Hot! Parisian Pedal-pushers


The Facts:

Fabric:Pink Parisian Print Cotton from
Pattern:  Butterrick 5682
Year: contemporary
Notions: Sport Zipper, pink thread
Time to complete: 5-6 evenings after work
First worn: May 12, 2012 for photos and patio garden dinner!
Wear again? Oh yes!
Total price: Splurge Purchase $20.00 for 1 1/2 yards fabric, zipper, and thread

I’ve been dying to make a pair of pants after the incredible pants that Gina has made. I downloaded Butterrick pattern 5682, spent a whole evening printing out over 50 pages, and then carefully taped them all together. Before I cut into my precious Parisian fabric, I made a shorts muslin, to try the fit and to learn how to put together the pants. The shorts were a tad tight, so I calculated how much to increase the pattern pieces and I also adjusted the the waist to fit a little higher. After sewing, serging, and top stitching, I was ready to attach the waistband. Before I top-stitched it, I tried them on to check the fit. The waist was a little gappy in the back, so I sewed a small dart right in the middle of the back. Next time I cut the waistband for another pair, I will adjust for this to improve the fit.

I also ordered stripe black and white fabric from Mood, with the idea  that I would also make a top for the Mix It Up look, but after I recieved the fabric, I thought the stripes were too wide, and I knew that I would never really wear them together. My alternative was to hit the Thrift and look for a more subtle strip top. I chose three different tops for under five dollars and brought them with me to my daughter’s house in Healdsburg. The girls helped me decide which top was the best to go with my pedal-pushers.







Leaning on the Pillar

After spending a beautiful warm day on the Russian River, sunning and wading with daughters and granddaughters, we made delicious Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner and ate outside in the garden. The girls also helped me pose in the garden and snapped these photos.

I’ll spend Mother’s Day here with all of the girls. They are secretly putting together a Gourmet Mexican Lunch as I type up this post. Yum!

Here’s the Pinata Part!




Barbara is a resident of Northern California. She loves to sew and has pledged not to buy retail clothes for the year of 2012. That means she has to make her own, or buy it at a thrift store. I hope she doesn't spend too much on fabric. When she shops for fabric her eyes light up as she imagines the possibilities! She's like a kid in a candy store.


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  1. OOh, I love that fabric. The pedal pushers are a favorite of mine and yours turned out great!

  2. That fabric is fabulous, and Congratulations on successfully tackling trousers.

  3. I love the fabric and how you made it into something fun but elegant! Good work!

  4. Very Cool Barbara. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.

  5. So fun! What a great print and fit!

  6. Sassy mama! Go you ;)

  7. I love the way you put together an outfit. The pants look fab.

  8. Those are so fun & look great on you. (I’m a bit jealous actually.. I was going for printed crop pants and they did not look on me, the way they looked in my head. Stay tuned for my pants turned shorts. haha)

  9. Very nice, Barbara. You look like a sassy French tour guide! You can’t beat a pair of cute AND well-fitting pants.

  10. Those pants look great! Did you find that the zipper opening was a bit high? i shortened the inseam for the leather pants but will most likely lengthen the zipper opening for a higher waist next time.

    You look beautiful-as always!

    • That’s the shortest zipper opening I’ve ever sewn. It must be all of 3 and 1/2 inches. Next time I will definitely make it longer. Thanks for your compliments.

  11. Great job Barbara, love the pedal pushers. Hope your gourmet Mexican lunch was a success.

  12. Great to see how yours have turned out as I’ve just bought that pattern, thinking it such great value to have so many basic styles in one packet. Your print is yummy too…

  13. I am in awe of anyone who makes their own trousers, and I am serious awe of anyone who can make them fit this well! Those pedal pushers are lovely Barbara and I love the fun fabric. You and your daughters and granddaughters made me laugh swinging at that pinata, were you trying to locate it with your nose before hitting? :)

  14. LOVE these pants, both the fit and the fabric! I may have to try out this pattern now : )

  15. LOVE these!! They look fantastic and your fabric is so fun!