Am-I-Blue Raspberry Pink Top

Vogue 1247 top

The Facts

  • Fabric: Fushia pink, probably a polyester charmeuse
  • Pattern: Vogue 1247, Rachel Comey pullover top
  • Year: The fabric is current, pattern is 2011
  • Notions: thread
  • Time to complete: way too much of life was spent on this top
  • First worn: only for the photos
  • Wear again?: nevah!
  • Total price: about $5 – pattern, $6 – thread, $? – fabric

I began this top almost a year ago. I know this because I documented the beginnings on my blog. The fabric came from FabricMart fabrics in a mystery bundle and I performed a burn test hoping to determine the exact fiber content. From the test I suspected it might be silk, however commenters both agreed and disagreed so I’m still unsure. Although I’d call it polyester only because it became sooooo difficult to work with.

Vogue 1247 pullover top

Don’t let my smile fool you.  This top DID NOT want to be sewn into existence!

I ran out of thread last June while working on this top and tucked it away until I could get to the fabric store. My attention was soon on another project, and another, and another and…well, you get the picture.

With the pink challenge announced I realized it was time to pull this baby out and finish it.

I swear what could go wrong did go wrong.  It began with a needle that was too large and the machine protested.  It continued with French seams being sewn wrong needing to be ripped out and resewn.  And then as I was pressing the front French seams my steam iron decided it was the perfect time to spit.

Vogue 1247 Top Steam Iron Spit

Fortunately the stain came out with a some detergent from Nordstrom’s designed to hand wash undergarments.

Vogue 1247 Top Stain Out

I sewed and ripped out the sleeve bands twice. I ended up eliminating the bands and just hemming the sleeves.

While giving the top a  final pressing I was listening to music and working out a new Zumba routine in my mind and ended up overpressing the seams.

There is a bright spot! The tiny rolled hem turned out fabulously.

Even when it all was going wrong I stubbornly kept sewing away, trying to finish the top in time for the challenge.

When it was complete I held it up and thought “it’s not THAT bad…and it would look great with my bright blue jeans“. I tried it on only to discover when the pattern company described this as “loose-fitting” they were not kidding.

Vogue 1247 too big top

So I’m blue that my top didn’t turn out and when if asked about the sewing process I’ll give it a big thumbs down and blow raspberries for extra emphasis.

However, that doesn’t hold true for the pattern itself. It’s a great pattern.  This particular version didn’t work for me (and is sitting in the donation pile as I write this)  but I do plan on sewing another one.  This time a size smaller and in a easy to sew fabric. Like a nice cotton voile.



Sharon Madsen

Sharon has been sewing for many years after teaching herself to sew at a young age. As a teen she began designing using techniques that were more “by the seat of her pants” than “by the book” resulting in some hysterical fashion moments. She loves dogs, shoes and teaching Zumba fitness—but not as much as sewing.


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  1. So many times in my sewing years, I’ve made things from beginning to end without trying them on along the way. I can empathize with your blues. I’m glad to hear that you won’t be throwing in the towel and you will try it again. We all learn some things the hard way, don’t we?

  2. Love that color on you!

  3. You win some, you lose some… I like that colour though