Hot! Beautiful Freak

Patterns: skirt- Retro Butterick 5032  top-Simplicity 4319

Year: 1952 and 1953

Fabric: skirt- 1 yd printed cotton $8.99 1yd poly lining $1.99, blouse- 1 yd poly and 1/2 yd “seasonal favorites” $6.50

Notions: zipper $1.90 and buttons from stash

Total Cost: $20

First Worn: Mother’s Day

Wear Again?: yes

This was the outfit I wanted to make last week. I think my mom would like this outfit too-nothing is ripped or faded and I’m wearing the right amount of jewelry. I actually bought more bracelets to wear with this but they were made of hammered silver and made so much noise whenever I moved my arms that I ended up giving them to a friend. My apartment was being painted this week so getting these two pieces made was a little tricky but they’re simple pieces so getting them done on time was not a problem.

At first I was going to make the version of the top with sleeves and a peter pan collar. I think the sleeves in that light black and white print would have made the top look like a maid’s uniform. The collar didn’t look right either so I removed it and added the mandarin collar instead. I made bias tape from the remaining fabric and used that along the arm openings and at the bottom edge of the blouse. If I use this pattern again I’ll add another inch and a half or so to the length. They are 4 darts on the front of the blouse and 4 on the back. I only made the ones on the front because the fabric I used for the bottom half was too light. I think a stiffer fabric would have made a more interesting shape. the only thing I would change is cutting the yoke pieces on the bias.

The Butterick pattern is a dress pattern. I decided to use the bottom half for my skirt since the pattern had already been altered. Instead of the overlapping pleats in front I made a dart on each side. The skirt was longer-below the knee-but I didn’t think it worked well with this print so I shortened it. The fabric I removed at the bottom became a removable peplum. I finished the edges of the piece and added a buttonhole on each side then sewed two buttons to the front of the skirt.

This outfit was a lot of fun to wear. I hope you all had as much fun wearing your creations for this week too. OK-I’m off to spend what’s left of Mother’s Day with my beautiful husband. See you all next week!



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. The removable peplum is a great idea. I like the skirt both ways and the fabric is fantastic.

    • Thank you Sara. The peplum helps give me a little more hip and curve in the booty area but I also like that I can wear the skirt without it to go more casual.

  2. Look how cute that is! And those shoes…. LOVE your style : ) The way you mixed those prints is inspiring, keep up the amazing work!!

    • Thank you Loran! It’s really the details that bring it all together. That top on its own would be a snore.

  3. Gorgeous – the prints work really well together. And I really want your shoes!

  4. Gina, these prints are so lovely together. Your entire outfit and ensemble looks fantastic!

  5. HeyGina, hope your week in going well. Love the combination of fabrics and think the mandarin collar fits the style. Great head wrap!

    • Thanks Krista. My week is going alright. Lots to complain about and nothing really to complain about-you know what I mean? Sewing keeps me sane-

  6. Love the simplicity of each piece and your choice of prints. Your photos are gorgeous, love all the greenery surrounding you. Accessories, head wrap and shoes? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    • Thanks Kazz. I was going to add more accessories for the photos but forgot to pack them (and I call myself a stylist?). We got lucky finding this spot-it may pop up again this year. I had to take my shoes off to get to that tree-

  7. Gina, this is just beyond words. In my head I had all kinds of patterns put together, but when shopping for fabric just couldn’t figure it out. You’ve done what I wish I could! Just fantastic! :)

    • I got lucky. I was thinking of something to make to go with my mesh top and was thinking about prints for the print challenge…I usually go to the store with something very specific in mind and can’t find it then spend what seems like hours trying to make something else work. I’m really glad you like it.

  8. Great look! I would have never have thought to put prints together like that. You really have a good eye when it comes to fashion. Your shoes are awesome and kudos to your photographer. He really takes great pictures, but of course his subject is stunning.

    • I’m not sure how it is that my brain puts things like that together. I second guess myself all the way to the door then walk out as confidently as I can. People will believe it if you do! My photographer does a lot of great things that’s why I love him so much-

  9. Very exotic Gina! Great fabrics and prints, wish I was as brave to pair all this together!

    • Thank you veronica! You are as brave and would look great in something like this! Dig deep-it’s in there.

  10. So well considered. Well done!

  11. Every detail is fabulous, Gina! From the headband to statement necklace to the die-for animal print wedges! I love it all. And, what texture! The skirt and blouse are a steller combo!

  12. Love ALL of this! You’re so high fashion! The garments are perfect, your styling is perfect. Awesome job!

  13. I can’t believe how many prints you’ve managed to blend together seamlessly – including the shoes and scarf. Fantastic!

  14. I love the concept of “the right amount of jewellery” :) Love everything about this outfit but especially the yellow buttons matching your yellow straps on those fabulous shoes, whilst everything else clashes beautifully.