Hot! The “Silly the Kid” Skirt

The Facts
Fabric | slightly stretchy cotton blend plaid
Pattern | “Naughty Secretary Skirt” from Dianna Rupp’s Sew Everything Workshop, pocket from BurdaStyle 09/2011 Knee length skirt #127
Year | contemporary
Notions | zipper, bias tape, ribbon
Time to complete | 4 hours, less if I would have skipped the pocket adaptation
First worn | for the photos, it’s still too cold out to wear
Wear again? | I think so… probably with some leggings since the back slit is high.
Total price | 10 EUR

Full Disclosure: Photoshop was definitely employed in the photos of me now.  I was waiting and waiting for sun to show up, and it just didn’t come so Plan B.  Plan B = indoor photos with tons of photo filters and the addition of the yellow plastic thing above my head from the original kid photo.

About the kid photo…I remember the context well.  It was taken at one of the many neighborhood flea markets we participated in at the park behind my grandma’s house.  That’s where I grew up, really.  That park saw me swinging on the swings as a kid, playing kickball with my cousins, scraping my knees when I tried to do crazy stuff on roller skates.  This particular photo is me at maybe 6 or 7 years old.  I don’t think I’ve changed my style much other from the shoes.  I don’t have velcro-closure shoes these days, nor have I figured out what that thing is over my head, but maybe I’d incorporate it into my closet somehow.  I’m still a silly kid on the inside.

Those black and white gingham scrunchy pants I’m wearing were an inspiration.  At first I thought to translate the photo 1:1 into a pair of trousers, but I recently finished the Clover trousers and wanted to try something else.  So, the black and white plaid skirt idea came to me after pinning and draping the fabric on myself in various ways.  The crazy lining fabrics came from my wild stash.  I found the perfect scraps that so reminded me of my kid pajamas and kid bed sheets.  I used both.  Lastly, the ribbon to hold the bias tape says “forget me not” in German.  I hope I don’t forget my silly self amidst all that plaid!  Don’t think I will, but it’s a nice reminder.

skirt inside, ribbon says "forget me not"

DIY bias tape and ribbon trim on the inside

This last photo is of various family members at the flea market.  If you want to find me, I’m shielded by the sun and sitting underneath the table playing with my first sewing machine.  It was the kind of kid sewing machine that punched holes through felt and dragged some yarn through the puncture holes.  I loved that thing.  And, yes, I’m giving the camera a jaunty “thumbs up.”  Perhaps I’m indicating the success of the sale or the awesome sewing machine? A definite thumbs up for this skirt!

I'm under the table.



Adriprints is an illustrator and designer by trade; a knitter, crocheter, and pseudo-seamstress by craft. You can find her work in typo-phile calendars, online knitting mags, and on random people's business cards, greeting cards, and websites. She currently lives in Munich.


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  1. The waist ribbon and lining scraps are delightful, as are all the photos. I drafted a six-gore skirt and then used the muslin for the lining so I now have a hot pink linen skirt with a black and white check lining that no one sees but I relish. Why shouldn’t the insides of apparel be fun, too?!

  2. Adorable! Great getting to see you as a kid with a sewing machine and now still sewing as an adult. Love how your used your stash to line and finish that fine skirt!

  3. I agree two thumbs up on the sewing skills and resourcefulness!

  4. Nice photoshop skills! I really had to look again to see that you pasted in the cone thing! I also love your interpretation, you can see the inspiration but it will still work in your everyday wardrobe. Great job!

    • Thank you! I was really close to making plaid trousers, but I think with the scrap fabric I might make pedal-pushers. I don’t think I’d use full-length trousers regularly enough to justify it.

  5. Firstly….never apologise for anything creative you do with photos….it’s an additional part of the fun and is art :) Secondly, love that skirt and that you can be silly in plaid. That German ribbon holding the bias tape is gorgeous. I love the little details that remind us “I made this”. Gorgeous :)