Hot! The Raw Power of the Aphrodisiac | Circle Skirt

The Facts
 Fabric | Skirt Rayon
Pattern | From the cardboard pattern cutting board.
 Year | Contemporary
 Notions | Zip and Snap Kit 
 Time to complete |Approx 6hours
First worn | On World Record Store Day
Wear again? Sure Love it!
Total price | Rayon (skirt) $3 on sale. I guess nobody liked it. Shirt  Puddle Ottoman  Double Check Cotton $9 | Circle Skirt

For this little challenge I decided on a full length half circle skirt, I really liked the idea of using the ankara rayon fabric to its full potential showing off all those wonderful shapes and patterns. The photo above best shows the real colour of the fabric. I have inserted a side zip and a button closure on an interfaced waistband. I have roll hemmed the bottom on my serger.

Today was World Record Store Day so naturally I had to get amongst it. I grabbed my local guide which tells me where all the hidden record stores are around my neck of the woods and ventured out with my little family to hunt down some vinyl and give my newly handmade outfit a whirl. | Circle Skirt

I love to sift and Chapel St Bazaar here in Melbourne I can spend hours getting lost amongst all the clothes, shoes, records, books and knick knacks. Here I am hanging out with my headless friend who can’t choose between a boot or pump; speaking of shoes, I can only wear heels with this skirt because of the length, 44inches from my hip to the sole of my wedge, this was of course intentional it looks dramatic when the bottom of the skirt swirls around my feet. | Circle Skirt

Matching this ankara fabric was a serious nightmare a bit like getting your photo taken in a busy record store with people looking at you. I walked around Spotlight for over an hour trying to hunt down a match for this fabric talking and cursing to myself and getting caught doing so, I almost threw in the towel I was at a total loss just wandering aimlessly, I found this part terribly hard and somewhat frustrating and now appreciate even more how a designer can mix patterns and make them work effortlessly. As you can see I eventually settled on this double check baby blue and have grown to like the combination. What do you ladies think?

So, all that hard work searching for a decent fabric match paid off in good-vinyl-diggin-karma when I dug deep inside this record store and pulled out Iggy and The Stooges -Raw Power. SCORE! | Circle Skirt

This shirt pattern is a generic pattern I re-traced  years ago and have made button-ups from it for years. I have not one but three collars cut on the bias because one collar is just a tad too normal for me, I like a surprise element in a garment. The placket was also cut on the bias and I had my hubby install the snaps because I couldn’t handle the little buggers with these pink nails. A second after my hubby took this photo I pulled out Bow Wow Wow and Lene Lovich for $8. I tell ya! Best day EVER! So with my big win I’ll mix two titles for the naming of this one because I’m super chuffed with this outfit and my Record Store Day finds. The Raw Power of the Aphrodisiac. Sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it?



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Before you said anything I noticed at least two collars there and my goodness! How you rock those prints!! I think you make this work like no one else could : ) The bracelets, the head-wrap, its all just so….Kazz….and I’m seriously wanting to come shopping in your Chapel St Bazaar.

  2. Score!! Oh, can I come shopping to..never been to Australia but I seriously see it in the future just to meet the fabulous Kazz & Loran. What’s not to love, I love colorful and mix and match fabric. I’m so glad to hear people still collect Albums, I scores a copy of Carmen McRae’s “BitterSweet” and was tickled pink for weeks, I love the tune…When Sunny Gets Blue.

  3. Great skirt! I just love the colors and the drape of it. A shirt with three collars – so unique (of course), love it!

  4. Very cool, I like the combo of gingham with the ankara. Very very cool and unexpected.

  5. Gorgeous colors Kazz. This is very you, and you wear it well. You should wear this skirt often!

  6. Wow! This is super cool! The prints matches so well. I would never thought of matching it with gingham. Keep your ‘super cool’ creations coming!

  7. I love the length of this skirt and of course the print is super cool! We missed Record Store Day and thought is was Free Comic Book day. When we turned up we realized we were 2 weeks early! I’m glad you found some great stuff.

  8. Wow, Kazz, yes it does sound a bit naughty. Great skirt. Such a beautiful fabric, I am glad you personalized the challenge in your own unmistakable way. I must try more hair wraps, they I wouldent need to stress about how my hair looks. Had a lovely night out on Chapel Street with friends a couple of years ago – froze though!

    • Thanks Trish, yep my regrowth was in serious need of re-doing so a headwrap was the better option here plus it suits :P It’s starting to get chilly now, time to layer up.

  9. Love it! The print is gorgeous, the length is divine, and I want to totally steal your top. Beautiful!!

  10. I am unable to express how awesome your outfit and styling is, so I’ll contextualise: I have just spent 36.5 years thinking no-one can rock a full lenght skirt. You have proved me wrong.

    I love this so much I might have to steal some of it, but I will credit you all the way.

  11. oh the colors.. i’m in love with your entire outfit

  12. I really like the way that swirly bit is at the bottom!

  13. I like how your head scarf pulls the whole look together. Very clever.

  14. This whole ensemble is all kinds of wonderful. I love the shirtiness of the blouse, the boxy, almost school-shirt-like shape but that it has the twistyness of triple collars. You have so much style I am in awe….love a boxy shirt with a long flowing powerful print skirt….and the turban, and the bangles, those gorgeous earrings and the roughness/rawness of that lovely bag. As you can see the whole ensemble has turned me into a fashion jibbering wreck ;) “one collar is just a tad too normal for me” Brilliant.

  15. I’m with Tempest on this…the combo of floor skimming skirt and plaid, triple collar shirt is phenomenal. Brilliant, Kazz! Equally fabulous that there is a Word Record Store Day, you know about it, and celebrated it. You are the epitome of cool.