Hot! The “Oui Were Meant For Each Other” Dress


The Facts 
Fabric: Bon Vivant Paris Maps fabric by Paige Stanley Miller, $18 for 2 yards; brown scrap fabric
Pattern: Butterick 9265
Year: c. 1960
Notions: none
Time to complete: ~3 1/2 hours
First worn: April 2012
Wear again? Yes.

Total Cost: ~$18


Last week, when I used Butterick 9265 for The “Button Foot is Back” Dress, I lamented the use of a busy print along with the buttoned version of the bodice. This week, I once again use the pattern and a very busy print. However, I switched up the bodice and chose to make my dress using the much simpler view “C.”

But first, the fabric and inspiration.

When I picked out the fabric for the challenge I immediately heard Michaels Kors’ voice, offering critique: “It’s just painful how obvious her choice was. Why didn’t she just make a stripe shirt, a beret, and send her model down the runway eating a baguette!” Yes, using a Paris street map fabric is a bit obvious, and although I tend to try to be a little less literal, I thought this fabric would be quite right for this week’s challenge. I happened to have some brown scrap fabric hanging around the house (leftover from the swap) that worked perfectly as a contrast for the midriff and sleeve facings.

And this print! It’s so adorable, I couldn’t resist.

Like last week, I ignored the skirt pattern. While it calls for pleats, I simply gathered all the fabric I had left and attached it to the bodice. This version of the dress is much shorter than last week’s and I think it works quite nicely as a more modern looking dress. This is the sort of dress that I could totally see being sold at ModCloth. Hence, the cutesy name of this dress. It just goes to show that a pretty full dress can be made with only two yards of fabric.



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Oh this is just adorable. Loving the contrast too. I have some fabric with eiffel towers printed all over, think it’s Michael Miller (turq/red colourway).
    This has inspired me to cut into my beloved fabric!

  2. So pretty!! I love blue & brown together especially the solid area at the midriff. This piece has a really great sense of balance. I didn’t realize from the whole-outfit shots that it was a map of Paris at first, so it wasn’t “too obvious” for me. I love it.

  3. Lovely! Loving the print, it looks really vintage.

  4. C’est tres tres chic! J’adore ton robe petite!

    (I missed the point of this week’s challenge… I thought it was *our* city. Oh well! Seriously amazing dress, fantastic use of this fabric. I wonder if there’s a London underground map fabric out there for me somewhere so I can rip off your gorgeous concept?)

  5. Tres magnifique, Mena! The accents are adorable!

  6. Shame on Michael Kors! hahahaha! You get a pass on being literal because it’s so adorable. It “works”… no doubt can be cast by any imaginings of what judges might say.

  7. Oh Mena, this is such a great dress to wear! I love it and the photos are to cute for words.

  8. That’s so lovely – the print looks abstract from afar and then the details reveal themselves. The contrast fabric really sets it off.

  9. I love the print! I’ve recently been really into conversational prints so this is right up my ally. I agree that shortening the dress makes it a lot more modern. Bravo!

  10. I very much like the brown contrasts – it works beautifully with the blue. The simpler front is much better with the busy pattern.

  11. C’est beau! I really want to participate in this week’s theme with my stash of Parisian/French themed fabrics (too) but school work calls for no time :(

  12. Magnifique! Now go get yourself a bottle of red, a wedge of stinky cheese, and a baguette and enjoy that lovely dress with a yummy lunch :)

  13. Super chic! I can’t believe you made that with only 2 yards of the print and no zipper.

  14. Very cute…I do like the Easter bonnet and the blue/brown combination, which you don’t see too often. And those vintage (or at least they look like it) peep-toe shoes? Oh my!

  15. I love the colour matching on this…..even to the colour of your hat. It’s so gorgeous. I want one! The perfect dress to sit people watching in a cafe.

  16. Mena, you killed it! Love this. and your coy little smile, too ;)

  17. Mena, your dress is divine, and you look adorable! I, personally love locale prints. Have a silk print with Paris scenes and one in a NY print. You’ve inspired me to hurry up and cut into it! Since I’m part of your “as-old-as-mom” demographic, my project will not be a vintagey look (which suits you so beautifully) :))

  18. Lovely! I too, found a way to take this challenge literally and ordered a bit of French, and NYC fabric. I went with my NYC fabric. I just couldn’t compete with your outfit. Not that it’s a competition, but you look so gorgeous and sassy!

  19. Adorable! One of my favorite dresses you’ve made. The fabric is too cute, and the cumberband style is such a nice detail.

    Happy sewing!


  20. I have no problem with being literal – obviously! This is so cute. I would wear it in a heartbeat and I want your hat. Lovely – a favourite. By the way you look like you are shrinking – looking great!