Hot! Fear and Loathing It!

The Facts

Fabric: Red stretchy stuff for the skirt and black chiffon for the top.
Pattern: Self drafted top and skirt!
Year: comtemporary
Notions: Threads
Time to complete: 4 hours give or take a few.
First worn: For pictures
Wear again?  No to the skirt, but yes to the top!
Total price: $15.00 for the fabric

Viva Las Vegas.  That’s the line, right? Well viva las challenge!  I had visions of Elvis jumpsuits and Sharon Stone Casino bejeweled dresses running through my head, but in the end I had to go with what I knew best…and that is Fear and Loathing…Hunter S. Thompson…and all the crazed drugged out glitz that Las Vegas first represented to me. So when I really got to thinking about the challenge for this week I wanted to create a garment that captured all the images I had in my mind when first reading Fear and Loathing.  For those of of you that haven’t read the book, it’s something like this image to the right…It’s from the movie and is worth a see if only for Johnny Depp’s interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson.  It’s pretty magical.

So for the garments I had a plan and then a back up plan.  The plan was to draft a shirt and a mini-skirt, because it’s Las Vegas, you know?!?!  The mini skirt was easy to do; just two rectangles and then some alterations to make it nice and tight.  The shirt was a little more tricky.  I had a modcloth shirt that I love to wear because it’s nice a flowy, so I just traced the pieces on to some muslin.  Thankfully, I bought two different types of chiffon because the first one I attempted was a disaster!  I realized upon trying it on that I should have cut it on the bias…duh, that’s why it was so flowy!  It was fine.  The favored fabric was a black chiffon that had sparkles on it to catch the light (see photo inspiration above).  I do believe that this is a shirt that will get many wears in the future.  I cut some strips on the bias to use for the trim, but decided that I liked the unfinished look, as they created a bit of a fluttery look to the sleeves. For the hem I just did a zigzag stitch and then trimmed very closely.  As for the mini skirt, I do not see myself wearing it in the future.  Really fitting and short things don’t really toot my horn.  Despite the fact that I don’t think it looks all that bad, I just wasn’t all that comfortable. Even in a glitzy place like Las Vegas I’d still stick a more conservative look. The second look (below), the top with jeans is a bit more in my comfort zone.  I’d wear this pretty much anywhere.

I took a bit of a risk with the pictures, waiting until it was dark.  One of my favorite things is to have dinner and a late-night drink on our porch; especially with it being so warm as of late. Unfortunately I haven’t mastered the night-time camera features, so the photos are not as sharp as usual :(  Still, I think it has captured the visual I had from both the book and the movie snapshot…lots of lights, sparkles, fear and loathing (for that skirt)!



Cheryl is a teacher, martial artist, crafter and sewer just trying to find balance in a busy world. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin she's now trying to fit into and explore the vast expanse that is Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. Love that movie, and your tank.

  2. Great inspiration! Too bad you don’t like the skirt,but the top is fantastic!

  3. The top gorgeous! Looks fantastic with jeans too.

  4. That top does kick ass!!! Ad I love the photos! And your shoes!

  5. I love it both ways!!! The skirt is awesome but I understand not wearing it because it makes you uncomfortable.

  6. Hi Sheryl, the tank looks great with the jeans andi think the photos really set the mood for the two takes.

  7. Love it with the jeans!

  8. Great top! I’m so impressed that it’s self drafted. I like the skirt too but I feel the same way about wearability. I just don’t wear mini anything. ;) And never seen the movie or read the book but my hubby loves both and would appreciate your inspiration.

  9. Sexy lady! Your outfit looks great and I like the top with both the little mini and with the jeans.

  10. Great inspiration and the top looks fantastic with the skirt and the jeans!

  11. It’s cool that you knocked off something in your closet. I’ve always wanted to do that, but haven’t yet had success. Your sparkly top is quite cute and perfect with jeans! Nice porch hang out, too.

  12. Fantastic, love that movie too. Yep I’d totally wear all of this, you have killer legs would you wear the skirt with leggings when the weather cools?. Love the porch hang out too.

  13. Love both of these pieces, though understand the wanting to be comfortable in your bottoms. The top looks fab with the jeans too. Love that you took the pics at night too, you definitely get the sparkle.

  14. Thanks everyone, you are all so amazing! :)

  15. LOVE the top!! It sparkles beautifully! And I love that you took nighttime photos – they turned out great from my point of view :)