The “Salta y Agarra el Sol” Outfit

Patterns: Top-Vintage McCall’s 8443 view C (1966)

Leggings-McCall’s M6404 View A

Fabrics: 1 1/2yds blue satin from stash, 1 1/4yds 2 way stretch watercolor floral $5, and 1 1/4yds jersey $3

Notions: 2 7in zippers $3

Time to Make: 7hrs give or take

First Worn: April 1st (no foolin!)

Wear Again: Yes!

Total Price: $11

I’d first like to say that the cut of the shoulders on this blouse makes my head look ginormous! There’s a dart at the top of the sleeve that rounds the shoulders out. I don’t know-what do you ladies think?

I thought I had picked 2 easy patterns to work with so that I could finish with this challenge on time but I ended up having a few problems. Let’s start with the pants. The style I chose has 2 welt pockets and a cutout towards the bottom of the leg to add a contrasting fabric. I decided against adding contrasting fabric and just cut the pieces without the cutout. I have never made a welt pocket this particular way and thought everything was going well until I cut the opening and realized I had sewn the welts on the wrong way. That wasn’t too much of a problem for me since I like things to look a bit raw sometimes. I kept the welts on the front with the edges exposed and sewed the zippers in. I decided against a pocket and since the leggings are lined the zippers don’t open up to skin. I just have to remember not to put anything in there!

The blouse took much longer to make than I thought. I already had a muslin for it so what could go wrong? Everything was fine until I attached the zipper in the back. There was an unnecessary amount of fabric at the top which would not have been a problem if I had breasts back there. Plus-I kept pulling at the bottom because it was riding up a lot. I removed the vertical darts from the front and back which took care of that problem and had a friend help me pin the back to get rid of some of the extra fabric. I removed the zipper made my changes then sewed the zipper back in. The top was popping out. I removed my zipper again, brought the neckline down which meant removing the facings, making a new stitching line and then sewing them back on. I brought the fabric in even more and sewed the zipper back in. Still no luck. I removed the zipper one last time and brought the fabric in a little more and decided that I didn’t care what it looked like after that I was not going to do it again! It still pops a little and the zipper is a little lumpy but I’m still pretty happy with the blouse. The sleeves were a little too long so I cuffed them.


The blue satin was from my stash. I can’t say it was extra special and I was too scared to cut into it I just couldn’t figure out what to make with it. I bought it about 18yrs ago to make a dress for a wedding. I never made the dress and packed it away where it has moved with me from Texas to California and here to Illinois where it has been given life.

One last thing. I bought the very special (and very sweet) cupcake from Whole Foods where a talented guy named Trevor works his magic in the bakery. If you are ever in the area (Chicago and Church St) pop in and check out his work. He’ll even make you a custom cake. OK enough of that. Thanks for looking in and I’ll see you next week!



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. LOVE those leggings on you!

  2. Those leggings are wicked! And I love your blouse!! Sorry it gave you so much trouble. If you hadn’t mentioned the bubbling at the zipper I wouldn’t have noticed. Great outfit!

  3. WOW! Those leggings are INCREDIBLE! I could never in a million years pull them off, but I wish I could because they’re really spectacular!

  4. That watercolor floral fabric that you used for the leggings is FABULOUS! So so pretty! I love your whole outfit too though – it looks great! :-)

  5. The leggings rock! I love how the welt pockets turned out. Also the separating zipper on the blouse, the color, and the rounded cut of the shoulders (big heads are cool! plus I don’t think it makes your head looks big). I admire your perseverance with the top; I would have given up for sure.

  6. I do love those leggings and wish I had your legs to wear them (still gobsmacked at your silver UFO pants)….but I adore the back of that top, especially now knowing all the fights you had with it. The satin and that gorgeous zip makes it look like an exotic blue leather jacket…..and now I’m craving cupcakes…..

  7. The leggings are awesome and teamed with the top make a perfect outfit. The watercolour fabric…i die, Love it! and I can’t see the problem with the dart on the shoulders your head looks fine, funny lady you are. I love the zip in the back of your top it makes the top more interesting from all angles. You look awesome.

  8. Hey Gina, love the pants fabric, really beautiful, looks like a Monet heaven.

  9. striking fabrics! both the blue and the floral. I like your attitude to the welt pockets too. If it were me they would have ended up in the ufo pile.