Hot! The “Owl Bandwagon” Dress

Why do we hold onto awesome fabric? I bought this owl-print fabric on a whim because I had a Groupon that was going to expire at my local fabric store. It felt a little too stiff at first, and I knew I was grabbing onto the owl trend, but I had to do it. I’m so glad I did!

The Facts

Fabric: Cosmo Textile Owl Print from Brooklyn General Store

Pattern: Colette Patterns Peony. I am a huge fan of Colette. I love their silhouettes. As a busty lady, it’s hard to make clothes that fit me well. This is the first dress I’ve made that I’ve looked at and said, “Yeah! Awesome!”

Year: Current

Notions: Invisible zipper. I added my own H&M belt as an accessory.

Time to complete: About 7 hours

First worn: To work

Wear again? Yes, I already have! I get so many compliments on it.

Total price: $25, using a Groupon at the fabric store, plus $18 for the pattern (which I plan on using over. And over. And over!)

And here’s a close-up of the owls so you can admire them.



Ashley (The Feisty Redhead) is a web editor at Martha by day and a wild-eyed crafter by night. She admits to choosing crafts over peanut butter -- a huge deal for her.


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  1. Those owls are so cute! And the fit of the dress looks fab on you.

  2. Hi Ashley, great job, I agree with Tempest fab fit.

  3. Such a cute print! Makes a really nice Peony, great job!

  4. Very cute! Nice to see you on the Sew Weekly! Looking forward to more great looks!

  5. Oh I love the owls print! And seriously, Colette patterns seem perfect for us busty ladies! I love working with them. Great dress!

  6. You look gorgeous in that dress, I totally love owls and your fabric is a very subtle owl fabric which I think is great, you could wear it to work and show off your on trend cute owls too!

  7. Hi Ashley, great owl pattern and the Colette pattern looks great on you.

  8. great fabric and a lovely pattern – well done all round.