Hot! The “Princess’s Request” circle skirt

Fabric: 1m of sparkly cotton/lycra blend
Pattern: none
Year: classic
Notions: reused elastic
Time to complete: ~1.5 hours, including taking measurements, doing the calculations and drawing the pattern on the fabric.
First worn: to the Spring Fling / Earth Day clothing exchange
Wear again?:  it’s up to Her Majesty, isn’t it?
Total Cost: 
$4, plus one broken needle and one bandage.

I have a lot of skirts.  I have pencils, A-lines, gathered and 1/2 circle skirts.  The only type I don’t have is a full circle skirt, but to tell the truth, I don’t really want one.  I’m not sure why, because the shape would probably look good on my body type; maybe I’ll make one in the future, but for now I’m going to give them a pass.

My daughter, however, is going through The Princess Phase to end all Princess Phases. When she spied this piece of sparkly purple fabric in my stash, IT HAD TO BE HERS!!!  And since there are 3 truisms for 3-year-old girls:  1)  every item of clothing must be purple or pink, 2)  the twirlier the better, and 3)  sparkles! sparkles! sparkles! go with everything……. what better use for it than to make her a full circle skirt.

No pattern needed for this one.  I used the tutorial from Sew What! Skirts to mark the pattern directly on the fabric.  I opted for a an elastic waist rather than fitting it with a zip because at the rate this kid grows, her waist measurement will double within a year.  There wasn’t enough fabric left over to make bias binding for the waistband, but I had a similarly coloured hem binding that worked well enough.

Very had to capture the true colour with a flash, but at least you can see the sparkles.

"I'm twirlin'. I'm balleting!!"

To be perfectly honest, getting these photos took almost as long as sewing the skirt!  The only way I could convince my daughter to pose for the photos was to let her photograph me first!

photo by my daughter

The only problem with sewing on the weekend is that the kids are underfoot, and in a moment of distraction, I managed to sew through my index finger.  Clean through-and-through, but the needle didn’t hit the bone, so no harm done.  Just one broken needle and a few drops of blood.

Yeah, that's an Ice Age bandage. It was a choice between this and a Dora the Explorer one.



Vicki used to sew when she was young and free, but then raising young'uns and bringing home (some of) the bacon took up all her time. Now her closet is full of skinny clothes, maternity clothes and post-partum clothes, none of which fit properly. Maybe that's why she started sewing again in 2010.


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  1. What a cutie! The perfect thing for a little girl :)

    • Thanks Liz. My son went through a bit of a princess phase too, but then he was told by the other kids at daycare (and the adults, unfortunately) that boys aren’t supposed to do that. *sigh*

  2. My daughter went through a princess phase but she wanted to be Snow White…all the time…so I made her a real Snow White copy and she wore it for almost 2 years straight! My nieces have gone through similar phases with the same dress so it served our family well : ) Sorry about your finger, I did that once too. Good news is you’ll probably ONLY do it once and now you’re done!

    • Unfortunately, it’s the SECOND time I’ve done it. I sewed without incident until I had kids, then my concentration went right out the window!

  3. What a lucky little girl to have a mom who will make her a sparkly circle skirt! I used to make little ballet circle skirts when my girls were little. Your experience brings back fond memories.

    • The dress-up clothes for little girls are of such nasty quality that I’m happy I can make some myself now! Those nylon Disney dresses can only stand up to kid use for about 5 minutes.

  4. Hi Vicki, what a cutie, sounds like she has a great Mom to hand with too. Sorry to hear about you finger but I got a goog giggle when I saw the band-aid design.

    • Funny story: I had to draw some blood at work to make a smear for malaria a few weeks ago, so I grabbed a needle, poked my finger tip, squeezed a few drops of blood and them wiped everything up. My lab mates looked at me with their mouths open and said, “How did you do that so quickly? Most people can’t draw their own blood!” I just explained that I sew, so I am constantly sticking needles in myself ;)

  5. As a mom currently wearing a “Hello Kitty” bandaid, I feel your pain. Great skirt though.

  6. Positively darling!! I loved the “3 truisms”. :-)

    • Thanks Jennifer! Kids go through such predictable stages: 1=grunting bear, 2=NO!, 3=princess. Well, at least mine did ;)

  7. Adorable! Makes me want something sparkly! :)

    • I can’t remember how this fabric got in my stash, but every time I looked at it, I heard Tim Gunn’s voice saying, “Tight, shiny and short is the quickest road to trashy!”, and I couldn’t bring myself to use it. I’m glad I finally managed to use it all up, and more importantly, that Her Majesty approves!