as the sewing goes) pieces. Your new haircut reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux!

  17. How fab. Fast sewing.. big impact. Love it Kazz.. and I laughed out loud about the electricity man.

  18. Layers of fab! Texture and eye-catching prints all kazzed up for an amazing look. I especially dig that you keep the sewing simple and enjoyed the dressing up. You are my Shaman. I come to you with offerings of fruit, fabric, and bangles ;-).

  19. Haha! I love that you wear the headdress around the house (UHM, I would too! That thing is so awesome!!!) and I love the story of you towering over some poor electric company salesman. The whole outfit is ace, though. You & Oona are my favorite print-mixers, I bow at your feet.

    • Thank you Lauren, Oona is my all-time favourite too. I wished she’d made an appearance this week, she’s such a saucy print-mixing bird. Love, love Oona.