Hot! The “Snuggly Jumper” Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Star printed fleece & ribbing.
Pattern: Victory Patterns – Lola
Year: Current.
Notions: None!
Time to complete: 6 hours.
(Including printing & assembling the pattern and then transfering it to sew-in interfacing and cutting it out. Next time round it will probably only take 3-4 hours).
First worn: Yesterday, as soon as I finished it!
Wear again?: Oh yes! In fact, I’m wearing it again right now as I type this.
Total Cost: $25.

When we were kids my Mum used to make us (my 2 younger brothers and I) fleecy tracksuit pants and jumpers.

I can clearly remember a fleecy jumper and pants that Mum made me that had a kind of quilt type/patch-work print on it. I’m pretty sure I still have it packed away in a box (somewhere)…


With the Grandparents. (Ages 7 & 4). Mum made the fleece PJ’s that I’m wearing in this photo.

I came across Victory Patterns a little while ago but have put off buying any as I couldn’t find many reviews of them or images of garments people had made from their patterns.

I was at my local Spotlight  on Saturday when I came across the star printed fleece & I immediately thought of the fleecy “trackie-dacks” Mum used to make for us when we were kids. The next thought that popped into my mind was that it would be the perfect material for the Lola dress.

So the garment I had originally made to use for this weeks challenge got bumped…

Home I went with my 2 meters of fleece and it went straight into the washing machine. While that was running I purchased, downloaded, printed and assembled the Lola pattern. (Yep, they’re downloadable so you can start working on them straight away!)

On Sunday I cut the pattern pieces and put the dress together. I can not tell you how simple this dress is. It went together like a dream. The instructions were super easy to follow with lots of pictures to help you along. The only reason this one took me so long is because of the prep work I had to do before I cut into the fabric and “officially” started making this dress.

And the end result:

A super snuggly “Jumper-Dress” that I am totally in love with! Even the Boyfriend thinks this is fab.
And I love that it reminds me of the “fleecies” Mum used to make us.
But I guess this is the grown-up version.

How great are those pockets?
This is the perfect dress to curl up in by the fire with the puppies (Chubbz & Chief) and a good book.

This will not be the last you see of the Lola from me, I already have plans for my 2nd Lola thanks to a suggestion from the Boyfriend.




Anna is a Melbourne girl and started sewing early 2011 when her Mum suggested sewing clothes since Anna had such a difficult time finding RTW clothes that fit her well and suited her body shape. Little did Mum know that her suggestion would soon become Anna's obsession...


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  1. Love your Victory pattern. I think they’re great. Love the star print too!

  2. What a great story Anna, I love the outfit. The perfect outfit to curl up with a good book or sewing poject! ;)

  3. Very cute! Love the pattern and the material looks so cozy! Great job!

  4. Cute, I love anything with a star print too. Perfect for autumn – must be cold in Melbourne with the fire lit in April! We still have T-shirt weather here.

  5. love this dress/pattern on you, now love victory patterns too (thnks for the intro) and LOVE your gorgeous doggies :) definitely would like to try this now, and a couple of their other patterns.

  6. Ohhh, that looks so perfect for winter! Nice and snuggly, love it. :-)

  7. I love that print! Looks like it’s a perfect thing for cozying up. Great job!

  8. Love it! I’ve been trying to decide which Victory pattern to try first, and I think you’ve just helped me make my mind up.

  9. Love it, it looks so cozy….but stylish, and that’s usually difficult to do. Not surprised you’re going to make another! Can’t wait to see it.

  10. Your grown up version is delightful! I love it in that fleece – you look comfortable and like you could run out to grab the mail or take a nap – whatever the day called for!