Hot! 10 Things I’ve Learned: Krista

  1. I grew up loving to sew, so for my birthday my husband bought me a serger so I could make a more finished garment. The sales person spent 3 hours training me on everything the serger was capable of doing. I learned that using a serger was a lot easier then I imagined and it made a huge difference in the longevity of my garments.
  2. I needed to replace my sewing machine, so I made a list of things that I thought were must-haves. Thanks to some great advise from my husband I did my research and then went shopping to test machines. I learned there were lots of new features I hadn’t even thought of or known about and discovered a new sewing machine.
  3. My new sewing machine came with 9 sewing feet. I learned how to use most of the foot attachments through the weekly challenges.
  4. Anytime someone mentions a great sewing book I try to take it out of the library because I wanted to build my own collection of sewing books. I have learned about so many more books I may have never come across on my own, especially the vintage ones. They are usually available from the library and I often find an available copy for purchase through Amazon.
  5. I discovered buying patterns online at I learned becoming a BMV member paid for itself and those online sales are golden, I can’t help but stock up. P.S, they also just added patterns for sergers ;)
  6. Sometimes reading about a sewing technique isn’t enough. I learned uTube is a great source for visual aids of sewing techniques. I was amazed how detailed oriented people our in their steps which really shows their passion and generosity.
  7. You can sew anything by just taking it one step at a time. I learned if I do get stuck along the way I can reach out to my SewWeekly pals for help.
  8. I’m so happy sewing blogs exist. I have learned so much from reading Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing and it eventually led me to discover the SewWeekly site.
  9. In my quest for finding the perfect fabric for each SewWeekly Challenge. I learned (discovered) so many more fabric stores exist in the NYC Fashion DIstrict.
  10. However this is the most important thing I learned. Pass on what you learn and it comes back to you 3 folds through the SewWeekly Sewing Circle! Thank you Mena.


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  1. That was a great sewing post – enjoyed reading it!

  2. Yay Krista! So great to see you up here and what a wonderful post. I just love how everyone’s life is so much better now – because of The Sew Weekly! Who would have thought?

    • Hi Trisha, yes I so agree, these days it can get pretty stressfully and I always feel I can get a great dose of positivity from SewWeekly.

  3. Krista, I just learned so much from what you learned. You are definitely right about the generosity of our compadres in the sewing blogs…you being one!

  4. Totally agree with #8. Where would we all be without them? Alone and bored, that’s where!

  5. Love this post Krista. Three hours training on a serger is seriously impressive, I bet you learnt loads. I can see me graduating to one by the end of the year. That’s probably my next adventure. Thanks so much for the tips and news about serger patterns!

    Isn’t this journey fabulous? I love seeing what you come up with each week and am totally inspired by your style :)

  6. Hey Tempest, how funny I just commented on your outfit. Totally go for the setting. I got an Elna. One of the things I like most is how it cleans up the edges. Although I learned lts about the machine and what it could do, I still struggle to figure out when to serge doing the pattern construction. Live and learn, right and thank you for keeping it so positive. I really enjoy your style.

  7. Wow, Krista–what a great post and filled with incredible tips. I also love the part about patterns for sergets. Quick question–what is a BMV member?

    • Hi Dottoe, BMV Club is short for Butterick McCalls Vogue Club, they do a 1 and 2 year membership that even further discounts your patterns online. Here is the clink for more info and the cost of the membership you usually save on your first order or at least I did. Cause I usually order 10 patterns during the sales when they are 3.99-2.99 each. Happy Sewing, glad I could pass on what I have learned.

  8. Thank you for sharing your tips.
    I’ve wondered what my 10 would be. There’s certainly some overlap (I too learnt mostly from books, blogs and Youtube) but I’m very encouraged by your number 10. I spent years “taking” from the Internet and felt after a while that I should be contributing too this great font of knowledge. You’ve confirmed for me that I’m doing the right thing.

    Best wishes in further projects!