Hot! The “Skyline Pyramid” Blouse

The Facts
Fabric: Four-ply silk from Fine Fabrics
Pattern: Paco Peralta Blusa
Year: 2011
Notions: None
Time to complete: I’m never good at keeping up with the hours since I sew a little here and a little there.  It’s a quick sew though.
First worn: April 8th
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: I bought the silk during an End-of-the-Year, but it was still pretty pricey.  I don’t remember how much, but I only needed a yard.

I knew I wanted to make this cowl-necked blouse for the Sew Weekly city theme.  It’s been on my list to sew for awhile, and the upside down V that joins the bias cowl section to the rest of the blouse reminded me of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.  Upside down, of course.

San Francisco is probably better known for its Golden Gate Bridge, but of the buildings that make up its skyline, the Transamerica Pyramid stands as the tallest and most distinct skyscraper.

The blouse is a design by Paco Peralta that was made using haute couture methods. The pattern is hand drawn by the designer onto large sheets of pattern paper. I carefully traced each piece onto my own tracing paper since I just couldn’t cut his work. The pattern does not come with instructions, but there aren’t many pieces, and Peralta’s blog walks you through the basics. I attached the back to the back facing, then quickly stitched the shoulder seams before moving on to the V on the front of the blouse. This bit is the trickiest part of the whole thing. Once you get through it, all that’s left is to hem the sleeves, stitch up the side seams, and then hem the bottom.

The blouse fits thanks to three incredibly talented Bay Area Sewists. I made the a muslin of the pattern, and they told me how much to lower the waistline and adjust the shoulders, and they walked me through how to get a perfect point to my V during a fun Saturday afternoon Fit Clinic. Back in February! It took me forever to get the courage to cut into the silk. I just wanted everything to be perfect since the silk was so nice.  And, then when I saw the upcoming Sew Weekly themes, I knew I had an excuse to procrastinate even more.

I omitted the back zip since my muslin proved that I could easily get the top on and off without it. There’s a lot of ease in this blouse, especially with the bias cut cowl section. And, since the back center seam line wasn’t shaped much, I just cut it on the fold, omitting the seam allowances.

Four-ply silk is a dream to work with. It’s heavy and not slippery at all. It plays well with the light. My husband tried to catch me walking to show off just how the blouse looks in motion, but none of the pictures were in focus. I still think they look neat, so I’ll leave you with one. Have a great week, and happy sewing!



Amy slowly eased her way into sewing in 2010. In 2011 her hobby truly blossomed, aided in part by the wonderful Sew Weekly community. She can also be found writing on her own blog, Sew Well.


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  1. What an interesting pattern! I can totally see your inspiration in it. Great job!

    • Thanks. The pattern is super interesting. I really love the shape of the cowl. The V shape is a clever way of combining a bias cowl with a straight-grain hem.

  2. Hi Ami, I love the design of the blouse and it looks beautiful on. Thanks for sharing the links, hoping in the future to try one of these.

  3. Such a lovely piece! I’m impressed with your attention to doing everything so perfectly, from tracing to consulting with other sewers. Its wonderful when something turns out so nice. Great Job!

    • Thanks. Yes, I was happy to find a few more experienced seamstresses to help me out with the fit. We’re created a local sewing enthusiast Meet Up group that’s been fun for these sorts of things.

  4. I really like this simple piece. Great color, great lines.

    • Thanks so much. I do love the color. I keep wanting to make more and more gray things right now. Next up will hopefully be Gertie’s Starlet Jacket Craftsy course in a soft dove gray.

  5. I love Amy. I love the color and you would look great. Thank you very much for choosing my pattern.