Hot! 100 Yard Dash | 1940's

The Facts
Fabric | Metro Linen
Pattern |  Advance Pattern 2684
Year | 1940’s
Notions | Zip ,beads and thrifted bias binding
Time to complete | 4 hours
First worn | for these photos
Wear again? When Summer swings around for sure.
Total price | $16 a metre, a tad pricey but I couldn’t resist.

Can I guess what you may be thinking? that’s not 1940’s what is Kazz on about? Oh but it is Sew Weekly ladies it is. It’s from this lovely little vintage pattern that I picked up on Etsy awhile ago that I probably paid too much money for but needed to have a 1940’s pattern in the kit to cover myself for fun little challenges like this one, phew! Yay for thinking in advance Advance Pattern 2684 to be precise, did you like that segue hey, hey? and what a magic fit she turned out to be I had no alterations to make at all that’s almost unheard of with these vintage patterns. | 1940's

I spied this lovely metro linen— 55% Linen and 45% cotton in Spotlight over the weekend and decided to just go with it. They had the same print in blue hues and brown hues I was getting myself in a tizzy over which one I should choose. As soon as I got home I threw it in the washing machine, as it was drying I thought, I wished I’d picked the brown. In the end after seeing these photos I was happy with my choice.

I know this isn’t your conventional 1940’s dress but you and I both know that really wasn’t going to happen; I’ll leave that to the big guns. I thought I’d style and wear this little number my way so I can wear it over and over, there’s no use spending money and time on something you’ll never wear again, right? When Summer swings around I’ll be popping this one over my head for sure. I’m so glad I got to sew this little pattern. | 1940's

On to construction: as you can see the bodice is gathered along the waistline and along the chest where the hand sewn beads are this really makes the dress comfortable, I guess with all that ease right!? I had some thrifted purple bias binding so I used that to finish off all of the edges including the piping around the peter pan collar. I like these accents, what I’m not fond of is how easy the fabric wrinkles but the texture is glorious. | 1940's
So there you have it ladies my unconventional 1940’s number named after Raphael Saadiq’s song- 100 Yard Dash. Mr Soul himself, and not too bad on the eyes either :P



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. I’m glad you went with these colors. It will look lovely once the warm weather rolls around again. It’s a great dress but as usual it’s the details you add that makes this so sweet. Love the piping and beads. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll try some beading of my own as well as embroidery. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing my printastic number from last week to play hostess at a show and will be sporting a full head wrap a la you. I want it to be big-any suggestions?

    • Sorry I havent been able to comment till now Gina, it’s been so hectic this week. How did your hostess gig go? I always wrap my head in a length of jersey not too tight you’ll get tur-burn :) then I put the fabric over that and tuck it in so it sits pretty from every angle. Good luck :)

      • Thanks for the tip. I ended up using a tunic and the scraps left over from it to create some volume. There were some nice pieces that flared out as well. i loved it and got lots of compliments on it. I’ll be hostessing again next weekend so I’ll have to figure out what to wear next. I love dressing up so this is perfect for me. There’s always that fine line between fashion and costume so it’s cool to have an outlet for my own art-to have a way to express myself more creatively than I do in my day to day life.

  2. Hey Kazz, love it as usually. I’m with you, you should sew what you want to wear and if that’s a twist on the challenge, all the more fun. Have to day I’m diggin’ the bag girlfriend!

  3. kazz does 40s. brilliant. i would have been disappointed if you hadn’t done it your way!

  4. Love it Kazz, and I totally agree, it has to be done your way. After all what’s the point of putting all that time and effort into something you’ll only wear for the photos. You were right to go with the blue too. Fabulous!

  5. Great twist on the 40s style. I think people would have actually been disappointed if you had made a regular 40s dress…I love the fabric, the little details and the accessories.

    • Not one to disappoint, well it’s best we get the most out of what we’re spending money and time on methinks glad you liked the dress Djamila.

  6. Too fab! Love that you went your own way. I would be surprised if you didn’t. I agree about time, energy and money being to precious to waste on a garment that you’ll only wear once. This pattern is lovely. The dress looks comfy and stylish at the same time. The best combination, in my opinion.

  7. I think it’s great that you’ve made the 40’s current. True, there are some great styles and patterns but I admire how inventive you’ve been in making it your own. I think you made a good choice on colours too – they’re great on you.

    • Thanks so much Diane. This is what I’m enjoying about these challenges, staying true to myself and tackling them with my style in mind. It makes sense really. My trip to Vegas next week is a little unexpected hehe.

  8. Oh I love this Kazz, such a gorgeous dress. And that fabric is fantastic, you have an eye for interesting fabric.

  9. This is so you. That fabric will be perfect for a sweaty Aussie summer – you won’t care a bit about the creases, just how cool it is! I love the row of green beads – so random!

  10. Yay for fit right out of the envelope! :) Love your interpretation.

  11. You are like a magician with prints! Another gorgeous creation!

  12. This print and color combo are amazing!! Way to take a challenge and make it work for you!

  13. I really admire your vision on the forties goes modern dress! The colors and the print of the fabric were a spectacular find. I love the style of this dress and how you trimmed it. The bodice and collar are really sweet. It will be just right for those hot summer days.

    • I thinks so too Barbara, I think this pattern would look great as a little black dress to with white accents. It has a very modern feel about it. I’m really impressed with this pattern.

  14. I love this dress! the binding and the beads are fab. I’d wear that all summer long!

  15. Love this! You’re so brilliant with the details– piping, beads– that really make a garment special. I agree the dress would look fantastic in black and white too. It isn’t the only 40s pattern I’ve seen that could be modern. The 40s are full of surprises.

  16. Love the shape of this dress and the placement/centreing of the waistband pattern and skirt front (does that make sense, I’m full of head cold today and convinced I’m talking more gibberish than usual). But the pièce de résistance is that purple bias matching the purple in the pattern for the collar, armholes but especially the hem…it brings it all together. Fab!

  17. What do you say when something is perfect? LOVE the pattern, love the fabric, love the Kazz touches (especially those shoes…), way to take the challenge and make it yours!