Hot! Fragile Bird | Mothers Day

The Facts
 Fabric | Cotton Voile and Denim
Pattern | My go to shirt pattern and  self drafted jeans
 Year | Contemporary 
 Notions | Zip brass button and snap kit
 Time to complete | approx 7 hours
First worn | for these photos
Wear again? sure
Total price | $40

You’ll have to excuse my raspy voice, runny nose and dog-like bark during this post I’m not feeling the best, arrr the glands in my throat are currently the size of golf balls so it’s possible I’ll be spending Mothers Day resting at my Janome. | Mothers Day

Here’s my mummy in her jeans and brown button down top holding onto my older brother and my Dad holding onto me. This was taken at my Nans place in Sydney- 1972. Mum in her 70’s casual get-up and my brother and I in our red corduroy outfits that mum made. I am unsure of the story behind this photo but I can tell you that as I got older that driveway that you see behind us which was very steep was home to many biking accidents once it was concreted. As you can see Mum’s 70’s casual get-up needed to be amped up a tad. | Mothers Day

This top I had made from that generic pattern I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago the one I make all of my shirts from! I spied this floral voile and this striped voile and thought they’d get on with one another famously. I particularly like the striped accents which were cut on the bias and do love the size of the collar, very 70’s. | Mothers Day

If I tilt my head like this and shake it a little my ear pops and I can hear for a minute until it blocks again, silly head cold. | Mothers Day

Le back detail. *cough, sniff, splatter* and of course any excess fabric gets piled on top of my head, perfect for hiding any regrowth. | Mothers Day

Will you check out that collar? I’m loving it. | Mothers Day

I did buy buttons to do a button fly like my mums but opted out incase of any gaping which may occur. In other words I wasn’t confident enough and if the gaping did happen I would never wear them without a top covering the opening I’d be worried about people copping a look at my knickers so it was a safe move for myself and any potential onlookers. The jeans are high waisted—as you can see, they feel and look very sliming on me. Very comfortable indeedy. The pockets are nice and deep just how I like them and have been hemmed at a perfect wedge wearing length. I decided to leave off back pockets because of time restraints.

Can I divert your eyes for one moment to my blog post Spiritwalker? You might like the headdress and kimono I have made. It’s my favourite post too date.

I’ll call this one Fragile Bird after City and Colours hit single from his album Little Hell. Fragile is an understatement. arrrr. *cough, sniff, splatter*

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful sewing mumma’s have a wonderful wonderful day.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. You amaze me. What a great look.

  2. I think this is one of my favorite things that you’ve made! It looks great! And I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Kaz, I think I want to be you when I grow up.

  4. Wow! I like your tribute to your mom and the story behind it. I think your spiritwalker outfit is exceptional!

  5. I hope you get better soon my love! Great mix of prints and I always adore your turbans! xoxo

  6. Love the striped accents, especially the exaggerated collar! And, those jeans are faborama! Feel better, Kazz.

  7. Hi Kazz, the pants brought me back great memories. There was a pant company called Sweet Ores and they had pockets just like yours and I had them in every color and loved them till they fell apart. Great fabric combo, it could of Belen’s next weeks winner!

  8. Oh Kazz, I hope you feel better soon. I love your whole outfit, jeans shirt, those shoes….and your Spiritwalker post is divine. I loved doing stuff like that, one of these days I’ll have to try it again. I looked at the leaves in your photo and it took me a minute to remember you’re opposite to us in seasons, but how fun to see how your world changes in relation our northern hemispheric one. Happy Mothers Day!!

    • Thanks Loran, I love seeing you guys in your lovely summery dresses whilst we are all layering up trying to keep the flu at bay. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the Spiritwalker post. xx

  9. I love your 70s prints and those jeans are amazing! Perfect for fall. Awesome job!
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  10. Thanks Liz, I’d just wished I’d taken the time to fix the feature photo this week instead of my jeans showing up as the main pic, it doesn’t look very clickable on the front page. Ah well. Thanks for clicking :)

  11. You’re amazing on your Janome Kazz! How the heck do you turn this stuff out week after week. An inspiration for sure. Love the print combo on the top. And high waisted jeans.. fabulous! Karl would be proud of that collar.

  12. Great jeans! And feel better soon!