Hot! Don’t Lose Your Shirt

The Facts

Fabric:  1 and a bit metres of lightweight Italian printed cotton from Goldhawk Rd
Notions:  Thread buttons and interfacing from stash.
Pattern:  50p from charity shop.  (Completely uncut – I think it’s from the 80’s judging by some of the styles on the envelope).
Total Cost:  approx £6.50  (can’t quite remember exactly how much the fabric was, but I think around £3.99 per metre and I haven’t used all of the 2 metres I bought – it was very wide).
Time to complete: about 10 hours (it’s handfinished inside and handworked buttonholes)
First Worn:  In these photos.
Wear Again:  Yes!

No danger of me losing this one in the depths of my wardrobe! Not that I want to because I really love it. I am inspired by the scarf prints that are around at the moment – I think the curls and roses are a bit Versace and this fabric has been printed in Italy … I’m also thinking ‘holiday’ shirts.

Anyway, when I went to Las Vegas many years ago I think I can remember a Versace shop in Caesar’s Palace (I may be wrong ….) SO that is my tenuous link for this week’s theme. I wanted to wear my Vegas sunglasses too but I’ve searched high and low for them and just can’t find them! The sun is such a rarity here! – I won them as a prize for pulling Excalibur’s sword from the stone (but I can’t remember where that was …) No doubt someone will tell me. That’s all I won from Vegas. What else can I remember? Well, the heat for one, walking out of an air conditioned hotel into a fiery furnace (that’s my impression, being from a watery skied UK) Plus the light bulbs. Oh, and the erupting volcano outside The Mirage, complete with moving pavement (translation: sidewalk) Definitely worth a visit just to see what it’s actually like, no matter what your holiday preferences are.

The buttons on this shirt are a perfect match for this fabric and I was so lucky to get them from Tina Crossgrove in the recent pattern swap only a couple of weeks ago. The black lined inners compliment the black lines in the fabric. Thanks so much Tina!

I also love the shirt pattern.  Someone has missed out on a real treat with this – a completely uncut pattern from the 80’s and it was so simple to construct yet effective.


This is definitely going to become a favourite …



Diane has sewn all through life but gave things a serious go at the beginning of 2011 and during the year took part in 50 Sew Weekly challenges. She now wants to expand her knowledge and learn new techniques in each project she completes, as well as develop a style of her own and a sense of quality over quantity. She studied print design some years ago and a love of unusual prints and colours underpins her work. Currently, she works full time dealing with copyright issues and previously, she managed photographic sales for a leading fine art museum. Diane is so grateful for the friendship, support and encouragement she has received from the Sew Weekly community.


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  1. Love the fabric and the sparkly jeans buckle. love the memories, too. I’ve only been to the Vegas airport, not the city, but there were slot machines there, too! Glad the pattern worked out so well for you.

    • I love the fabric too…there were several different versions and I wish I’d bought some more now as it was so reasonable. I’ve just bought some black polka dots on a red ground which is destined to be another of these shirts …

  2. You are correct, there is a Versace store in the Cesar’s “mall” and you probably pulled the sword from the stone at The Excalibur. If you’ve ever seen “Showgirls” (and if you haven’t…don’t) the main character muffs the pronunciation of Versace in an extremely uncomfortable moment, the first of many. Your shirt is beautiful, hopefully you’ll go on some wonderful holiday and get to wear it!

    • Thanks for filling in the gaps Loran. Not so sure that I’ll be back there anytime soon, so I’ll probably miss Showgirls (Hee). I’m hoping I will be going on a wonderful holiday!

  3. Hi Diane, the buttons were fated for this shirt. Nice close up of the fabric, you can really appreciate the fabric design. It looks great on and I hope you get a lot of occasions to wear it. I know I wear it all the time.

  4. I was so pleased to get those buttons Krista. Don’t you just love it when things marry up like that? I was last minute in the pattern swap too… I’m sure I’ll wear this a lot.

  5. Diane,
    this is a beautiful shirt and looks fantastic on you… The buttons were meant to be.. Beautiful… Happy sewing.

  6. Thanks Judy – I really like it too!

  7. Love this shirt Diane, good job I’m not still in the UK or I might steal it off your back. The buttons are indeed perfect, I love little touches like this. And I love the pattern, it does look a bit Versace. Fab belt buckle bling too, very Vegas.

  8. Thanks Tempest, a compliment indeed!

  9. You are totally owning that shirt!! The print is crazy pants, but in the best possible way! It looks great with the jeans, belt and shoes that you chose, too.

  10. Beautiful shirt! I love the pattern and the print.

  11. What a cute shirt! The fabric is just gorgeous and the pattern you used is very flattering.

  12. Very cute! The fabric and buttons work wonderfully together. The belt buckle was the perfect Vegas touch.

  13. Thanks Jennifer – I ‘re-found’ the belt while looking for the sunglasses that didn’t materialise. It’s a better match I think …

  14. Such a distinctive print…I bet you see something different every time you look at it. It makes a wonderful blouse!

  15. It reminds me a lot of the sea … Angel Fish and waves…