Hot! Because of You

The Facts:

Pattern: Blouse-Du Barry Perfect Pattern 5245 view 1  Shorts-McCall’s 5633

Year: 1941 and 2011

Fabric: 1 1/2 yds green and yellow flowy fabric $4 1yd stretch black cotton from stash

Notions: 2 zipper from stash, 6 beautiful black buttons $6, 2 buttons from previous project and 4 from stash

Time to Complete: Longer than it should have-seriously

First Worn: For this photo shoot

Wear again?: Yes

Total Price: $10

This outfit took longer than it should have. The blouse was actually a cinch it was the shorts that gave me trouble. I’ll start with the blouse.

When I bought this pattern I never thought I would make the blouse. It reminds me of my step dad’s grandmother. Just add a high lace collar and there you go. She wore the blouse with matching poly suits in every color you can imagine. I couldn’t make a vest since I made one for the Accessories Challenge using a different 1940’s pattern. I am not a fan of gathering, I end up with a lot of pleats and flat spots. This blouse is a gathering extravaganza! There are gathers below the collar in front and at the top and bottom of the sleeves. They’re not perfect but it’s not too obvious. I had a little trouble with the zipper so after my third attempt I just sewed the side closed. I decided not to add the front darts so it was easy to slip on. I like this blouse a lot. It’s so girly and sweet. My favorite feature is the collar. For the button closure I used a bigger button and added one on the other side of the loop as well. The sleeve plackets are on the inside along the seam. It’s the first time I’d ever made one on that side. If I make the blouse again I’ll sew the seam all the way and add the placket to the other side so you can see the buttons better. For this blouse I used buttons from my husband’s grandmother’s button stash. I like to think they were from the 1940’s as well. I didn’t take any pictures of them but they’re quite pretty. Black sparkly ovals.

The shorts took forever! It’s all my fault. I can’t seem to leave a pattern alone. I didn’t really mess with the blouse because I wanted to stay as true to the design as I could. I used the same pattern for the shorts that I did for the Buttons Challenge but I wanted them to zip in back and wanted to add buttons along the front. On my first attempt I saw that the pockets needed to be angled more so that the buttons didn’t end up along the side. I removed the pockets and brought them in by 2 inches. I wanted a ruffle to run along the edge so I spent an afternoon making the ruffles and sewed them in only to realize that they puckered out in an unflattering way. Out came the seam ripper again. I decided to make faux buttonholes. After spending some time measuring and marking the placement of each buttonhole seam I made them on both sides and discovered that I was off and the sides didn’t match. I took my extra fabric and made another side front then carefully marked each spot where the buttonholes would go. This design doesn’t have a waistband so adding a zipper was tricky. After spending so much time on this teeny tiny project I did a bad job inserting the zipper hemmed up the bottom and decided to call them done even though they fit a bit loose. My husband encouraged me not to give up so I picked up the shorts and removed the zipper and facings. I made a proper waistband and got to work again. I ended up cutting the zipper too short so I had to remove it and add another. This one is not black but English Tan. You can’t see it so it’s OK. Because I added a waistband it brought the waistline up so I had to add another set of buttons. These don’t match but look similar so they work fine. I did not take the time to add more faux buttonholes though.

They look good and fit well so I’m glad I pushed through. The fabric is a bit heavy so they won’t work on really hot days but I’m still psyched to have a nice pair of black shorts.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday so I just want everyone to know that he is the best gift I have ever gotten. I have really blossomed under his care and I am so blessed to get to spend my life with him. Happy Birthday Love!

The title comes form a song written in 1940 and is dedicated to my husband.




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. I love both the shorts and the shirt. You look fab in this shirt. I think it looks very modern and on trend, but also classic enough to stand the test of time. Super chic!

    • Thank you Clarissa! I think this fabric would make a great dress too. I love the lines of color-it would work well as a maxi. You are always very sweet-thank you!

  2. You are such a babe, Gina!! I love these pictures. You look amazing in green!! I like what you’ve done with the shorts. I think they came out fantastically, so your work was well worth it! Happy birthday to your hubby!! We’re all glad he takes such good care of our girl!

    • Nettie-I am so touched that I have a place in this community. Thank you! I will try and add more green to my wardrobe. I lean more towards military and olive greens so I’ll look for brighter greens at the fabric store. I’d also love to make something in a bright yellow. That’s the color I wanted for the shorts. I’ll pass along your birthday wishes to my husband.

  3. Gorgeous shirt, and I love the shorts. And Happy Birthday to hubby!

    • Thank you! The blouse is pretty sweet. I think Sew Weekly has also helped me step outside my typical sewing box. I think this pattern would have sat around a lot longer if not for this challenge.

  4. Super cute combo. I love it how you combined the 40s style with something modern.

  5. Thank you. I felt like a skirt or pants would have been too much. A blouse like that definitely needs a little skin to keep the look fresh.

  6. Hey Gina, another fabulous outfit! You look great in green, the color really makes your eyes pop. The outfit reminds of Carrie on “Sex ion the City”, trés Chic.

  7. Great look on you, Gina! I love the color splash of the blouse and I adore those shorts. They remind me of Colette’s new pattern for shorts. Have you seen it? I love how her patterns fit and I like your idea of the buttons on the pockets. You have inspired me once again with an “I gotta make that” idea.

  8. Your shorts look amazing!!! You’ve reminded me I need some new black shorts in my wardrobe. I love your blouse too. Very pretty silhouette.

  9. Love the fabric you chose for the blouse and the shorts look perfect. Adding the waistband was a great idea they sit perfectly on your waistline, glad to hear you have support, way to go hubby. How did your hostess gig go? I answered your turban question over on my post.

  10. I’m glad you didn’t give up on the shorts– they look so cool! Love the fancy buttons. Pairing the shorts with the prim (in a good way!) blouse is brilliant and your style really comes through.

  11. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday. I have a diamond like that who rescued me too and keeps me alive….they are the most special things in the world. I love those shorts and the fit you’ve got on them through your hardwork…..but especially love that blouse, the print is so happy and fresh.

  12. Beautiful outfit, as usual : ) I love the shorts especially because of the buttons but the whole thing is stunning.