The ‘Sedate Pantone’ ensemble

The Facts
Fabric: stretch poly for the top and stretch gaberdine for the skirt
Pattern: Simplicity 2181 – top, Butterick B5534 – skirt
Year: contemporary
Notions: zip, hook & eye for skirt, thread
Time to complete: about 5 hours each
First worn: for the photo
Wear again? the skirt definitely, the top maybe
Total price: op shop specials so about $10 including the notions.

I was a little unsure about the Pantone challenge as I didn’t know what it referred to. Thank you most kindly to Elizabeth S for her post in the Contributor discussion section.

Basically I just had a look at the Pantone link and then I had a look at my fabric stash. I came up with a piece of fabric that I declare contains the colours sweet lilac, tangerine tango and starfish plus Granita from the Men’s colours, and if it doesn’t then it is the fault of my camera for not taking the photo properly.

I made the top first and it went together pretty well. I used my overlocker to finish the seams. It has a little loop that pulls it together and creates the gathers at the front and I had to lengthen it slightly as it felt too constricting. It still has a feel of that about it and that is why it is a maybe.

The skirt (which I am classifying as ‘Starfish’) was a breeze to put together. With only three pattern pieces to cut out and assemble, it really should be. I did lengthen it a little and neatened the seams by folding the seam allowance in half and then stitching. If there is a name for this it has escaped me temporarily (not top-stitched though). I had to re-do a little of this when I decided that the hem needed to be pegged in a little to give a better shape. I am happier with the result.

I would have posted earlier but when taking photos for the MadMen challenge I managed to break my tripod! I completely wrenched the top off trying to bend it in a way which it quite refused to go. For these photos I used My Man Andrew’s tripod – which has a broken leg and was in danger of dropping at any moment. We seem to be in a tripod free zone at present.

I notice just now too that my hair looks like I groomed with a hickory switch and I’ve only a swipe of lipstick on but at least I put stockings on this week. Most weeks I’m too lazy.



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. Hey Jen, nice ensemble for work, you should get a lot of wears with this outfit. Plus, seperates come in so handy, you’ll also be able to mix and match.

  2. Happy to help! I think your top is a perfect spring palette, and your skirt looks fab! Good luck with your tripod issues. I use the stack-of-books-on-table trick when needed ;)

  3. I like both pieces. From experience, I now that if a garment doesn’t feel right I won’t wear it so I can relate. The top looks pretty on you in the photos. I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of the skirt.

  4. I think your blouse and skirt look fantastic on you. Too bad the top isn’t as fitting as you wanted. Both pieces look like they were made for each other. You used the Pantone Color references so creatively too. I didn’t know about any of that Pantone business before this challenge, so I too was a bit mystified and had to do some research.

  5. I like the proportions and shape of the two pieces taken together. I liked your self-description at the end of the post- I can totally relate to your approach to sewing.